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Hutton Chase Review – Department Store

Online shopping is an enjoyable activity for many, but for a few it might be a herculean task especially if they are putting the things on their credit card. Many students, immigrants and people who don’t have enough credit score have a tough time when it comes to buying things on a payment plan.

In some cases, people’s credit scores were affected and yet they were never able to get the items they wanted. The pandemic has made the situation worse and as of now, a vast majority of the population needs a buffer cushion in the form of credit. Though the government is doing its best, obviously it isn’t enough for all of us. Hutton Chase is an online department store which sells everything you can find at most Walmarts. From electronic goods to kitchen supplies, it is your one stop shop for your everyday needs.

This platform has been around for over a decade and thanks to their exceptional consumer oriented policies, they are one of the well established players in the sector. There are few negative customer reviews about them, but it is something which can be overlooked because at the end of the day no business can please everyone. To know about the features they showcase and the practical applications they bring to the table, continue reading this detailed report.

Hutton Chase Review

What does Hutton Chase Sell?

Hutton Chase sells a wide range of products, from latest electronic gadgets, dress to footwear, you can find everything you need with just a help of a few buttons on their platform. All of the categories available on their website is listed below, take a look at it if you are looking for something specific.

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    While one may argue that you can find better deals on niche platforms, you have to understand that they are not competing on the basis of pricing alone. Moreover, the deals they offer are also not bad by any means and most consumers won’t have any problem with them. Their only flaw seems to be the lack of clear shipping policies. We don’t know whether they serve people based outside the United States and their tracking mechanisms are also not that great.

    • Electronics
    • Kitchen
    • Office Supplies
    • Seasonal Football
    • Sports and Outdoor
    • Jewellery
    • Beauty Products
    • Men 
    • Fitness
    • Furniture
    • Pets
    • Bath
    • Health
    • Home
    • Entertainment
    • Luggage and Bags
    • Crafts

    Hutton Chase Credit Line

    We strongly believe many people are unfamiliar with the way the credit line works with this store and it is evident by the amount of questions asked by people on various forums. For starters know that just by opening an account with them doesn’t mean your credit score is going to be affected. Their goal is to use the information provided by you strictly for identity verification purposes.

    There is an activation fee of $75 for every new account and it is accompanied with a selected purchase path of only $180. The repayment time window provided by them is 6 months and as long as users make on time payments, their credit score will not be altered in any way. Clients have to purchase something from the online department store at least once in six months to keep their account active.

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    For any reason, if they fail to comply, then the renewal option will be made available to them and it will take 6 more months to clear it off. You can go through all of their policies by visiting their official website. The good thing about them is, though they use liability clauses to safeguard their interests, they are open and transparent about the way they conduct business. All of the house rules are pretty standard across the industry and we really don’t have much to complain about.

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      How to Apply?

      The concept of credit facilities are not something new. Many agencies have tried to revolutionize the sector, but most of them just complicated the process. Moreover, the fraudulent activities were on the rise and as a result, the whole sector had to look for more secure ways of interacting with the consumers.

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      Unfortunately, the number of fake platforms that defraud people in the name of payday loans and other fancy credit related businesses appears to be increasing. Thankfully, this platform has really made the entire signup process streamlined and it is easier than ever before to enroll yourself.

      You just have to sign up on their website, provide them with a little information and within a few hours, your application is going to be reviewed. Even if you have a low credit score, chances are you will get accepted. If you ever face any problems or technical errors, then you can get in touch with their support team to get the issues resolved at the earliest. 

      Contact Information

      We have never seen any platform that is perfect which is why they all feature a dedicated customer support section? After all, there are few things which just can’t be automated, right?

      Though a few users have accused this platform to have treated them badly, the vast majority seems to adore the support staff. In case if you need to reach them, then you can make use of the contact information gathered below.

      • Address – 851 E I65 Service Rd S Ste 705, Mobile, AL 36606-3113
      • Phone – (888) 233-7748

      Returns and Refunds Policy

      The returns policy of this department store is very generous and they offer a time window of 60 days which is more than sufficient. There are few standard rules applicable such as items shouldn’t be damaged or modified by the customers, goods must be returned in as is condition, etc,.

      In most cases, the shipping costs are not reimbursable and the customers have to bear the shipping cost if they are returning the product. As soon as the item reaches their warehouse, you will receive an email alert which let’s you know about the status of the transaction. Refunds are also issued to the users, but for that you have to get in touch with the customer support and ask for the Return Merchandise Authorization Form.

      Once you put in the request, the support staff will get in touch with you usually within 24 hours and they will tell you the actions required from your end. Note that all of the refunds will be made in the original form of payment method used by the customers.

      Hutton Chase Customer Reviews

      As this platform is more than a decade old, they have earned a spot in people’s hearts. You can assess their reputation by looking at the posts made by users on social media platforms. Alternatively, you can visit Better Business Bureau to get a clear picture about their legal status and other associated metrics. It is true that they have got a considerable level of criticisms, but at the end of the day it isn’t something which acts as a deal breaker in any manner.

      All in all, the facts are very clear and their reputation do provide people with an added sense of security and trust. In today’s world, the element of transparency and trust is most welcome and as this firm has both, it is well received by the communities all around the United States.


      Hutton Chase is an age old firm that offers practical help to people and enables them to get the necessities without having to fall for the ridiculous interest’s trap. Their offerings are huge and it acts like a Godsend for many individuals.

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      With positive customer feedback and reasonable pricing strategy they follow, it is no wonder that they are dominating the sector for a long period of time. If you have experienced any problems with them, then feel free to share your story with us below or you can directly get in touch with us for a free consultation by filling the contact form. 

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