Xsystem Trader Review – Investment Trap!

Xsystem Trader is a semi-automated options trading platform that claims to help it’s users earn easy money in the market. They claim that all of their strategies and methodologies are low risk, but they don’t provide any way of verifying the information they feature. There is a short video on their homepage wherein the alleged owner of the platform talks about his journey.

However, as we couldn’t find his profile on any other social media platform, we can’t find any evidence which could enhance the credibility of this platform. Once we took a closer look at this firm, we started noticing a lot of irregularities and it kept on growing exponentially. Most of the activities they are doing is outright illegal and the creators are maintaining a low profile for a reason.

If you ever make the mistake of trusting them, then the amount of damages they can cause is going to be unimaginable. As this firm is very notorious, you need to be very cautious while interacting with them. Remember, they might say all the right things and convince you to invest with them, but you should never comply. To learn the truth about this software, continue reading till the very end. 

Xsystem Trader Review

Owners and Customer Support

There is a lot of confusion regarding the details of the founders. On their platform, they haven’t mentioned the details of their employees or other key team members. However, in their presentation video, they show 5 members as the people responsible for running this software.

Moreover, in their promotional video, the name of the app is not mentioned and it looks like they have just copied other scam platform’s content. In short, their explanation doesn’t make any sense and as far as credibility goes, they don’t deserve anyone’s trust. The fact that they are bluffing is too obvious and that kind of unethical behaviour is not at all justifiable.

We couldn’t find any contact information on their official website and that is an age old tactic which all scams use. Anyone who has made the mistake of investing with them will not be able to get answers to any specific query they have and in case they lose money, they won’t be able to do anything about it too. So, don’t give them a chance to have control over your funds for any reason. 

How does the Xsystem Trader Software Work?

This is the question many people are asking about this platform, but for some reason the founders are not bothered about it. During our investigation, we tried our best to find an answer and needless to say we failed. The technical indicators used by this firm are unknown and there is no trading history published by them as well.

Moreover, they don’t even have the courtesy to offer demo accounts which means you just can’t try them out without risking your hard earned money. Generally speaking, almost all of the legit programs work in a transparent way. Reputable trading solutions inform the user about average win rate, possible rewards and risks beforehand in order to let the users know the kind of opportunities present in the market.

This software doesn’t do any of those things and apart from aggressive marketing campaigns, they have nothing else working in their favor. It is indeed sad to see many newbies falling for them which is why we request you to share this post with your loved ones and help us create awareness?

Trading Records and Information

Trading any market means an individual has to be familiar with a lot of moving parts such as volatility, directional risk and hedging methods. At the end of the day, it is all about numbers and if you don’t know the ways to cap the risk, then eventually the risk you are going to incur will be massive. Don’t trade financial instruments which you are not familiar with and never take on leverage unless you have enough experience.

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    This platform as we mentioned before doesn’t post any evidence to back up their claims. Given the number of shady tricks they use and the lengths they go to, we are astonished and if anyone gives them access to their credit card details, then their bank account will be wiped clean. If anyone supports this fake auto trading solution, then either they are involved with them or they simply don’t understand the situation well. 

    Fake Narratives and Claims

    Make money online is the tagline used by a lot of fake investment schemes and for some reason the masses always fall for it. This firm also employs the same tagline and they don’t even bother to explain the way their algorithms work. On their homepage, they claim to be recognised by big brands such as CNN, Fox News, Google, Etc,.

    However, in reality there are no records of them anywhere. Simply put, the crooks behind this platform are trying to brainwash people into depositing with them by portraying to be some kind of new innovative trading program.

    In their sales pitch, they say that they have made multiple people millionaires and the founders themselves have earned 80 million dollars plus profits. Though the numbers sound amazing, they have once again failed to provide evidence and that clearly shows their incompetence. 

    Bonus Trap

    The brokers who work with this platform offer a welcome bonus to all the customers. Most of the brokers we found during our testing were unregulated and that’s yet another red flag. Welcome bonuses always contain a lot of hidden conditions and it is mainly designed to benefit the broker at the expense of the clients. So, don’t accept any bonus regardless of how good it might sound.

    Remember, their goal is to increase consumer retention by offering extra privileges and accepting the free cash eventually will become a problem if you want to cash out your profits before hitting certain turnover milestones or volume requirements. The bonus trap was such a huge problem and ultimately the regulators had to step in to put an end to it. Nowadays, most regulated brokers never offer any incentive as they are not legally allowed to do so. 

    Xsystem Trader Scam Exposed

    Xsystem Trader makes money by referring people to offshore brokers. For every client they introduce to the broker, they will earn a fat commission and clearly they have conflict of interest. Undeniably, the people running this platform are good at marketing, but they don’t have a clue about trading. They are also great when it comes to hiding user feedback and if you try to find any dirt on them, it hasn’t surfaced yet on any of the popular forums.

    Eventually, the truth has to come out, but by then it might be too late and people who don’t have enough knowledge about the markets will lose a big chunk of their checking account to them. So, have a firm grip on your greed and don’t let blind desires dictate your rational thinking. After all, if there was a way to make easy money, then everyone would be doing it, right?

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    Xsystem Trader Review Conclusion

    Xsystem Trader is a fake semi-automated trading software which makes all its clients lose money sooner or later. They have no real edge in the markets and their intention isn’t to help retail traders make money. Their entire platform is built on lies and the only way they are able to keep it afloat is by slaughtering unsuspecting new traders financially.

    If you have lost money to them, then fill out the contact form available on our website. We will show you the best way to track and recover your funds for free. All we need to start our work is a little basic information and once we have the details, you will hear back from us within 24 to 48 hours.

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