Intelligence Prime Capital Scam Review – 2022

Intelligence Prime Capital calls itself a fintech solution. Their website looks too professional and their narratives are very convincing to say the least. However, their real business model is not transparent and in many ways, their operational model resembles a classic ponzi scam.

This platform gets a lot of traffic which means finding user reviews was not particularly a hard task. As expected, the user input was too negative and the number of allegations made against them is huge. Right now, this platform is not providing services in certain countries and the way the amounts are going to be settled with the investors isn’t explained well.

Uncertainty is way too much and people behind this firm are also not exactly credible. To know different aspects of this broker and the reasons as to why you need to stay away from them, continue reading. 

Intelligence Prime Capital Scam Review

Intelligence Prime Capital Licenses

Intelligence Prime Capital displays a lot of so-called regulatory information on their homepage. To a newbie, the kind of information presented is enough to convince them, but things are not that simple.

For starters, the licenses they hold are incorporation certificates and other money functions. They are not authorized to offer high risk investment opportunities in the United States and few other regions. Of course, they are trying to clean up the regulatory mess by restricting accounts, but it is too little too late situation.

Whenever a broker does not possess proper licenses, it is always better to avoid them. Also, do not forget to talk to your financial planner before joining an investment venture like this one. Talking to professionals will always give you a clear view about the risks which will help you make informed decisions. 

Trading Products and Conditions

This broker offers almost all of the mainstream assets. Things like forex pairs, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies are all present. Looks like they have something to offer to all kinds of traders. While their offerings are huge, do not let it blind you.

Leverage offered by them changes from one asset class to another. Fee structure and swap calculation are not straightforward. If you are someone that specifically likes cryptocurrencies, then you will find better conditions on reputable platforms like Binance or FTX.

The minimum capital required to get started with them is unknown, but there is a good chance that it might depend upon your region. All in all, the conditions offered by them are not one of a kind in any way and it is not suitable for all kinds of traders. 

Intelligence Prime Capital Platform

Intelligence Prime Capital claims to support MT4 and mobile trading software. MT4 is a good interface that is liked by millions of traders. Though the interface is old, it offers everything you will ever need and the community support is unparalleled. Execution speed and automated trading was not tested by us.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    So, we do not know what to expect which means we cannot comment on it as well. Nonetheless, be cautious and invest only the kind of amount you can afford to lose. Remember, having a reliable platform is important, but without a solid blueprint to follow, the entire thing is going to be not a worthy venture. 

    AI and Copy Trading Service

    This broker offers AI and copy trading services. The entire idea of making money by following professional traders does sound good, but the reality is not that simple or straightforward. AI trading is a vague term and unless we know how things work at the fundamental level, the odds will never be on our side.

    So, do not get excited whenever a broker uses buzz words. Copy trading service also looks sketchy. There is no trading history available and most of their claims are not backed up.

    In other words, the lack of proof is too evident and taking chances with them is no different from gambling. As the number of unknown things in the equation are too many, it is in your best interest to avoid interacting with entities like this one. 

    User Reviews

    Intelligence Prime Capital has earned plenty of reviews overtime. The consensus is negative for the most part. There are too many allegations and claims against them. Unfortunately, as we cannot verify each and every case, we have to take a neutral approach. Nonetheless, they do appear to be a sketchy operation and personally, we would never trust them with our money.

    Moreover, they follow too many gimmicks in the social proof aspect as well. Check out this Quora section which will give you a glimpse about their real nature. Isn’t some of the things they do way too obvious? 

    Is Intelligence Prime Capital a Scam?

    Intelligence Prime Capital is definitely a sophisticated scam. They offer high risk investment opportunities to clients without holding proper licenses. If you are facing withdrawal issues with them, then contact us.

    We will help you deal with the situation effectively and we won’t rest until your money is retrieved successfully. Fill out the contact form below and set things in motion now. 

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    There are too many shady brokerages nowadays. Sadly, as there is no way to effectively eradicate them, we urge you to do proper research before depositing your funds. Remember, the second the retail side gets completely educated, this type of platform will be a thing from the past. 

    Have you suffered financial damage because of the Intelligence Prime Capital Scam? If yes, comment below and we will assist you in any way possible. 

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