PCR Tracing and Test Scam – 2022

At the peak of the Pandemic, the whole world was in confusion and no one knew exactly what was going on. However, the scammers as always were coming up with new narratives that benefitted them massively. The PCR Tracing and Test Scam has been going on for more than a year now and unfortunately, still people are falling for the trap.

The crooks running this hustle pretend to be some government related organization and redirect people to phishing pages. They use social media platforms to their advantage and twist the consensus part to a large extent.

Nonetheless, do not let their gimmicks fool you. To know the exact way this type of scam works, go through the following paragraphs. If you have any questions, comment below and we will gladly answer them. 

PCR Tracing and Test Scam

PCR Tracing People Scam Explained

PCR Tracing people scam at a fundamental level is nothing more than a phishing scam. In this case, the scammers used the Pandemic situation to their advantage and created chaos.

By pretending to be from the NHS, the crooks urged people to follow the links and buy things like testing kits and other related items. It goes without saying that they promoted phishing websites and their only intention was to collect user’s personal information.

As the narratives were too conniving, many people did fall for this trap. Though there is no way to assess the damage precisely, it is likely to be over a billion dollars. 

Stay Safe from PCR Scams

In order to save yourself from this type of scam, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. Remember, if you ever sense aggressive tactics, then you need to be cautious. 

  • You should not open or click on any attachments or links in unsolicited emails or text messages from unknown senders.
  • Do not respond to an unsolicited email, text message, or phone contact with personal information, financial information, or passwords.
  • You should block any numbers you believe to be suspicious.
  • The simplest approach to access an account is to go directly to the website and enter the URL.
  • Avoid any links at all costs.
  • Examine emails and other forms of correspondence for grammatical mistakes.

Report a Scam

If you do encounter a phishing scam and have suffered any losses, then do not sit idle. Raise a formal complaint and voice your opinion on social media platforms. The goal is to get attention which pushes authorities to take action quickly. By using advanced tracking tools and methods, it is possible to catch the culprit.

If you are a victim of an online scam, then contact us. Our team will look into your case and help you get your money back as quickly as possible. Note that our services are always free which means you have nothing holding you back from getting in touch with us. 


Phishing scams are common and the criminals running it are undeniably smart. From time to time, they change narratives and do their best to trick the public.

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    To stay safe from them, you need to follow the steps covered above. More importantly, never let your guard down and think twice before interacting with unknown numbers. 

    If you have encountered any new PCR Tracing and Test Scam, then feel free to share your experience below. 

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