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Recently, we published a Wewe Global Review. After receiving a complaint that (The Blockchain Era) is the new iteration of, we had to look into it. Here’s our TheBlockchainEra Review.


Currently, on the a message says:

Dear Community, We’ve successfully transitioned to the new platform. WEWE’s operations are concluding. For any assistance, please get in touch with Journey Bridge at

This implies that JourneyBridge, not TheBlockChainEra, is the descendent of Wewe Global. But before we begin with our JourneyBridge review, let’s summarize what we learned from our and reviews.

Key Takeaways from the Reviews

In this section, we unveil the essential insights gathered from various reviews about Wewe Global and (The Blockchain Era). We aim to provide a clear and concise summary of the users’ opinions and critiques, which can significantly influence potential users’ or investors’ decisions.

First, we explore Wewe Global’s operations. Many users find it lacking in transparency and question its profitability. Notably, the business appears more focused on recruitment than profit-generating activities, raising several red flags.

Similarly, also has its share of criticism. There’s a mysterious aura surrounding its operations, marked by a lack of transparency. Questions have been raised regarding its affiliations, which seem dubious at best. Customers’ experiences, as seen in various reviews, echo sentiments of dissatisfaction and mistrust.

Lastly, we explore the possible links between Wewe Global and A cloud of uncertainty hovers over the exact nature of their connection. Both platforms share disturbing similarities, chiefly characterized by unsustainable business practices commonly associated with Ponzi schemes. Through this curated summary of key takeaways, we offer a guide to making informed decisions regarding these platforms.

Wewe Global

  • Lacks transparency: has hidden its domain ownership and changed its website several times, making it difficult to trace.
  • Questionable Profitability: Its business model is unsustainable, heavily relying on recruitment rather than genuine profit-generating activities.
  • Customer Service: The company has been criticized for its poor customer service, particularly concerning payment and withdrawal issues. (The Blockchain Era)

  • Lacks Transparency: The absence of vital information like the identity of its founders and the location of its headquarters creates suspicion.
  • Dubious Affiliations: is allegedly linked to the Lyo wallet, which has a shady history associated with a Ponzi scheme.
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews on Trustpilot indicate dissatisfaction, citing unpaid dues and poor customer service.

Link Between and

  • Unclear Connection: Some reviews suggest that might be a rebranded version of, but this connection is not definitive.
  • Shared Characteristics: Both platforms display traits typical of Ponzi schemes, such as the lack of a transparent, sustainable business model. Review was registered for one year through NameCheap, Inc. on August 23, 2023. A privacy service by Withheld for Privacy protects it, while HIVELOCITY hosts it.

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    SimilarWeb ranks it at 762,075 globally and 59,144 in Spain. In September 2023, it received over 67K visitors, mainly from Italy but also from Croatia, Greece, New Zealand, Germany, and other countries. has a SEMrush Authority Score of 2% with 21 backlinks from only 2 referring domains, one being and the other a forum at

    On Google, only one page is indexed from this website: Its title is “Journey Bridge Support.” Content Analysis

    Journey Bridge is a platform offering blockchain technology solutions. Their services allow users to manage, exchange, and safeguard digital assets. Their headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). However, the exact address is not provided, a slight concern regarding transparency. The website has dedicated login and support pages, ensuring user accessibility and assistance. Yet, there’s no mention of email, phone number, or direct contact information for user queries or support, except for a reference to contact them promptly in case of disputes or complaints.

    Journey Bridge clarifies that the services are subject to changes or discontinuation without prior notice. It implies a level of unpredictability in what users can expect in terms of service continuity and reliability. They also disclaim liability for inaccuracies, errors, or interruptions caused by uncontrollable factors, placing the risk predominantly on the user.

    Critically, the content is quite generic and lacks specifics that are usually essential for trust-building, such as detailed company information, team details, or comprehensive contact information. There are no references to regulatory compliance, licenses, or affiliations with recognized industry bodies. Moreover, the emphasis on BVI jurisdiction, known for its light-touch regulation, could be a strategy to navigate around stricter regulatory scrutiny.

    In conclusion, the lack of detailed contact information, the generic content, and the emphasis on BVI jurisdiction are red flags. These elements may raise concerns regarding the platform’s transparency, reliability, and regulatory compliance, which are essential for evaluating its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

    Journey Bridge Reviews

    In this section, we dissect various reviews about Journey Bridge. The goal is to unveil critical insights, ensuring you navigate the platform with ample knowledge. First, WebParanoid raises suspicions due to the website’s youth and limited visitor activity. Such characteristics often raise scam alerts, urging potential users to proceed cautiously. Scamadviser echoes this sentiment, citing several red flags, such as a low trust score and hidden owner identity, despite some positive aspects like SSL certification.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner dives into Wewe Global’s challenges, subtly connecting these to Journey Bridge. They highlight uncertainties that make the connection between the platforms somewhat blurry. X-invest brings a different angle, focusing on Journey Bridge’s operational aspects. They pinpoint areas needing clarity, such as mentor selection and content integrity.

    Lastly, community feedback from platforms like Facebook and YouTube gives nuanced insights. They reveal user experiences, migration dynamics, and the platforms’ interconnectedness. Ultimately, these reviews guide your interaction with Journey Bridge, promoting cautious and informed engagement. They stress the importance of due diligence to ascertain the platform’s credibility and intentions.


    Journey Bridge’s website,, has raised suspicions in a recent review. The website is relatively new, only 60 days old, and this youth is often associated with a higher risk of scams. The site is also not well-visited, limiting the amount of user feedback and experiences shared, which could have shed light on its operations and reliability. Furthermore, there’s a noted lack of transparency as the website hides content from users, making it hard to gauge its full functionality and offerings.

    Journey Bridge’s website ( has garnered suspicion due to several red flags noted in a recent review. The site has a low trust score, with an assessment of 42 out of 100, indicating potential risks. Using an SSL certificate and lack of phishing or malware adds some credibility. However, concerning factors like the owner using a service to hide their identity and the website being notably young overshadow these positive aspects.

    The website’s low ranking, according to Tranco, and classification as being within another website further contribute to the dubious perception. A critical point to consider is the absence of consumer reviews, preventing potential users from gaining insights into others’ experiences and the website’s reliability.

    Wewe Global has recently faced challenges, manifesting as payment suspensions and changes in their operational names. The company, which some view as a technological haven, is increasingly seen by others as a Ponzi scheme due to its unclear operational practices. Wewe Global recently suspended withdrawals, promising users an enhanced ecosystem. However, doubts have risen due to the company’s non-transparency and unresponsiveness during these updates.

    Concerns have also been raised about Wewe Global’s regard for regulations, and it’s perceived as lacking in verified outside revenue sources. Several indicators, such as a securities fraud alert, further escalate suspicions about the company’s credibility.

    Amid these uncertainties, there’s a noted connection between Wewe Global and Journey Bridge ( An announcement from Wewe Global referenced a system migration and rebranding process that included Journey Bridge among its new platforms. However, as of the reporting, the mentioned web addresses, including Journey Bridge’s, were found to be non-operational. This leaves users and observers with pending questions about the reliability and functionality of these platforms, including Journey Bridge, and their association with Wewe Global. Forum

    Journey Bridge aims to be a central hub for different learning communities. They connect mentors and learners for immersive learning experiences. The program invites experts from various fields to share knowledge and facilitate learning. They receive compensation, enhancing their commitment and participation. This community-driven approach promotes effective and enriched learning environments.

    There’s ambiguity about the platform’s effectiveness and credibility. Some users have raised concerns about their operational transparency and mentor selection process. They question the integrity and reliability of the content and mentors featured on the platform.

    There are suspicions of a connection between Journey Bridge and another entity, Both seem to have shared resources and overlapping areas of operation. This link raises questions about the true intentions and authenticity of Journey Bridge. Such connections might affect the overall trust and credibility of the platform among users and potential members.

    TBE The Blockchain Era Facebook Group

    From the community interactions within the “TBE The Blockchain Era” Facebook group, several insights regarding the interconnected realms of, TBE (The Blockchain Era), and have been garnered. These platforms appear to function as various nodes in a network, each with distinct yet interlinked roles in the users’ blockchain and cryptocurrency experience.

    1. Migration Dynamics: It is noticeable that users are navigating a migration process, potentially transitioning their assets or operations from to TBE or other platforms. This signifies a close operational relationship between these entities, where may be an earlier or different phase or component of the services that have evolved or expanded into TBE or other associated platforms like
    2. Technical Support and User Guidance: There is an observable emphasis on technical support, guidelines, and user assistance across these platforms. For example, is mentioned in the context of providing official updates and statuses, emphasizing its role as an essential hub for user guidance and informational updates.
    3. Asset Management and Operational Processes: Discussions related to asset management, such as KYC completions, wallet migrations, and cryptocurrency transactions, frequently surface, implying a fluid interaction between the platforms where assets and operations may be spread across, TBE, and Users seem to maneuver their assets and operations across these platforms, suggesting integrated functionalities and mutual dependencies.
    4. Community Connectivity and Expansion: The community seems to be utilizing multiple platforms concurrently, with mentions of further support and detailed information being available in other dedicated spaces like Telegram. This multi-platform presence, including TBE,, and potentially, illustrates a broader ecosystem where these entities are interconnected nodes facilitating user engagement, support, and community building.

    “Erste Schritte 2,Teil” YouTube video by Main in Bitcoin

    The video primarily focuses on guiding users through the utilization of It discusses the fundamental aspects such as login processes, account dashboard navigation, and the transfer or migration of values from old assets to new wallets on the platform.

    JourneyBridge Review Conclusion

    In wrapping up, it’s crucial to tread carefully with Journey Bridge. The connection between Journey Bridge, Wewe Global, and TheBlockchainEra remains ambiguous. However, signs suggest interlinking operations. Their shared lack of transparency and questionable business practices ring alarm bells, urging potential users and investors to exercise extreme caution.

    Journey Bridge, like the others, carries notable red flags. Obscure ownership details, a fleeting online presence, and unspecific service offerings overshadow the platform’s trustworthiness. Its weak online authority and user traffic further raise suspicions concerning its credibility and long-term viability.

    Reviews and user experiences paint a picture of uncertainty and doubt, encouraging a more vigilant and guarded approach. With possible scam operations looming, certainty in Journey Bridge’s legitimacy is hard to ascertain.

    Bottom Line

    To navigate safely, prioritizing comprehensive research and due diligence is essential. The presence of inconsistencies and mysterious affiliations urges us to advocate for a cautious and well-informed interaction with these platforms. Ultimately, the decision rests with individuals, but moving forward with awareness and prudence is strongly advised.

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