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Recently, on August 2, 2023, we published a WEWE Global Review, discussing the question, Is a SCAM?

We concluded that while there is no clear evidence declaring WEWE Global as a scam, uncertainties and risks inherent to the crypto space remain.

On October 29, 2023, we received this comment:

As of the writing of this article, WeWe doesn’t exist anymore. It is on its fourth iteration, now called TBE (The Blockchain Era), so I already doubt this article is authentic. Each time before a restructuring, the whole Ponzi scheme is about to fall apart. The last time, people could not withdraw their money for about 2 or 3 months. Also, they don’t release software that shows exactly how they are minting like every other blockchain in the world does. Yeah, it’s a Ponzi scheme and a scam.

Now, this is interesting because, indeed, when accessing, we see the website is no longer there. A message says they “successfully transitioned to the new platform.” However, The Blockchain Era is not mentioned. Instead, they write:

WEWE’s operations are concluding, for any assistance please reach out to Journey Bridge at: As we step into this new chapter, thank you for your contributions.

Therefore, the following review will examine TheBlockchainEra at, trying to determine its connection to

The Blockchain Era Review

The website one of our visitors claims is the next iteration of is Review was registered through GoDaddy on January 26, 2016. It was last updated on March 12, 2023, and is set to expire on January 26, 2024. Domains By Proxy protect it, while hosts it.

According to SimilarWeb, is owned by a Portuguese company founded in 2016 with 51-200 employees and an annual revenue of $2M-$5M. No traffic information is available, which suggests this is not a very popular website.

On SEMrush, it has a 2% Authority Score with 8 backlinks from 5 referring domains.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.’s homepage presents striking optimism, portraying a revolutionary gateway to blockchain technology. The language used is filled with promises of empowerment and transformation. It speaks of a “new era,” heralding profound changes in technology and economy. Moreover, they claim to have a significant reach and impact, citing numbers like “2M+ People Impacted” and “100+ Countries Reached.”

    However, some red flags emerge upon a closer review. The website leans heavily on grandiose phrases and promises, such as “Unlock the Best Era of your Life” and “Elevate Your Horizons.” These statements, though enticing, lack specificity and clear outlining of the services provided. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on community building and inviting others to join the platform, suggesting a focus on expanding the user base.

    The site also discusses climbing ranks and rewards, indicating a hierarchical structure where more engagement or recruitment leads to more significant benefits. This could raise questions about the sustainability and actual value offered by the platform, often a characteristic seen in multi-level marketing strategies.

    Lastly, the presentation of partnership logos without accompanying details or explanations further adds a layer of uncertainty. The visitor is left without a clear understanding of these partnerships’ nature or how they enhance the value of being a part of

    About TheBlockchainEra’s ‘About Us’ page presents a vision of an innovative and inclusive community focused on blockchain technology. The page emphasizes empowerment, transformation, and global connectivity, fostering a sense of a unified movement aimed at leveraging technology for societal good. They showcase a well-laid-out roadmap, underscoring their commitment to research, development, and community growth over the next few years.

    However, certain aspects of the page raise questions. Firstly, the use of broad and aspirational language, while inspiring, lacks a detailed explanation of how the goals will be achieved. Phrases like “Unlocking Success Through Networking” and “Experience the Best Personal Growth in the World” sound promising but are left without concrete details, leaving visitors with uncertainties about the platform’s actual offerings and functionalities.

    The mission and values section strongly emphasizes integrity, transparency, and community. While these values are commendable, their actual implementation or demonstration in the platform’s operations or offerings is not clearly outlined. Furthermore, the partner logos displayed at the bottom of the page are not accompanied by any explanatory text, leaving visitors in the dark about the nature and extent of these partnerships.

    TBE Products’s Products page is filled with enthusiastic language aimed at showcasing their blockchain offerings as transformative and user-centric. The key features emphasize secure and efficient digital interactions, personal and business growth, community collaboration, and financial empowerment. These offerings appear designed to make blockchain technology accessible, useful, and rewarding for users.

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    However, there are areas on the page that might require closer scrutiny. While the offerings are described with uplifting language, the details on how each product operates, its unique features, and its benefits remain vague. For instance, terms like “revolutionary offerings” and “navigate TBE’s seamlessly designed platform” are used without substantial detail on what makes the offerings revolutionary or seamless.

    Client testimonials are included, providing insight into user satisfaction and areas of improvement. These testimonials offer a balanced view, mentioning benefits like user-friendliness and educational content but also pointing out issues like mobile app functionality and community collaboration.

    TBE Services’s Services page presents a suite of features to provide a comprehensive blockchain experience. It emphasizes user empowerment through tools like advanced marketing strategies, a unique rewards system, and a user-friendly interface. These services, backed by testimonials, create an impression of a robust and supportive blockchain platform.

    However, a closer look reveals areas that could raise questions. The details about the services, like what the marketing tools entail or how the rewards system operates, are not explicitly outlined. It keeps the page high-level and somewhat vague, not providing potential users with enough information to understand the practical application and benefits of the services entirely.

    TBE Events

    The Events page of (TheBlockchainEra) promotes a promising educational and networking space for blockchain enthusiasts. It boasts over 5,000 hours of educational content, networking opportunities, workshops, and exclusive masterclasses. These features paint a picture of a comprehensive and beneficial platform for learning and connecting with industry professionals.

    However, there’s a lack of specific details that could cause concern. The page doesn’t provide information on the types of events, schedules, or the identities of the “industry-leading experts” conducting the sessions. This absence of detail makes it hard for potential participants to gauge the actual value and relevance of the events.

    Contact TBE

    The Contact page of (TheBlockchainEra) is minimal and emphasizes user self-service in addressing issues or queries. Users have the option to “Submit a ticket” as a way to seek assistance or communicate with the platform’s team. This approach, while efficient, limits the direct interaction between users and the support team, as there are no phone numbers or email addresses provided for more immediate or personalized assistance.

    A conspicuous absence on the Contact page is detailed information or guidance that users typically expect, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), a help center, or other resources. Such elements often serve to clarify common doubts, guiding users more effectively.

    Another point is the lack of disclosed operational hours or expected response times. Without this information, users might be left uncertain when to anticipate a reply or resolution to their submitted queries or issues.

    Legal Documents at

    The legal pages of TheBlockchainEra ( detail the terms governing the Independent Team Developers’ (ITDs) participation in their platform. The text heavily emphasizes the autonomous role of ITDs, making it clear that they operate as independent entities. This distinction helps limit the company’s liability, a consistent theme throughout the documents.

    Significant emphasis is also placed on intellectual property rights, with stringent rules to prevent misuse. This rigidity showcases the company’s intent to guard its assets vigilantly. However, the intense focus on limiting liability and stringent control over intellectual property usage could be red flags, indicating a protective stance that primarily serves the company’s interests.

    Another notable aspect is the limitation of liability clause, which robustly shields the company from various potential damages and claims. The comprehensive disclaimers and warranties section further solidifies this protective barrier, offering minimal assurances to the users. It underscores a significant power imbalance favoring The Blockchain Era, with users having little room for recourse.

    Additionally, the termination clauses are broad, allowing the company to terminate agreements unilaterally and immediately under various circumstances. This provides the company with significant control and flexibility while leaving ITDs vulnerable.

    Lastly, the legal pages mandate dispute resolution to be handled through arbitration in the British Virgin Islands, following specific arbitration rules, which might not be convenient for all ITDs. This geographical specificity and the legal intricacies involved in international arbitration could be challenging for users, making the dispute resolution process potentially cumbersome and costly. on Social Media

    The Blockchain Era (TBE) maintains a notable presence across social media platforms, including Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter. Their Telegram channel boasts an impressive subscriber base, surpassing 13,000. Here, TBE appears to cultivate a dedicated community, actively engaged in discussions and content related to blockchain technology.

    Transitioning to Instagram, the visual-centric platform hosts a variety of posts from TBE. With nearly 2,500 followers and 188 posts, TBE’s activity on Instagram seems consistent.

    On Twitter, TBE showcases a mixture of content through 183 posts, holding the attention of 443 followers. The narrative within the tweets emphasizes the transformative potential of blockchain technology. While the content seems curated to maintain relevancy and engagement, the follower count doesn’t quite mirror the Telegram community’s robustness.

    Their Facebook page has been removed.

    The Blockchain Era Reviews

    In our review of TheBlockchainEra, no significant red flags have emerged. We turn now to third-party reviews to learn additional insights regarding – Review

    The Blockchain Era (, described as a Ponzi scheme in a review on Gripeo, has raised doubts about its legitimacy due to its obscured ownership information and sudden appearance in 2023. The scheme seems connected to another alleged scam, WeWe Global, through Luiz Goes, who emerges as a prominent figure in both setups. Both companies are said to be intertwined in fraudulent investment practices involving cryptocurrencies.

    The review portrays TheBlockchainEra as opaque, with essential details about its domain ownership and executive members hidden. This lack of transparency has led to speculation and criticism, strengthening the belief that it might be a fraudulent setup. Furthermore, its business model is deemed suspicious, primarily focused on affiliate membership and lacking tangible retail products or services.

    Notably, The Blockchain Era’s emergence coincided with turbulent times in WeWe Global’s operations, suggesting a strategic move to sustain the scam by rebranding and shifting bases, primarily as WeWe Global faced collapse. This apparent interconnectedness between the two, primarily through shared leadership in Luiz Goes, and the involvement in cryptocurrency scams highlights a significant link tying them together in the realm of questionable and potentially illegitimate online investment schemes. Reviews

    The Blockchain Era (TBE), suspected of being a fraudulent scheme, has alleged connections to a previously failed scheme, WeWe Global. The latter had a notorious reputation, undergoing several reiterations after continuous failures. With each failure, new versions appeared, attempting to keep the scam afloat. The most recent incarnation, The Blockchain Era, appeared after WeWe Global’s name became too tainted.

    Jose Gordo, associated with dubious activities in the crypto space, plays a significant role in TBE. His involvement raises suspicions due to his questionable past linked to various scams. The Blockchain Era, notably lacking in transparency, doesn’t provide clear ownership or executive information, a red flag in assessing a company’s legitimacy.

    The company operates through multiple investment packages, enticing users to invest with promises of substantial returns. However, the returns and the operation seem highly speculative and lack a solid foundation for the promised profits. Such setups often imply a Ponzi scheme where new investments fuel the returns, making the business model unsustainable and risky for new investors.

    Moreover, TBE seems to have an aggressive recruitment strategy, emphasizing affiliate memberships, a common trait of fraudulent multi-level marketing schemes. The recruitment model, combined with the lack of a retailable product or a viable service, makes the entire operation seem dubious and geared towards scamming investors.

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    TBE Review at

    The review labels The Blockchain Era (TBE) as a high-risk investment platform and advises potential investors to steer clear. TBE attracts investors with promises of high daily profits but lacks transparency and verifiable results, raising several red flags. Investors face significant issues withdrawing funds, and the platform’s operations resemble a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scam.

    Various investment plans are offered, each promising substantial daily returns, further contributing to its suspicious nature. Affiliates and marketers, essential to TBE’s outreach, cannot withdraw earned commissions, reinforcing the platform’s unreliability.

    Notably absent from the review is any mention of a connection between TBE and, indicating that there might not be a direct association between the two entities.

    TheBlockchainEra Review at, known as The Blockchain Era, is a new online community that aims to harness blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to empower individuals and bring transformative changes to society. They offer services in blockchain technology enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and run an affiliate program allowing users to earn additional income.

    However, a review of unveils several concerning aspects. Information such as the identity of its founders, headquarters location, and contact details are conspicuously missing from the website. This lack of transparency raises questions about the website’s credibility and legitimacy. Research has further revealed that’s website is associated with the Lyo wallet, which has dubious past affiliations with a Ponzi scheme, casting shadows over’s operations and intentions.

    The review doesn’t mention any connection between (The Blockchain Era) and – Review, also known as TheBlockchainEra (TBE), is a relatively new online platform that emphasizes the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. However, concerns have been raised regarding its legitimacy due to several red flags, such as lack of transparency, possible involvement in a Ponzi scheme, and associations with suspicious entities. The website lacks essential information like the identity of its founders and the location of its headquarters.

    On a related note, there’s also skepticism surrounding WeWe Global, a platform that is accused of operating a Ponzi scheme. It is believed that WeWe Global may be in the process of rebranding itself as The Blockchain Era (TBE) at This connection between WeWe Global and TBE raises suspicions, as both have been flagged for having characteristics common to Ponzi schemes, like the lack of a transparent, sustainable business model and over-reliance on affiliate investments.

    This affiliation signifies potential risks and uncertainties regarding the true intentions and reliability of TBE, urging caution for those considering involvement with the platform. The elusive behavior, coupled with accusations of fraudulent activities, makes the association between TBE and WeWe Global problematic and suspicious, suggesting a possibility of concealed, unreliable operations. Reviews on Trustpilot

    The Blockchain Era (TBE), a cryptocurrency service, has garnered a mixture of reviews on Trustpilot, but several critical opinions raise alarms. Numerous reviewers express strong dissatisfaction, suggesting a possible connection between TBE and These comments imply that TBE might be a rebranded version of WEWE Global, a change allegedly made after facing issues in the latter.

    Many reviewers share a common criticism: a lack of payment for older, pending dues. TBE is criticized for delaying or withholding payments due to technical issues, while new investment projects seem to operate without such problems. Some comments describe TBE’s actions as a scheme, accusing them of taking money without fulfilling promises or returning investors’ funds.

    Furthermore, the users’ experience with TheBlockchainEra seems negatively impacted by the company’s approach to managing customer relations. There’s a mention of users being blocked or expelled for inquiring about payments, reflecting a lack of transparency and openness in addressing customers’ concerns and queries.

    Lastly, a point repeatedly brought up is the company’s approach to renaming or rebranding. Reviewers warn potential users and investors, advising them to exercise caution, suggesting that the name changes might be used during difficult times, which fosters mistrust among existing and potential users.

    In conclusion, the reviewers seem to link TBE and, describing both as parts of a scheme that leaves customers unsatisfied and doubtful regarding their investment’s safety and the company’s reliability. The emphasized advice is to approach TBE cautiously, ensuring thorough research and consideration before investing.

    TheBlockchainEra Review Conclusion

    In reviewing The Blockchain Era (TBE), several red flags emerge. Various online reviews highlight TBE’s lack of transparency. Essential details like the founder’s identity and headquarters location are missing. Such omissions make TBE’s operations seem dubious.

    Many users have raised concerns about TheBlockchainEra’s reliability. Issues such as unpaid dues and technical problems have been reported frequently. These issues have not only caused financial distress but also fueled mistrust among its users.

    There’s also talk about a possible connection between TBE and Some believe that TBE may be a rebranded version of, which is suspected of being a Ponzi scheme. However, the connection between the two isn’t crystal clear. Some reviews link them directly, while others don’t.

    Many reviewers advise caution when dealing with TBE. Potential investors should do thorough research before getting involved. The uncertainty surrounding TBE’s operations makes it a risky choice for investment.

    The Bottom Line regarding TheBlockchainEra (

    TBE appears shrouded in mystery and doubt. Its questionable practices and potential links to suspicious entities make it a platform to approach cautiously. It’s essential to consider these factors seriously when thinking about investing in TheBlockchainEra.

    Check out our review, in which we look into Journey Bridge, the website currently linked to from

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