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LegitimateCryptoTrade Review: Legitimate or a SCAM?

Welcome to our LegitimateCryptoTrade Review, regarding the website currently found at

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On January 6, 2023, a complaint was posted on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by a person from Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA, who claims to have lost $1,500 in a cryptocurrency scam found at The person reports:

Friend on Instagram posted about bitcoin mining and how they made $10,000 in 3 hours. Once I liked the post, Instagram friend direct messaged me asking if I would like to try and provided me _linda_kimberly_mentor_fx on Instagram and say that I was referred by him.


Person reached out to me asking if I would like to try and told me I could start with $500 and get $10,000. Asked to send money on Cash App to a person called Florence Herbin Joyner, then had me Zelle more money to some called Candice Blake,


Once I reached 10,000 the person told me to send $1400 to get money and I will receive it back. Told me if I could not cashapp it then I need to go to bank and get money out and take to bitcoin machine. Person became very pushy after I told them I can’t do that. I told them I no longer want to so this and blacked friend and them in Instagram.

The following email address is mentioned in the report:

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Other contact information mentioned include:

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    • _linda_kimberly_mentor_fx (Instagram)
    • Florence Herbin Joyner (name)
    • Candice Blake (name)
    • (Email address / Zelle account)

    So is LegitimateCryptoTrade really Legitimate or is it actually a SCAM? Don’t invest with them before reading this Legitimate Crypto Trade Review!

    LegitimateCryptoTrade Review

    The domain was registered on May 11, 2022 through PDR Ltd. d/b/a for one year by Franklyn Onoaghakpote from 4 Erhunmwunse Street, 300102, Benin City, Edo, Nigeria.

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    This is what Google Maps shows for the address provided in LegitimateCryptoTrade’s Whois Records

    +234.8101894682 is the phone number which is mentioned in the Whois Records along with the email address

    ZenGo Wallet Banner is hosted by Hostinger International Limited.

    Even though it’s about 8 months old, the website has not gained even slight popularity and its Semrush authority score is 0% with 38 backlinks, but none of them from any reputable websites.

    About LegitimateCryptoTrade is an online platform that aims to make trading, investing, and mining of cryptocurrency easy and safe. The website supports a variety of popular digital currencies and offers over 100 tradable assets. The platform features unique risk management tools, advanced security protocols, and five trading options: 60 sec, Speed trading, 24 hrs, and Long term. The website claims to give clients an exceptional trading experience and adequate support to enhance their chances of success.

    The “About Us” section of the website states that Legitimatecryptotrade is a place where traders can access real-world markets with cryptocurrency and start trading instantly. The website offers deposits and withdrawals via cryptos, overcoming the biggest hurdle for traders, which is the ability to instantly transact funds.

    They claim to provide traders with instant deposits, lightning-fast execution, worldwide market access from around the globe, tight spreads, and best client support. They have advanced trading robots made by their in-house programming team, and their State of the Art AutoTrade bot technology (ATBT) is one of their most powerful trading robots for automated trading.

    The website also has a “How it Works” section, which explains that users can sign up for free, select a package, and make a deposit. They can choose from any of their plans, fund their account with Bitcoins & more, and start earning.

    The website states that they have been in operation for 1896 days, have 7056 participants, and have had 986,976 total withdrawals.

    Strange that they claim the website has been in operation for more than 5 years while, as we’ve seen, it was just registered 8 months ago!

    The company claims to generate returns through a method called “pump and dump,” which they claim is legal and involves artificially increasing the price of a cryptocurrency and then selling it for profit.

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    However, in reality pump-and-dump is an illegal scheme.

    Contact Information

    The company, Legitimatecryptotrade Limited, focuses on trading and hedging top cap digital assets such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

    Unfortunately, no veriable information is provided regarding who is behind the company, such as a registered address, LinkedIn profiles etc.

    The following contact information is provided:

    The email as we’ve already seen in the complaint is

    There’s also a contact form and a live chat widget.

    There are social icons on the page, but they are dysfunctional.

    LegitimateCryptoTrade Scam Reviews

    We could find no LegitimateCryptoTrade reviews on Google.

    Therefore, we currently only have the BBB report we opened this article with.

    Related Scams

    Upon more thorough investigation, we discover that this website is a part of a network of similar scams all made by the same individual or group.

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    These include:

    • (defunct)

    Bottom Line: Is LegitimateCryptoTrade Legit?

    Even if we ignore all the red flags we’ve encountered until now, when we check out the investment plans offered at Legitimate Crypto Trade, we discover that this is another website which is promising something that seems too good to be true, that is an investment with an exceptionally high yield:

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    For example, the SILVER PLAN requires a deposit of $200-$900 with an expected return of $2,352-$9,408. It offers 32% hourly profit, access to over 75 assets, and a withdrawal processing time of less than 48 hours. The plan lasts for 1 week and has a 5% withdrawal fee.

    The PLATINUM PLAN requires a deposit of $10000 or more with an expected return of $21,000-$105,000. It offers 60% daily profit, access to over 75 assets, and a withdrawal processing time of less than 48 hours. The plan lasts for 1 week and has a 5% withdrawal fee.

    A service which offers such high ROI is definitely a scam.

    To conclude, our investigation has shown without a doubt that LegitimateCryptoTrade is a SCAM!

    Thanks for reading our LegitimateCryptoTrade Review.

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