Local Depot Scam – Trending Hustle

Local Depot Scam is most likely a phishing page with nothing but sinister motives. The people behind this platform approach the public via text message and encourage them to fill out the contact form in exchange for some sort of delivery.

They are just luring the public by promising them fancy things at a dirt cheap price. Obviously, the entire thing is a trap and people that have clicked on the links attached are at great risk.

If you received a text message that looks similar to Local Depot Scam, then we suggest you to stay alert and change all your passwords. After all, you cannot be too safe nowadays. Take a look at the following paragraphs which will help you figure out how this type of scam works. 

Local Depot Scam

Local Depot Scam Text Explained

Crooks running this scam are asking people for their sensitive information in exchange for delivery of a few mysterious parcels. Of course, no one knows what is the item being delivered because in reality, it does not exist.

If you receive any text from them, do not entertain it for any reason. Anyone that makes the mistake of putting in their card details and other personal information will end up burning a hole in their pocket.

We did see a few different approaches employed by the people running this operation. Fortunately, the entire plot is something that is easy to detect and in our opinion, most people can sense their intentions from a mile away. 

How to stay safe?

As the threats present are impossible to eradicate, you need to be one step ahead of them. First and foremost, do not entertain any texts or emails from unknown senders. Notice the small things such as spelling mistakes, tone of the content, etc,. If you come across any intimidating techniques or high pressure tactics, then you should not proceed with them.

Also, do not forget to do basic background search. Look for the domain registration details and website trust scores. Of course, all the metrics are not going to be precise, but it will help you gauge things better.

At any point if the person on the other hand asks for personal information or payments, then run in the opposite direction. Any legitimate firm or organization would never ask for sensitive information over phone call or text. 

User Reactions

The Local Depot Scam was viral and trending for a long period of time. Naturally, it was easy to find tons of user inputs about them. On social media platforms and other review websites, people have shared their experience. The approach used by the crooks have changed from time to time, but the overall narrative employed is the same.

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    Thanks to quick interaction, the public for the most part was alerted about the reality of the situation. It is indeed nice to see people take advantage of the internet for noble causes and help each other make informed decisions. 

    Lost money to Local Depot Scam?

    There are thousands of people that were significantly affected by the Local Depot Scam. Till date, we could not locate any serious damage claims, but it is too soon to reach any kind of conclusion. If you have suffered financially because of this hustle, then reach out to us.

    Using advanced forensic tools, we will help you identify the crooks and retrieve the funds from them. The entire process usually takes around 2 weeks. So, the sooner you begin, the better it is going to be. 


    Local Depot Scam and other similar types of traps are acting like cancer. They are almost impossible to eliminate which means our best hope is to educate the audience. Share this post with your social circle and help us create awareness. 

    Have anything to add to our Local Depot Scam Report? Feel free to share your input in the thread below. 

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