Local Depot Status Scam – April 2022

Local Depot Status Scam is the current viral phishing attempt that got exposed. Numerous outlets and even news channels have created posts about them to help the public recognise the patterns they employ. Sadly, the perpetrators aren’t caught yet, but the chances of them going behind bars are pretty high.

Scammers had done a good job of cloning the postal service which is why it did take a considerable amount of time for people to figure out the truth. Till now, there haven’t been any severe damage reported and that’s a positive sign.

Nonetheless, go over the following paragraphs as it will help you in making better choices. If you have lost funds to a phishing website or any other kind of fraudulent service or project, then get in touch with us via the form below. 

Local Depot Status Scam


Scammers have to get creative from time to time or else they would starve to death. This time around, the crooks impersonated postal service and created a fake website to collect people’s bank details. Though the plot was an age old one, it was still effective and that is mainly because of the narrative they peddled.

Cyber criminals managed to induce a sense of urgency in a subtle way and unfortunately, most people never suspected a thing. The key takeaway from the entire incident is that you should never entertain any offer that asks for your personal information.

Checking a few basic things like presence of a SSL certificate, URL and other protective measures is a must. Keep in mind that steps mentioned above merely take minutes to go through and it does go a long way in helping you identify the problem at the earliest. 

How does the Local Depot Status Scam Work?

Local Depot Status Scam poses like a postal service. It entices people by using a few psychological hooks. At first, they demand a small fee in exchange for their services (delivery charges).

If any individual makes the mistake of trusting them with their sensitive information, then they will be left empty handed and the risks are something that are hard to quantify. Scammers approach the mark via text message and the phishing links will be present in the lower half section.

The way these crooks extracted the numbers is unknown, but if you ever receive a similar message, then delete it as soon as possible. Remember, things like pin number, one time password and social security number should never be shared over a text or an email for any reason. 

How to stay safe from Local Depot Status Scam?

The kind of steps you need to take to avoid scams like this one are pretty simple. First of all, never reply to any email, text or phone call wherein the person on the other end is asking for your sensitive information. Secondly, always deal with the official website and check the URL before proceeding with them.

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    At any point of time, if you are forced into doing something, walk away from the interaction. Also, don’t open suspicious links and always use quality anti-virus software. Lastly, do not forget to raise formal complaints if you encounter any issues. In most cases, being safe would save you from a ton of regrets. 

    Recover money from Online Scams

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    End Note

    Local Depot Status Scam is another dead phishing hustle. This one also has displayed the fact that many people still aren’t familiar with the way online scams work.

    So, the only thing we can do to prevent incidents like this is spread awareness and that is what we hope to accomplish with this post. 

    Did you get any message that is similar to the ones discussed in “Local Depot Status Scam” Post? If yes, share your experience by commenting below. 

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