TeslaCoin Review – 2022 Scam Bot

TeslaCoin is a new trading software that claims to help people earn passive income from the markets. The creators of this system are anonymous and they do not work with regulated brokers for the most part. Their interface resembles get-rich-quick type platforms and they have no credibility whatsoever.

Trading history is not published by them and no one appears to have a clear understanding about the way their algorithms work. Important things like risk management, hedging, and asset allocation are not covered by them.

Oddly enough, many channels are promoting them and the kind of traffic they are getting is considerable, to say the least. We did a thorough investigation about this bot and found things that were beyond anyone’s worst nightmare.

Before using a service like this one, go over the following details and then make an informed decision. 

TeslaCoin Review

What is TeslaCoin Software?

TeslaCoin Software is an automated trading solution that supposedly helps retail investors make passive income from the markets. According to their narrative, even beginners can use this platform to improve their win rate. On their homepage, they only talk about the merits and advantages.

However, if you see the footer section, the disclaimers highlight the reality of the situation. In simple words, most of their claims are not backed up with any solid data. Anonymity present is unjustifiable and the real unique factors they possess are unknown as well.

With so many uncertainties, ask yourself, is it worth the hassles involved to proceed with them? Making money with no effort and by clicking a few buttons does sound enticing.

However, it is not that easy to be profitable in the market. Think about it, if their software is that good, then why would they offer it to everyone instead of making money for themselves?

Trading Platform

This platform claims to support custom web interfaces and MT4 software. The presence of the Meta Trader application is always a big plus point. Numerous retail clients love the MT platform and it offers a lot of practical solutions. One can use custom indicators and adjust the charts to their liking.

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    We cannot comment anything about their default interface as we weren’t able to test it. According to a few websites, this algorithm supposedly has a 90% win rate which is way too exaggerated and unrealistic. For any reason, if you are inclined towards testing them, then make sure to use regulated brokers.

    Fund your account using e-wallets to be on the safer side and talk with the support team in case you have any specific queries about the way the system works. We strongly recommend people walk away from products like this one which is being operated from the shadows. 

    Can you make money with TeslaCoin?

    TeslaCoin flaunts its high win rate whenever and wherever it can. The funny thing is, if you observe closely they do not make any dollar amount claims. Like we mentioned before there are no verifiable audits present.

    In other words, we are not informed about the way they trade, the kind of indicators they use, and risk management measures. Ask yourself, without knowing the key metrics mentioned above, can we trust them with our funds?

    Isn’t the odds of making money with them slim to none? Markets are complex and the only way to beat it is by gaining a clear mathematical edge. So, unless you find quantifiable data, do not trust any claims blindly. 

    Hidden Catches

    The real way TeslaCoin software makes money is unknown. They might be getting commissions from brokers for referring clients or they could be the market makers themselves. Regardless of which operational model they follow, you need to understand that they have a high level of conflict of interest with the clients.

    Moreover, their win rate is not verified and the anonymity factor does not do them any favors. Considering everything we found out about them, we strongly recommend people stay away from firms like this one. At the end of the day, keep in mind that these algorithms aren’t something that was built for your benefit. 

    TeslaCoin User Reviews

    If there is any app that genuinely helps people make money, then the underlying product will get tons of traffic via the review section. People love to share their experiences about things and social media platforms along with other niche forums have made the entire thing a lot easier.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    TeslaCoin does not have a significant number of user reviews yet. We did find a few comments, but they didn’t appear particularly authentic. Moreover, the sample size was not decent enough to take a call.

    Lack of input is a bad sign and the way the management side of the firm operates is also making people nervous. Stay away from them and do not think about investing with them unless they publish solid data and talk to your financial planner before making a deposit. 

    Is TeslaCoin Scam or Legit?

    TeslaCoin is a sketchy firm and the way they operate is concerning, to say the least. The management side is not transparent, adequate data is not provided and even the way they handle the funds is debatable. Lack of clarity is beyond acceptable levels. Web trading interfaces are not sophisticated and they have no uniqueness whatsoever.

    Also, they work with unregulated entities which means your money is exposed to risk at all times. Our advice to you is to never entertain platforms like this one. Withdraw your money immediately from them.

    If you are not able to get your funds back, then reach out to us via the form below. Our team will give you the exact steps you need to follow to get your money back. The sooner you begin, the easier the whole process is going to be.


    Sketchy software and scam trading bots are looting retail clients for a long period. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop them yet. However, it can be eradicated if enough people are aware of the actual situation. 

    Share your opinion about TeslaCoin with our community via the thread below. 

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