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Lotto Social Review – It is not a Scam

Lotto Social is a syndicate platform that offers people a fun way to get involved in the gambling realm.

Of course, the odds are not in the favor of the clients.

However, by taking proper precautions, this activity can be fun and the costs involved are not sky high.

Along with the lottery winning, they also offer other incentives like gift vouchers, spa treatments, etc,.

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Perhaps, one of the main concerns about this portal is the kind of user reviews they have earned over the years.

Users appear to be not fully satisfied by the services offered and there are a lot of complaints about them.

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    Note that most claims are hard to verify and the mysteriousness present is off the charts.

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    In this post, we will discuss all the important aspects of the platform which will help you take a stance.

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    Lotto Social Review

    About Lotto Social

    As this firm has been around for a considerable period of time, finding information was a piece of cake.

    Hatchster LTD is the entity that owns and operates this platform.

    They have got all the necessary licenses and have built a solid track record over the years.

    There are few complaints about them, but nothing mentioned in the publicly available sources are verifiable.

    In other words, it is worth it to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    If users have any issues with the platform, then they can browse the help center.

    Sadly, no phone number or email address is shown.

    The lack of dedicated support team is an issue and it hampers their image to a large extent. 

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    Structure and Costs

    There are 3 packages to choose from and it ranges between 4 Pounds to 15 Pounds per week.

    The more you pay, the better the number of lines and prizes.

    Additionally, there are other incentives present.

    Moving on to winnings, an amount less than 1000 Pounds is credited to the user’s account within 14 days.

    If the amount is over 1000 Pounds, then users have to get in touch with the customer support and await instructions.

    Processing time is not clear and there is clearly ambiguity present.

    Lastly, know that you should have at least 5 Pounds in order to receive the winnings. 

    Special Promotions

    Lotto Social runs many forms of promotions on a regular basis.

    Just by spending a few minutes on the web, we are pretty sure that you can find vouchers and other deals that offer immense value.

    Contests are held frequently and people that fulfil the criteria can win exciting prizes.

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    Just like the odds on the lotteries, the odds in the competition would not be in your favor.

    Nonetheless, it might be a fun way to keep users entertained and occupied.

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    All in all, they do run most of the things in a text book manner.

    Referral Program

    This platform offers affiliate programs.

    People that drive users to the portal will get paid on commission basis.

    The exact amount paid by them is not public.

    If you are someone that truly loves this firm, then their referral program might be something that might capture your attention.

    For bloggers or YouTube creators, this program will help them monetize their traffic in a much efficient manner. 

    Lotto Social User Reviews

    As we mentioned before Lotto Social has earned a bleak reputation over the years.

    Some people praise the platform.

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    Contrarily, they have received a lot of hate as well.

    We do not have any metric to verify both the sides of the equation.

    So, for the time being, giving them the benefit of the doubt is our only move.

    Check out the comments we have gathered below from Trustpilot.

    Do you want to take a leap of faith with them?

    I was lured by an offer of 10 lines in Euro lottery for £1. There were no lines, syndicate or numbers assigned to me. Once they had my card details they started taking £5s out of my account. There is no way to contact them or cancel […] THIS IS A SCAM!

    Do not join!! This website is a scam and does not allow you to cancel your triggers only the syndicates which is restarted twice a week because of the jackpot triggers which we never even signed up to. Had to cancel my cards just to stop the payments and FYI you will only win credits which can’t be turned to cash and only cash can be turned into credit. 

    Is Lotto Social a Scam or not?

    There is no solid evidence to say that Lotto Social is a scam.

    Some people are happy with it and some aren’t.

    Given everything about them, whether to proceed with them or not comes down to your personal preference and risk appetite.

    Of course, there are better options available and every platform will have its merits and demerits.

    So, choose carefully and risk only what you can afford to lose. 

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    Lotto Social Review Conclusion

    Lotto Social appears to be a firm which has got a lot of controversies.

    User reviews give mixed impressions and ratings on most forums are not impressive.

    On the flip side, they have stood the test of time.

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    We advise you to test them out with a small amount and then scale it up, if you like the service.

    If you would like to request a review or to report a scam, please feel free to contact us.

    Have something to say about Lotto Social? Use the thread below. 

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