Review – Real or Fake?

CoinbDefi is a new cloud mining platform that supposedly works with all the big names in the sector. Their homepage ( is full of information regarding their operation. However, the whole narration is vague and they are not the ones which deserve our blind trust.

The owners of CoinbDefi are unknown. Contact details and their physical location is also a mystery. In short, there are a lot of things about them that can be categorized as something beyond concerning.

Also, their domain age is below 1 year which means we cannot justify giving them the benefit of the doubt. There are plenty of things wrong with them.

In this CoinbDefi review, we will walk you through the main aspects of this platform. Once you understand the ambiguity involved, you can decide whether to proceed forward with them or not. Review

What is all about? is a cloud mining platform. Basically, they have set up the infrastructure that apparently helps you achieve greater returns. Of course, the kind of profits you make depends upon the size of the capital.

Generally speaking, returns range from 1.6% to 4.5% are specified by them. Though most things peddled by them sound fair, the devil is in the details. For example, the exact process and the costs involved are not mentioned.

There is no run down of charges mentioned by them. Worse of all, the possible downsides are not made public. In simple words, we do not know the variables involved and there is clearly no edge present.

Given the uncertainty that is surrounding this operation. Ask yourself, do you want to take a blind step and trust them to handle your funds? Isn’t depositing with them equal to trusting a stranger with your funds? 

Owners and Contact Information

As we all know, there are tons of scams in the crypto industry. Even regulators aren’t able to crack the way the crooks are exploiting the public. Owners of this platform are still a mystery.

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    The management team is not transparent which is not a trait that instills confidence. Moreover, their policies are concealed and hard to decrypt. They are structuring themselves in a way that is difficult to intercept or understand.

    So, we strongly suggest you speak to your financial planner before proceeding with them. Moving on to their contact details, there are none put up by them currently. If any kind of issue comes up, how can the customers get it resolved?

    Looking at the way they function, we are not optimistic about their longevity. Broken things in their operational model are almost unparalleled in this space. 

    Domain Age and History

    We as end consumers should always pay attention to the domain age of an investment portal. Generally, the company that has been around for a long time has a good reputation and it gives us a sense of security as well. is less than one year old which means they have not yet built any sort of reputation on the net. We tried to find user reviews about them but guess what? Due to lack of data, nothing relevant came up.

    The sample size was negligible and the absence of proper documents is a point of concern. Regardless of which way you look at them, chances are, you will hit a dead end and that is not a good trait. User Reviews

    This platform is not even one year old at the time of publishing this post. So, naturally there aren’t that many reviews about them on the web.

    Number of mentions they have got on social media is also low. Basically, they do not have a reputation that can be quantified.

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    The lack of parameters to gauge their service is definitely a headache and it does not paint them in a good way. We suggest people to wait for a few more months before making any moves. After all, isn’t it better to wait than regret?

    Is a Scam? may or may not be a scam. It is too early to comment about their legitimacy. On one side, their claims appear to be in-line with the market standards.

    However, the evidence is lacking. Moreover, the management team is not transparent with the public. Also, the documentations are missing and the way they operate is too shady.

    Even user reviews have not surfaced to the web yet. As there are too many question marks present, it is advisable to stay away from them at least for now. 

    CoinbDefi Review Conclusion

    There are a lot of options available when it comes to crypto mining. While choosing the one that promises the most money might be enticing, you need to do a lot of background checks.

    Remember, this space is crowded and there are a lot of scams which is why doing due diligence is a must. In case you need help with the recovery process, reach out to us.

    Our team will help you navigate the problem and help you get your funds back as early as humanly possible. 

    Do you trust Let us know your take in the comment’s section.

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