Scam Review – Complete Report is a website that sells all kinds of footwear. They cater to all the age groups and the wide offerings have enticed a lot of people. The domain era of this firm is not significant. Moreover, few malware have been detected on their official website. As expected, people are worried about interacting with them.

Moreover, people are looking for ways of verifying the legitimacy of the whole operation. During our investigation, we found a lot of hidden elements about this firm and we are sad to say that the whole enterprise is most likely a scam. Finding attractive footwear will excite almost everyone.

However, do not let heavily discounted products affect your rational thinking. As always, remember that whenever you spot a good offer, never pounce upon it without doing proper research. Learn about all of the flaws and other dangerous things exhibited by this platform by reading the following piece of content.

In case you have already entered your card details on their platform, then freeze associated bank accounts and request for a new one. After all, there is no way to put a price on safety, right? Scam Review

Owners and Employees is said to be owned by Bestbuy Shoes Inc. BestBuy Shoes focuses mainly on the daily wear and footwear niche. The connection between the above stated firm and this platform is not that crystal clear and we did not find all the documents we were hoping for.

Moving on to the small details, every successful online portal knows that they need to nail the transparency aspect in order to enhance longevity and sales. On their website, the details of the top management and the employees are not put up.

There is no contact information provided. Plus, the identities of everyone involved on the opposite side of the customers are either hidden or concealed. For a platform that sells footwear, the kind of steps taken by them to ensure anonymity is simply unjustifiable.

Their sneaky behaviour should tell you a lot about them and it goes without mentioning that the signs displayed by them are beyond concerning. As a general rule, never shop with any platform that does not reveal information about their management side or about their whereabouts. Product List sells footwear of all kinds. The appealing thing about their platform is that the collections are huge and the prices are affordable. Visually, the products appear to be flawless, but without seeing any user feedback, we cannot give them the benefit of the doubt yet.

On the flip side, we are not brave enough to trust them with our credit card details and order things from them for testing purposes. Below is the list of the kind of footwear they offer. In addition to the listed items, they also offer work boots.

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    • Boots
    • Shoes
    • Sandals
    • Platforms
    • Ankle Boots
    • Mary Janes
    • Chelsea
    • Heels

    Shipping and Returns

    The policies regarding shipping and returns are mentioned clearly by However, the catch is that they have not shared any contact information or return address. In other words, if you get the wrong item or defective piece, then there is no way of contacting the platform.

    Think about the lack of proper infrastructure for a second. Do you think any platform that cares about things like brand image or reputation would operate in this manner? Though they have not done any big financial crime, the traits indeed look scary and it is not worth the risk involved. Any item above $40 is said to be eligible for free shipping.

    One can expect the order to be delivered within 30 days and the time required is said to correlate with the location of the client. If you want to return any items, then it needs to be done within 7 days of receiving the product. Unfortunately, as the details aren’t present, as of now there is no way to communicate with anyone and if you receive damaged goods, then you won’t be able to do anything about it.

    Tracing mechanism used by them is unknown. At the end of the day, our advice is, do not expect anything out of the ordinary from them. Also, keep in mind that the cancellation fee charged by them is 4% and the process regarding refunds is not that clear as well. Basically, everything is a big gamble with them. So, tread cautiously. 

    No User Reviews

    Regardless of which site or channel you follow, social proof is something everyone looks for. Proxy for user feedback is not possible because it tells us about a lot of things and gives a clear picture. does not have any social media presence.

    They have no following on any kind of platform and even on niche related forums, information about them is scarce. In other words, they are getting negligible amounts of traffic and their marketing campaigns are clearly not working. Given the traits, it is a no brainer that people are avoiding them.

    If you are in love with their offerings, then wait for user feedback to pop up and then make a move. Sometimes, platforms engage in unethical activities and create fake feedback on the internet by using bots. So, be attentive and trust the source only if it makes sense. Support Staff

    This section was the hardest for us to cover because they do not have one. On their About Us section, the creators of this platform brag about a lot of things. However, they do not cover the basic aspects and as far as user experience goes, there isn’t anything to talk about.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    If anyone has any specific queries about this firm or if you run into issues with them which is bound to happen, then know that there is no one to assist you. is perhaps the only platform that has the audacity to operate in this kind of strange manner.

    As the carelessness is very obvious, it is better not to indulge with them in any form or manner. 

    Is a Scam?

    Most probably yes. Nonetheless, as there are no serious allegations yet, we cannot reach any firm conclusion on them yet. Their website is infected by malware and the way they handle user’s data is highly suspicious.

    Right now, creators are unknown and as we mentioned before, a lot of their policies are loosely structured and it gives them unfair advantage. Even the shipping time is more and the mechanisms to track the package is not specified. Instead of rolling dice with them and putting your data to risk, avoiding them would be the best thing to do.

    In case you have already ordered something from them and are facing issues, then do not let them get away easily. Report them to the relevant authorities and your local law enforcement authorities.

    If you need help, then feel free to get in touch with our experts via the contact form below. Our team will help you assess your individual case and enable you to make informed decisions. 

    Verdict is a suspicious platform with no clear objectives or plan. Their traffic is bleak and the future does not look sunny for them. Trusting them with our card details is an extremely risky thing to do and for obvious reasons, one should never mess with this firm.

    If you are looking for shoes, then stick with reputable sellers that have earned their position in the market place and avoid interacting with platforms like this one. 

    What are your views on Comment below and let us know your thoughts. 

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