McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam – Full Info

Mcdonalds’ 66th Anniversary Scam is the incident wherein people were promised gift vouchers of up to $700 for just filling out a simple survey. According to online sources, this scam mainly targeted people in the Philippines. Mcdonald’s is not running any active promotions on social media platforms.

Moreover, there is no news about any giveaways on the official pages and websites as well. If you encounter any text or post promising you gifts from this brand, then chances are you might be getting hustled.

So, be careful and run a thorough check before clicking any links. We understand that scammers are good at designing traps. To protect yourself from them, go through the following content which will help you make rational decisions and provide a solid blueprint in case something goes wrong.

Remember, in the online world one has to be cautious and the security of your data is the number one priority.

McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam

What is McDonald’s 66th Anniversary Scam?

Recently scammers have set up pages on Facebook and are running promotions by leveraging Mcdonalds’ brand. The incident is termed Mcdonalds’ 66th Anniversary Scam. Crooks behind this potential phishing attack are assuring people gifts in exchange for their information.

Needless to say, no user will receive anything from them apart from frustration and disappointment. Data harvesting is a big business for cybercriminals. Once they have access to someone’s data, they can use it for things like financial fraud or identity theft.

Quite frequently, the crooks also sell the data on shady parts of the internet and profit from almost every angle imaginable. As the consequences are severe, you need to be careful while dealing with any platform or portal that looks suspicious.

Promises Made

If you notice carefully, scammers are undeniably good at what they do. They understand the psychology of the public well and design traps that are highly efficient. This time around with the McDonalds 66th Anniversary Scam, they have used gifts as the bait.

According to their posts, anyone that clicks on links attached to their promotions will get assured gifts of over $700. While getting gifts is exciting, think about it for a moment.

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    Do you believe any legitimate firm would go around the internet offering cash to everyone? Obviously, no, right?

    Whenever you encounter deals that are irresistible instead of jumping with joy, be rational. Once you are fully aware of the situation, it becomes easy to figure out the real intentions of the opposite party.

    Real Agendas

    Almost everything that revolves around promotion and surveys has a hidden catch. There are few legit survey sites. However, the fraudulent ones are simply way too many. As we mentioned before, this scam’s main intention is to extract as much data as possible from the users. People are generally not inclined towards sharing information with unknown entities which is why crooks always pretend to be someone from well-established brands.

    The exact way they plan to monetize the information remains unclear. Nonetheless, we can guarantee you that it will never end well for the victims. In case you have shared any information with them, then change all your passwords, use 2 FA, and check your bank statements regularly. If you have any doubts, then hiring a professional is never a bad idea. 

    McDonald’s 66th Anniversary Scam Public Reaction

    As these scam messages got viral, people turned to search engines to find information. As this entire giveaway was a scam, no news was available. Thanks to numerous requests on popular forums, many websites just like ours are spreading awareness about the situation.

    At the time of publishing this post, we could not find any reports from the users. It’s safe to assume that no serious damage has been caused by them yet. To keep your loved ones away from scams like this, share this post and help us bring everyone on the same page.

    After all, educating the audience is the only way to put an end to online scams, right?

    Stay Safe

    If you have lost money because of this incident, then immediately get in touch with us. We will analyze the flow of funds and come up with an action plan for you.

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    Our team will provide full assistance in the recovery process for free. All you have to do is use the contact form and reach out to us. 


    Mcdonalds’ 66th Anniversary Scam is just another survey-type hustle that may or may not have caused damage. Their intentions were all sinister and anyone that trusted them with their personal information would suffer deadly consequences.

    To stay safe, only interact with established platforms and never indulge with a firm or a website that is not transparent about its business model. 

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