Scam Review Scam Review – Unreliable Portal is a new web portal that sells KitchenAid Mixers. The cost of most of the items sold is on the higher side. Their platform is simple enough for average users. However, the main issue with them is with the way their store policies are structured.

Moreover, their trust score is bad and as far as user inputs are considered, they have not secured any decent place. Even the people running this firm are not transparent and everything associated with them gives an eerie feeling.

Trusting random websites with your banking information is always a recipe for disaster. If you are interested in knowing about this site, then read the following paragraphs carefully.

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    We have covered all of the aspects which should be more than sufficient to help you make an informed decision. Scam Review

    What is is an online portal that sells mixers made by Kitchenaid. They do have an About us section on their official website. Sadly, there is no information presented by them that helps people track down the real owners.

    Apart from an email address, there is no contact information present as well. In case you are wondering, know that they don’t even have the basic courtesy to offer things like telephone support and return address. If you are serious about proceeding with them, then we suggest you to use PayPal only because of the enhanced security it provides.

    Personally, we are not comfortable with sharing sensitive information on their portal. They do have an active SSL layer. However, due to lack of user input and trust ratings, it is not wise to blindly trust them.

    Want to be kept updated regarding similar scams?

    Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings!

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    The overwhelming sense of anonymity and shady policies are some of the biggest flaws present. So, be careful and read the small print every time. 

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    Shipping Terms

    All orders are said to be processed within 24 hours. Shipping time period is not guaranteed and in case of returns, clients have to bear all the expenses. They do claim to use professional services from USPS and ePacket.

    Oddly enough, they did not talk about tracking mechanisms used by them. The lack of details is not a good sign. We understand that new firms are not able to provide every top of the line option to the user.

    Nonetheless, the way this firm has ignored talking about things is unimaginable and as such, it talks a lot about their character and actual motives. All we have to do is connect the dots. Refunds and Returns

    This firm has a weird, confusing and authoritative returns and refunds policy. First and foremost, they have the upper say in the aspects mentioned above. Conditions for both refunds and returns are not mentioned clearly.

    For example, the return address is not published by them. Time taken by them to credit the balance is not outlined. Note that there are a ton of conditions applicable on returns and almost all of their policies favour them at the expense of their clients.

    In other words, terms and conditions are unrealistic and people most likely will have a tough time with it. Also, the returns period is only 7 days which is way too short compared to the other outlets in the sector. User Feedback

    Hands down, one of the best ways to gauge a new firm is to look at the customer reviews. Users nowadays do not shy away from expressing their thoughts and that characteristic works wonders for all the parties involved.

    Unfortunately, as is new and does not have an active social media account, we could not find any data about them. For the time being, due to lack of social feedback, it is advisable to not indulge with them.

    After all, given tons of choices, why would anyone want to risk it with a new firm that is led by anonymous people, right? 

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    KitchenAid Scam or Legit?

    Kitchenaid brand and portal is new and they have not earned a solid reputation. Their policies are way too skewed and the lack of contact details is a dead giveaway of their real nature. While they do showcase good collections and tons of payment options, we encourage you to use e-wallets only as they are relatively safe.

    In case you are unable to get a refund from them or if you have lost money to any type of online scam, reach out to us via the contact form. We will do all the intelligence gathering for you and help you with the recovery process for free. 

    Verdict at the time of writing this post is a suspicious entity. Red flags exhibited by their platform is unimaginable and with so many obvious signs, it is better to stay away from them. After all, there are tons of choices in the same category, right? 

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