Medicare Scam Email – Targeting Australians!

Medicare Scam Email targeting the residents of Australia is literally creating a lot of buzz. Scammers are trying to get the user’s information by pretending to offer medicare benefits. Of course, the entire narrative used by them is false and they are doing everything they possibly can to get access to your bank details.

The entire plot is well designed and the crooks have even created a clone of the official myGov website. If a victim falls for the phishing scam and input the credentials, then he or she will end up making a big dent on their bank account.

While it is possible to recover the funds, avoiding the hassle through early detection is the best way to deal with them. If you are interested in knowing everything about this hustle, the following content is the perfect guide. In case you need to talk to our team regarding the recovery process, use the contact form provided below.

Medicare Scam Email

Medicare Scam Email Description

Medicare Scam Email is a phishing scam. The scammers initiate the conversation in a subtle manner and they ask you to update your Electronic Fund Transfer details to receive additional benefits.

If anyone replies to them, then they will redirect the victims to a fraudulent portal that is nothing more than a clone of the official myGov website. As the crooks have done a phenomenal job of cloning, it is indeed hard for many people to notice the difference.

For your own safety, always use anti-virus software and double check the URLs before entering any information. Stop acting impulsively and never ever reach any conclusion before doing proper background search. As far as this scam goes, if you stop interacting with them from the inception and delete the email, there is nothing the scammers can do to you. 

What do the Scammers want?

This is the question you need to ask yourself whenever you encounter a new type of scam. Medicare Scam Email is a phishing scam that mimics government related websites. They are after the user’s bank accounts.

Undoubtedly, the background work they have done is incredible. However, if enough people are aware of their intentions, the threat can be reduced drastically. If you are ever contacted by them, do not let them intimidate you. Be calm and never let anything coming from their mouth confuse you.

Deal with official portals and talk with customer care before making a move. Lastly, the moment a stranger asks for your personal information, walk away from the interaction. In today’s world, privacy is everything and you should never compromise it. 

Setup Explained

If you click the link inside the email, you will be sent to a copy of the official myGov website. The website’s URL ends in “.net” rather than “,” suggesting that it is not operated by the Australian Government.

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    After inputting your login credentials, you are prompted to supply your personal security question and answer before being sent to the fraudulent Medicare website to submit your bank account information.

    Avoid clicking the link and entering your information if you do not want to give these scammers access to your information, which they will exploit to steal your money and identity.

    Medicare Scam Email Safety Tips

    Below, we have listed a few things you need to be aware of in order to keep yourself safe. Remember, the crooks will change their narrative from time to time. So, learn to identify their traits and it will save you from a lot of hassles in the future. 

    • Never click on links in emails or messages that seem to be from Medicare or myGov.
    • Don’t open the message if you don’t know who sent it or if you weren’t expecting it.
    • Be wary of mail that is not addressed to you or that does not include your full name.
    • You may also independently call the organization to see if the communication was received.


    If you have lost money due to Medicare Scam Email or any other form of deception from online portals, contact us. We will help you with the recovery process for free and guide you through all the legalities. As far as the scam goes, know that the only way to beat them is via early detection and awareness.

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