Million Dollar Vax – Scam or Not?

Million Dollar Vax is a campaign created by Philanthropic groups to encourage people to get vaccinated. This initiative is handled by big firms on the plant and their end goal is a noble one.

Unlike many promotions, this one is keeping silent about their donors because their only motive is to encourage people to make the right choices and that is the only thing that matters to them.

A similar type of campaign also took place in Ohio, United States and it goes without mentioning that it was a successful one. There are a few things you need to know about this activity in order to apply for the lottery prize of 1 Million dollars.

To know about everything related to this event, stick around till the end. 

Million Dollar Vax Scam

Covid 19 was a horrific thing that crumbled a lot of things last year. To date, it hasn’t been possible to fully eradicate it and few places still have restrictions because of it.

As we all know, restrictions are not the answer and the only real way to address the situation is via vaccines. While few people are not ready to get jabbed yet, people at the top are doing their best to encourage the public to get the vaccines on time.

After all, there is no point in avoiding the inevitable, right? To get people excited and urge them into taking action, huge prizes are being announced and to be eligible the criteria are simple, the participants just have to be vaccinated. 

What is a Million Dollar Vax?

Million Dollar Vax is an initiative taken by a few philanthropic groups to encourage the public into getting vaccinated. They are fighting the Covid 19 Pandemic in the most efficient way possible i.e. by spreading awareness about the vaccines.

All the people that received the jabs will be eligible to take part in the lottery scheme. The winner will be selected on November 5th, 2021. People do have to submit a few details on the official platform.

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    Note that the conditions are fair and participants do not have to pay any money whatsoever. Basically, the whole thing is being done by the Elite for the greater good. If you are someone who is getting vaccinated or already is, then feel free to try your luck. Who knows, you might be the big winner.

    Anonymous Group behind Million Dollar Vax

    The people behind Million Dollar Vax Alliance are staying anonymous for the most part. We do know that big names such as the Susan McKinnon Foundation and Jasper Foundation are involved. However, the entire list of donors cannot be traced as information is scarce.

    The generous donors have put emphasis on the greater good and they are not looking to get any sort of credit. After gathering some information via online sources, we found out a bit about their planning.

    The reward system was designed to include a big prize because they did not want to encourage people in the wrong way by offering other things that can be categorized as harmful to health. Of course, there were cheaper options available, but it would not have been attention-grabbing. 


    The public loves promotions. After all, who does not like to try their luck and win something huge, right? In Ohio, the same type of campaign was received warmly by the people. Currently, Million Dollar Vax is targeting people in Australia.

    So far, the response has been over expectations and participants are glad to do their part. Community resistance is slowly getting strong and at this phase, within a short period of time, the virus will be a thing of the past.

    Massive availability of doses along with incentives has given adequate reasons for the public to get the jabs done as early as possible. Isn’t it nice to see everyone working towards a common goal for change?

    End Note

    Million Dollar Vax as the name suggests is literally a chance for participants to win 1 million dollars just by getting themselves vaccinated and registering on the official portal.

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    There is no cost involved to get your name on the board. Moreover, it is a win-win situation for you and everyone around you regardless of who wins the competition. 

    Share your opinion on Million Dollar Vax by gracing us with a comment. 

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