WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam – Unraveled

WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam is a term that confuses a lot of people. Though no one precisely knows how this message got viral, it certainly has spread across continents at an alarming speed. Fake news like this one always tends to get a lot of attention.

Thankfully, this message is not a concerning one and apart from the fact that it earned the parent company a lot of attention in the wrong way, there isn’t much to talk about. Privacy is a big deal in the current economy.

All the big tech giants are after it and there have been numerous scandals in this space. In other words, when it comes to your digital prints, you should never take anything lightly or else you will be exposed to severe consequences.

If you are curious about knowing the things related to the latest accusations against WhatsApp regarding privacy, continue reading.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam

What is WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam?

A while back, there was a fake message that spread like wildfire. According to some theories, WhatsApp allegedly changed the privacy setting that allowed people to set up groups and add basically anyone they want.

The potential breach of privacy was the concerning point and in the present digital era, no one would ever like to compromise on this aspect, right? Upon close inspection, we can assure you that nothing has really changed much in terms of privacy settings.

If you want to filter out all the noise, then you need to manually configure a few settings and make sure that only people present in your contact list are prioritised. Also, it is a safe practise to ignore and delete messages from unknown senders especially if they contain suspicious links. 

Is the App really at Fault?

Undoubtedly, the whole thing with the WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam was blown out of proportions, right? WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and they have a troubled past as far as user privacy goes.

So, naturally people panicked, but it was something that was unnecessary. With each and every update, the app will make certain changes, but they rarely or almost never directly interfere with privacy settings for obvious reasons. So, next time around if you see any entity claiming otherwise, do a thorough fact check and then act on it.

To be on the safer side, check the official sources and never expose too much information about yourself online. Glitches and errors are unavoidable in the real world. However, when big companies make a mistake, they will follow up quickly and the issue will be resolved in a very short period of time. 

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    Do you have to change the settings?

    In case you are worried about your privacy, then there are certain minor tweaks you can do to filter out your inbox. First and foremost, go to settings and allow only people that are in your contact list the right to send you messages, add you to groups, etc,.

    From time to time, filter out the spam and do not mess around with things you do not know. Also, do not share your information with unknown platforms and websites. More importantly, do not tweak any setting that you are not familiar with. Remember, data is the new oil and as such, it is a valuable tool. 

    Source of Misinformation

    WhatsApp messages are end to end encrypted. In other words, due to the way the app is built, it is impossible to trace out the actual person that spreads the misinformation. While there may be other ways to track down the culprit, the process involved is not an easy one.

    Trending topics and other popular interests always get a boost on WhatsApp, if you ever run into a fake message, then break the chain by not forwarding it. Also, report the incident to the relevant authorities and do your part to raise awareness. Treat privacy like a valuable tool because if it slips, then nothing good will ever unfold from it. 

    WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam Bottom Line

    WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam is a term that got trendy because of a misunderstanding. As far as this incident is considered, there is nothing to worry about. In case you feel otherwise, then leave a comment below and we will do our best to assist you. 

    Where did you hear about the WhatsApp Privacy Settings Scam? Share your answer below. 

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