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MineMud Finance Review – Scam or Legit Investment Platform?

Welcome to our Minemud Finance Review in which we investigate the website found at

On January 9, 2023, the following report was made with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by a San Diego County, CA, USA person who claims to have been scammed for $1,000 on this Cryptocurrency Investment scam:

A friend on Instagram posted that he invested $1000 and received $10k within 6 hours. I liked the post and immediately his “investor” Rachel Hem requested to follow me so I accepted (not knowing that my friend’s account had been hacked).


I messaged him on IG to see if it was legit and he responded yes (not really him). So I messaged back and forth with Rachel for a bit getting information about the process and she said it was guaranteed.


It was called mining and it was different than investing in bitcoin. I could use the money and trusting my friend I decided to do it.


So I went and withdrew the $1000 from my bank and went to a bitcoin atm to start the process. Rachel was on IG guiding me the entire way.


I set up the account on and my $1000 is sitting in that account or at least it looks like it is. When she asked for $3000 more for mining fees I decided to text my friend (not through IG) and he told me his account was hacked and it was all a scam.


I want my $1000 back. I emailed I haven’t heard back as of yet. I’m thinking that is a scam website as well. Please help me!

So is MineMud Finance a SCAM or a legitimate cryptocurrency mining operation?

MineMud Finance Review - Screenshot of Homepage

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MineMud Finance Review

The domain was registered through NameCheap, Inc. on September 11, 2022 for one year. It is also hosted by NameCheap.

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    As of the time of writing, it has been online for only 4 months or so.

    The identity of the owners behind this website is hidden by a privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy.

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    Only 6 pages are indexed on Google, including the homepage, login page, register page, a markets page, legal documents page, and About page.

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    Let’s start with the About page and contact details.

    About MineMud Finance

    Minemud claims to be an award-winning trading platform that offers low commission on more than 240 cryptocurrencies and various trade types to trade on the market.

    The platform is designed to make investing in cryptocurrency easy and accessible for beginners and experienced traders.

    Minemud offers a platform that provides a wide range of investment options and services to support customers in building diversified portfolios.

    They claim to offer powerful trading tools, resources, insight and support for trading, wealth management, investment advisory, and smart portfolio.

    They also offer specialized guidance for high-net-worth investors from independent local advisors.

    Minemud allegedly aims to empower customers to see new possibilities for their money, and provides Direct Market Access (DMA), Leverage up to 1:500, T+0 settlement, Dividends paid in cash, Free from UK Stamp Duty, Short selling available, Commissions from 0.08% and Access to 1500 global shares.

    Minemud also provides webinars, seminars, financial events, and cryptocurrency news updates to help customers enhance their trading experience.

    The company was founded in 2006 and has 24/5 customer support.

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    Here we encounter the first red flag. If they were founded in 2006, how come their domain is less than 5 months old?

    They also mention that investing with them carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone.

    Minemud’s philosophy is to change the way the world views investing by diversifying assets across various subclasses to mitigate risk.

    Notice how no information is provided regarding the company.

    They don’t tell us how the company is called, what’s its registered address, or even which social media accounts such as LinkedIn they use.

    In the Contact page, we find a contact form and links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram, but none of these links work.

    Another obvious red flag.

    They also provide an email address:, which was also mentioned in the MineMud scam report we started this review with, and a telephone number: (888)234-5686.

    Also, links to Webinars, Seminars, Financial events, Cryptocurrency news updates, Trading strategis [sic], Capital Protection, Trading Psychology, and Market News on the website do not work.

    Links to legal documents, such as Privacy statement and License agreement, also do not work.

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    A dysfunctional website is another red flag.

    MineMud Finance Reviews

    Searching Google for MineMud Finance scam reviews turns up nothing of interest except for a list of reported scam companies in 2023 from where they are listed.

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    So is MineMud Finance legit or is it a SCAM?

    We notice that the MineMud team members seem familiar.

    MineMud Team - Fake People!

    Then, we recall seeing them on other scam sites. The same pictures and even the same names of Cynthia Dixon and Arthur Parker can also be found on the scam website OvillaTech as can be seen in this video:

    And even the same fake phone number is used: (888)234-5686.

    And as can be seen in the video, many other websites are using this number and fake photos leading us to believe that MineMud is just another website in the scam network to which OvillaTech and countless other websites belong.

    MineMud Review Conclusion

    Is MineMud legit?

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    It is definitely NOT legit, but a SCAM.

    Please do not invest with them.

    Thanks for reading our MineMud Finance Review.

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