Minereum BSC Scam – Airdrop Trap

Minereum BSC Scam recently swindled a lot of newbies in the crypto space. The narrative behind this type of hustle is a convincing one and unless you understand how blockchain works, chances are you might believe it completely.

As this token is not popular, we do not know the exact source of scammers and sadly, there is no clarification from the official site. People that have received the airdrop have received a certain amount of coins. However, no one can get rid of the tokens without paying transaction fees which in itself is nothing short of a blunder.

This token does not feature white paper and as the team behind it is mysterious, the room for error and concern is indeed high. Binance Smart Chain network brings a lot of practicality to the table.

Nonetheless, everything associated with it isn’t something you should get involved with. Minereum BSC Scam in a nutshell shows everything you need to know about airdrop scams and regardless of whether you are a newbie or a crypto veteran, the following content is something you need to go over.

Minereum BSC Scam
Minereum BSC Background

This token in particular is not a promising project. Background information is hard to find and apart from tokenomics, we could not find any data. Funnily enough, even their whitepapers are missing and their mission is confusing, to say the least. They claim to be involved with Metaverse and Web3, but there isn’t any credible data that verifies the relationship.

In other words, if you ignore all the noise surrounding it, you will come to know that there is no unique advantage held by them. ICOs are a volatile space and a lot of things are getting unfolded in real-time.

While few tokens might be here for long, the majority of them will bite the dust eventually. So, be careful and do not build any aggressive positions unless you have a mathematical edge. More importantly, invest only the kind of amount that you can afford to lose. 

Minereum BSC Scam Explained

Minereum BSC Scam is a clever stunt pulled by attackers. They offer free coins at first to attract more people. However, the catch is that people have to pay to get their share of coins. At first, paying a tiny transaction amount to unlock big rewards may appear like a sweet deal, but think about it for a moment.

As the tokens have low liquidity, you won’t be able to sell them. In simple words, you will be stuck with boatloads of coins that cannot be exchanged for fiat easily.

The only winners will be the people running the hustle and unfortunately, the end user as always will be the one taking on risk. As there are many new projects in the sector, scammers love this kind of hustle.

Due to the ever-changing nature of things, we suggest you be more vigilant and never invest in anything that you do not fully understand. After all, the volatility of this asset class isn’t certainly for the faint-hearted, right?

Trusted Exchanges and Sources

Airdrop scams often trick people into using phishing websites. If you ever get an email promising you rewards, be skeptical and do not proceed with the link for any reason. Always clarify the situation with the official sources and if you cannot reach the support team, then waiting is the only option you need to consider.

As a rule of thumb, use reputed exchanges like Pancakeswap or DoDo only. Legitimate airdrops are unfolding and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of it.

However, if you spot anything that appears outrageous yet enticing, be conservative and proceed after doing thorough research. Most of the time, the truth will only be a few clicks away and thanks to the way the internet works, nothing can be hidden for long. 

User Reaction

People started talking about the Minereum BSC Scam pretty quickly. On Reddit, the public shared their frustration about the entire thing and helped one another make better choices. Take a look at the following comments made by users. Isn’t it too easy to read in between the lines? Almost everyone was annoyed, to say the least. 

Hi what did you do to get round this please. I can’t sell anything at all and have this on my contract address. I’m haven’t looked at it. New to crypto. Any help would be greatly appreciated

tried to sell on pancakeswap and have issues with the gas fees

Lost Money?

Cryptocurrencies are relatively hard to trace for the average user, but that is certainly not the case if you have got the right forensic tools. The blockchain technology is easier to track and nothing can throw the investigation off track.

If you have lost money to any crypto exchange or fraudulent firms online, then all you have to do to get your money back is fill out the form below. Let us know a few basic details about the incident and we will help you with the recovery process for free. The earlier you start, the better the odds are going to be for you. 


Minereum BSC Scam is not the first of its kind and sadly, it won’t be the last. Airdrop scams are hard to detect and by the time people do understand the nature of the project, it might be too late.

So, follow all the recommended safety tips and do not stray away from the steps covered above. At any point, if you are confused, ask for help immediately and talk to your accountant or financial planner when necessary. 

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