Minetrose Review: Insight into a Crypto Scam

Welcome to our Minetrose review, in which we investigate the website at minetrose.com.

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The website minetrose.com is registered under the domain registrar Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Registrar.eu. It was created on August 29, 2023, and is set to expire on the same date in 2024.

The domain uses the nameservers ns1.dns-parking.com and ns2.dns-parking.com. The Whois Privacy Protection Foundation, based in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, protects the registrant’s contact information, indicating an effort to keep the owner’s details confidential.

Additionally, the hosting provider for minetrose.com is identified as Hostinger International, with the website being hosted on an IP address located in Germany, specifically in the European/Berlin region. The Autonomous System Number (ASN) associated with the host is 47583, under the organization Hostinger International Limited.

This information suggests that while the website’s registration and hosting details are fairly standard, using privacy protection services for registrant information is common among websites seeking to maintain owner anonymity. The decision to protect this information could be for legitimate privacy reasons, but it is also a practice sometimes associated with websites wishing to obscure their ownership for less transparent purposes.

Minetrose.com Review

The website outlines a platform for trading in various financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies, with an emphasis on Non-Deliverable Bitcoin Settled Products. It mentions the use of high leverage in trading, which suggests the target audience is those familiar with speculative investments and the associated risks.

The terms include comprehensive details on the operation of the platform, the obligations of the user, and the liability limitations of the service provider. Notably, it emphasizes the speculative nature of trading offered through the platform and the significant risks involved, including the possibility of losing the entire account balance.

A significant portion of the content is dedicated to risk disclosure, highlighting the speculative and risky nature of trading in Non-Deliverable Bitcoin Settled Products. It underscores that high leverage can lead to quick losses and that prices, margins, and valuations are set by the service provider, which could be different from the open market.

The contact information includes a support email (support@minetrose.com) and a physical address (20 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003, USA). No phone numbers or social media accounts are mentioned. The document also lacks specific regulatory information or licensing details, which are crucial for financial service providers.

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    Critical Analysis and Red Flags

    • Lack of Regulatory Information: The absence of explicit regulatory oversight or licensing details is a significant red flag. Legitimate financial service providers typically include information about their regulatory body to reassure users of their compliance with financial laws and standards.
    • High Leverage Risks: The emphasis on high-leverage trading without sufficient cautionary advice on its risks can be misleading for inexperienced traders. High leverage can amplify losses as much as it can amplify gains, making it a risky strategy for speculative investments.
    • Control over Prices and Margins: The platform’s discretion in setting prices and margins, which may differ from the open market, could potentially be abused, leading to unfair trading conditions or manipulative practices.
    • No Clearinghouse Guarantee: The mention that there is no clearinghouse or other party guaranteeing the service provider’s payment obligations adds a layer of risk, as there’s no third-party oversight to ensure fairness and execution of payments.
    • Indemnification Clause: The broad indemnification clause, which requires users to hold the operator and service provider harmless against various claims, suggests that users have limited recourse in disputes. This clause can be overly protective of the service provider at the expense of the user.
    • Contact Information and Transparency: The provision of only an email address and a physical address, without phone numbers or social media accounts, limits the channels through which users can seek support or verify the legitimacy of the service. Additionally, the New York address should be verifiable, and potential users should look for external confirmation that the company operates from this location.

    Minetrose Reviews

    The investigation into Minetrose.com reveals a complex picture, marked by a blend of positive elements and significant red flags that should caution potential users. On the positive side, the website holds a valid SSL certificate, indicating that communications between your browser and the site are encrypted and secure. Additionally, services like DNSFilter and Flashstart do not flag Minetrose.com for phishing or malware activities, suggesting a basic level of trustworthiness in terms of website safety.

    However, numerous negative aspects raise serious concerns about the legitimacy and safety of Minetrose.com. While not uncommon, the website owner’s decision to hide their identity using WHOIS privacy services can be a red flag, especially in the context of financial services where transparency is crucial. The site’s low ranking on Tranco further undermines its credibility, as does the fact that it shares a server with a high number of suspicious websites, potentially indicating a lack of security or association with other risky or fraudulent activities.

    Particularly troubling is the website’s focus on high-risk financial services, including those related to cryptocurrency and potentially high-yield investment programs (HYIPs), which are often speculative and fraught with risk. The website’s young age further exacerbates these concerns, as it lacks an established track record that could provide users with confidence in its services.

    User reports and reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) underscore these concerns, with individuals recounting experiences of fraudulent activities and financial losses associated with Minetrose.com. These accounts describe scenarios typical of online financial scams, including promises of high returns on cryptocurrency investments that ultimately lead to requests for more money without the delivery of promised returns.

    BBB Complaint from November 2023

    The complaint involves a cryptocurrency scam initiated on Instagram, where a scammer, claiming to be an expert in crypto trading through a software named TC, enticed a victim with the promise of turning a $500 investment into $8,500.

    After confirming receipt of the $500, the scammer directed the victim to set up an account on Minetrose.com.

    The next day, the account falsely showed that the $500 investment had appreciated to $10,500.

    However, when the victim attempted to withdraw the funds, they were informed they needed a pin, which the scammer said could only be obtained by purchasing a $2,500 software.

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    The scammer promised this amount would be reimbursed.

    Fortunately, the victim did not proceed with the additional payment.

    The scammer has since created new profiles on Instagram, which the victim has reported.

    The victim lost $500 in this scam, which took place in Washington, USA, with the scam being reported on November 1, 2023. The scam involves cryptocurrency and highlights the use of legitimate business names and government agencies by scam artists to exploit individuals.


    In concluding our investigation into Minetrose.com, it becomes evident that while the website presents itself as a legitimate platform for financial trading, significant concerns cannot be overlooked. The absence of regulatory information and specific licensing details, alongside the practice of operating with high levels of leverage without adequate warnings, casts a shadow over the integrity and safety of engaging with Minetrose.com. The discretionary control over prices and margins, coupled with the absence of a clearinghouse guarantee, further compounds the risk for potential users, suggesting an environment where fair trading conditions might not always be assured.

    The indemnification clause, which limits the recourse of users in disputes, and the sparse contact information, hinder the ability of users to seek assistance or verify the platform’s legitimacy. These elements, when considered alongside the investigation’s findings of user complaints and reports of fraudulent activities linked to the platform, strongly suggest that Minetrose.com operates in a manner that could be deemed as scam-like.

    The reported experiences of users, particularly the detailed account from the Better Business Bureau, illuminate a pattern of behavior consistent with online financial scams—promises of high returns with minimal risk, followed by requests for additional funds under dubious pretenses, without the delivery of promised returns. The use of privacy services to obscure the owner’s identity, the site’s association with other suspicious websites, and its focus on high-risk financial products only add to the concerns.

    While Minetrose.com might offer encrypted communications and not be flagged directly for phishing or malware, these positive aspects are significantly overshadowed by the myriad of red flags and user reports of fraudulent activities. The lure of high returns should not blind potential users to the substantial risks and the lack of transparency and accountability exhibited by Minetrose.com.

    Bottom Line

    Therefore, based on the comprehensive review of Minetrose.com, including its operational practices, user reports, and the absence of crucial regulatory and operational transparency, there is a compelling case to approach this platform with caution. The evidence suggests that Minetrose.com has engaged in practices that could be considered scam-like, posing significant risks to potential users. Investors are advised to conduct thorough due diligence and consider alternative platforms that offer greater transparency, regulatory oversight, and a proven track record of integrity and user protection.

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