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MyChargeBack is a name that is familiar to anyone that has been looking for a reputable and reliable recovery agency. They have helped thousands of people recover their lost funds and their firm till date has resolved more than 500 cases. Information about them can be found on major news outlets and the kind of platforms that promote them are all top notch.

In addition to helping victims of online fraud, they also feature state of the art crypto forensic tools that will help not only individuals, but also big institutions that may have been a victim of hacking. The best thing about them is the kind of effectiveness they bring to the table. They like most recovery agencies offer free consultation and they never charge for equipping the people with possible routes applicable for their case.

Their pricing starts from $1,000 but may vary depending upon the case and other things involved. For every successful fund recovery they do, the timeline cannot be guaranteed. However, before you proceed with them know that they charge as much as 25% of the funds recovered as service charge and that is too deep.

Just like every other firm, this one also has a set of merits and demerits. To know whether they are the perfect fit for your needs, continue reading. 

MyChargeBack Review

MyChargeBack History and Achievements

MyChargeBack is a firm that has been around since 2016. Within the first couple of years, they had successfully recovered more than 2 million dollars collectively and that is an impressive record. Compared to all the other alternatives, this brand is the most recognisable one and that kind of recognition and positive PR clearly enhances their credibility factor.

If you ever have made a claim with them, then you already know that they will tell you the reality of the situation beforehand and false promises are never made. The way they have eliminated conflict of interest is appreciated and the data speaks for themselves. They deal with almost all kinds of consumer finance and they specialise in the online scams niche in particular.

It does not matter whether you lost funds to a scam broker or any other form of hustle online, they have got your back and you can be sure of that. If you have tried to find user feedback about them, then we are pretty sure that you have not faced any problem finding adequate information.

Note that while it may be impossible to verify all the claims on the internet, the general consensus acts like a reliable gauge and eventually time will tell us everything we need to know. 

How to Approach them with the claim?

We know that it is extremely frustrating when someone finds out that they have lost money to an online scam. While it may make sense to ignore making a fuss about transactions consisting of small amounts, never forget to report the incident to the local enforcement authorities. If the money lost is significant, then depending upon the payment method you choose, the recovery process will start.

Though you do not have to be a lawyer to handle things on your own, it might get overwhelming if the case has a lot of elements and legality involved. Sometimes, even the merchant disputes the chargeback requests and they demand for more evidence before taking any firm action.

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    Regardless of the kind of scammers that got you, it is always better to use the experts to do your bidding and it will have a high success rate as well. People can get in touch with MyChargeBack through a variety of methods.

    From telephone to Livechat, they are accessible in every manner and they offer call back feature too. If you are planning to contact them, then gather the transaction details along with any other evidence you have to prove your case and let them do the analysis for you. 

    MyChargeBack Speciality

    In the recovery sector, there are few standard categories and the approach towards each of them is a bit different and complicated. From the nature of the transaction most people can easily do the analysis for themselves as to which category the underlying claim belongs to. However, if you have any doubts, then do not hesitate to contact the support team. 

    Chargeback Assistance – For obvious cases, people can submit the chargeback requests themselves and get the money back within 180 days. However, if you have lost funds to cleverly designed ponzi schemes or other fake online stores, then the bank needs a strong case in order to move the proceedings swiftly.

    This agency will take over the formalities and will help you build a strong case that in turn helps in getting the funds at the earliest. Note that, MyChargeBack does not make any guarantees regarding the time required by them to help you retrieve the funds and the reasoning they provide is genuine as well. 

    Authorized Transactions v/s Frauds – Sometimes people may think that they are eligible for the chargebacks just because they feel cheated. Unfortunately, that is not the case every time. Nowadays, the online merchants are too clever and they might create certain policies that might alter certain things into their favor.

    Basically, individuals that do not have a financial background won’t know the ground reality and may submit unlawful claims. Watching online videos or reading relevant content might help, but before taking a stance, it is always better to have an expert’s opinion on the matter. After all, they are called professionals for a reason, right?

    Merchant Evaluation and Corporate Investigation – If you are looking to proceed with a new firm and are planning to build a long relationship with them, then you need to assess them properly. In today’s time, it is easier than ever to fake anything and everything which is why you need to be very careful.

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    This platform will do in-depth analysis on the health of the company mentioned by the clients and provide a conclusive report which reflects their real score in the sector. Making decisions is all about gathering quality and quantitative data, both are pretty hard to get and this firm really streamlines the entire process as much as humanly possible. 

    Knowledge Center

    There is a dedicated section on their website that talks about the basic things involving customer finance. The blog posts made by them are informative and the way they simplify complicated topics is impressive to say the least. If you have any general questions, then going through this tab alone might clear all your concerns and the attention to detail is also phenomenal.

    The topics discussed include credit cards, chargeback process and policies and other associated things. Along with the general information, they have published their white papers as well and there is a glossary section made available. People that have basic understanding about the internet can easily navigate around their platform and the user experience aspect is clearly given utmost priority. 

    Contact Details and Support

    Below is the list of contact details one may use to get in touch with the support staff. Apart from telephone and email modes, they also interact with the public via LiveChat and the response time is pretty quick in general. 

    Career Opportunity

    They say that there are career opportunities presented by them, but to know the exact offers, people have to contact them privately and if they are interested, then they will get back to them. All in all, the career opportunities with them are a little vague and the ways of communication are not as straightforward as they could have been.

    Just in case if you are serious about applying for a job with them, know that the incentives and average salary figures are not revealed by them yet. Moreover, the data from the third parties are also not reliable by any means. 

    Is MyChargeBack the Industry Leader?

    Without any shadow of doubt, MyChargeBack is one of  the best recovery agencies to have existed till date. Their sister concern holds a FCA Claims Management License and that acts like the ultimate seal of trust. From the way their website is set up to pricing policies, they are trying their best to enhance user experience and at the same time are being transparent about their business model.

    Moving on to the user feedback, they feature a lot of social proof on their platform. Even on many forums, people are generally happy with their service, though there is no real way to verify every comment, the consensus does look promising.

    If you want to check out the comments firsthand, then you can head over to Trustpilot to find all the information in a single spot. Roughly around 20% of the clients have given this firm a bad rating, but considering the high amount of traffic they get, there is a possibility that the comments might have been from fake profiles created just to mess around with their reputation. 


    MyChargeBack is currently the best and one of the oldest recovery agencies on the planet. They offer exceptional service along with reasonable support staff that are highly trained. The fees they charge for every successful recovery is on the higher side, but at least they do not mask any facts and are upfront about it.

    Also, they do not follow any questionable practises and the kind of legal status they have earned is flawless to say the least. If you are thinking about using their services and are okay with their pricing plans, then know that it is a worthwhile venture. 

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    Do you have any experience with MyChargeBack or any of the associated firms? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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