Onbsg com Review – True Reality Exposed

Onbsg com is a platform that claims to be a part of Banzai. The connection between this platform and the Banzai brand name is unclear and personally, we are not inclined towards giving them the benefit of the doubt.

They mainly sell inflatable toys, slides and swing sets. Perhaps the most concerning thing about them is not just the anonymity factor but also the prices. All of their products are offered at a bargain and we sincerely do not understand how this firm will sustain itself in the long run.

Discounts might sound good on paper, but do not let price cuts invoke your greed. Remember, every business has to maintain sufficient margins to operate smoothly and without proper cash flow, no entity will be around for long.

Owners of this platform are unknown and the domain is also privately registered. Also, there is literally no way to contact the support team except via email. As they are too young to the marketplace, customer feedback is also not a reliable metric to gauge them.

On their website, they claim to be on many social media platforms, but if you click on them, all the links just redirect to the website itself. Clearly, this firm is not the one you want to get stuck with. To know other important information about this platform, stay with us till the very end. 

Onbsg com Review

Who is behind Onbsg com?

Founders and creators’ profiles have to be public because it means that they adore transparency and in the online world, this trait is highly valuable. We searched for hours and did deep research to find out the actual owners of this firm.

Unfortunately, as the only contact detail published by them was an email address, the search ended in vain. On their homepage, they have listed their social media profile handles and the entire thing looks too real. However, if you click on them, no relevant information comes up and it redirects back to the homepage in the end.

Bluffing about their whereabouts and staying anonymous are the things only fraudulent platforms do and this one leans in that direction. Not to mention, they are using paid service to keep their domain registrant details hidden as well.

Ask yourself, is it really worth it to proceed with an entity that goes to extreme lengths to avoid attention from the public?

What does Onbsg com sell?

Onbsg com sells a very narrow range of products. All of their offerings are inflatable toys such as slides, swing sets, inflatable houses and bouncers. They are mainly catering to the desires of kids and their items are remarkably low priced. Just like we mentioned before, the connection between Bonzai and Onbsg com is still unclear for the most part.

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    We tried different types of permutation and combination of keywords involving both the firms to find any link, but sadly could not find anything that links them. Most probably, there might be some kind of error or this firm is bluffing about their associates.

    Either way, things do not look good for the company and that is a big red flag. Discounts are the main element which attracts a lot of people to stores. On this platform, the prices are way lower than their competitors.

    Generally, price cuts are a good thing, but when it is too good to be true, you should abandon the idea of indulging with them. As far as this firm goes, due to the uncertainties present, it is better to avoid them at least for now. 

    Contact Details and Support

    Regardless of whether a store is online based or not, the thing that attracts the public is quality customer support. Giants like Apple, Audi or any other luxury line of products always give their best to provide customers with a flawless experience.

    The strategy of the reputable firms has everything to do with the user experience and that is the element they care the most about. Onbsg com sits on the opposite side of the spectrum as far as quality support is considered. Apart from one lousy email address, they have not published any contact details.

    Moreover, even their response time is not clear. To put things into perspective, if you run into any issues with them, you won’t be able to do anything about it unless they decide to reply to your complaints or queries. So, do not expect quality service from them. 

    Returns and Shipping Policy

    As rational customers, it is our duty to take a look at the policies before buying anything from a new platform. Do not just glance over the headings, instead you have to drill deep to find the actual clauses they have in place. This firm features returns and shipping policies precisely.

    If you take a look at them, you will quickly find out that the terms are outrageous and it is not really geared towards the benefit of the customers. For example, they do accept returns, but only if the customer returns it without damaging the item, bearing shipping costs(if applicable) within 7 days from the date of delivery.

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    On the shipping front, they claim to work with the big names in the sector. However, as always the evidence does not support their claims. Also, they have no clear policies on cancellation. Vague policies and extremely strict clauses means it is going to be a daunting task to get your money back from them. 

    Customer Feedback

    Easiest way to get a glimpse of any firm’s actual reality is to take a look at what the user base has to say. Note that we are not saying that this way is foolproof. Many fraudulent firms have taken advantage of third party forums by creating bogus user profiles and upvoting their own products.

    Nonetheless, eventually the truth has always surfaced towards the top pages and as always false narratives were busted. Onbsg com is a new platform that is not even one month old yet. As the domain era is not considerable, they have not received any user ratings or comments yet.

    Plus, their trust score is also pathetic. Given the fact that they feature so many red flags, lack of social proof is a very bad thing and you should never take chances with them. 

    Payment Methods

    The average price of items on this platform is $89. Payment methods supported by them are debit and credit cards along with PayPal. Note that we have not tested their mechanism, but if you want to give them a try, then use PayPal only. Their website does have a valid SSL layer.

    Nonetheless, we would never reveal banking information on their platform. Also, double check the shipping charges and if the price suddenly goes up, then be cautious about your next move. Remember, scam firms love hidden charges and they try their best to bump the price at the end. 

    Is Onbsg com a Scam?

    Onbsg com is using the Banzai brand’s name in an unlawful manner. The creators are acting in a weird and suspicious manner. Policies have a lot of clauses and the social proof is lacking. They have a narrow range of offerings and their pricing strategy is aggressive.

    By now, it is obvious that they have a lot of flaws in almost all areas of their business. For your own safety, it is best to avoid interacting with platforms similar to this one. If you have lost money to this online vendor or to any other fraudulent platforms, then do not sit idle.

    Take the first step towards making the culprits pay by signing up for a free consultation with our team. Use the contact form below and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Also, raise a formal complaint with your local authorities and go after the scammers from every direction. 


    Onbsg com appears to be a dubious platform. From the way their website is set up to their operational model, almost everything is full of unjustifiable flaws. Anyone that indulges with them is getting exposed to a huge level of risk which is undeniably unnecessary.

    Thankfully, there are much better alternatives available and the top ones have been around for ages. So, stick with the well known brands that embrace ethical and moral values. Do not entertain new platforms unless you are sure about their legitimacy. 

    Onbsg com is a suspicious platform, never order from websites like this one that do not have a decent trust score. 

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