Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam – July 2021

Snapchat is a platform that has managed to capture the attention of the youth pretty well. Many users love the interface and the engagement statistics of this app speaks for itself. Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam is the latest incident orchestrated by the cyber criminals. As the name suggests, the tool the crooks are exploiting is the 2 FA method.

Anyone that makes the mistake of handing over the codes to the scammers will expose themselves to a lot of risk and their photos and other personal information will be at the mercy of the crooks. Once the data is compromised, the cyber criminals will threaten the victims and demand for money to hand over their account back.

As these types of incidents are few and far between, even the public does not know the ways of being safe. Note that there is no official statement from Snapchat about the situation. According to many online sources, the people targeted are all from the United States.

Till now, nothing that can be categorised as deadly has occurred because of this trap, but that does not mean anyone should let their guard down. Read the following information to fully understand the risks involved for the victims, the way scammers operate and more importantly, what you can do to stay safe.

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Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam - July 2021 Update

Background Story

Snapchat just like every other major social media platform has millions of users. They take privacy and security of the users seriously and support 2 FA functionality to mitigate any type of mis-happenings involving user accounts.

However, there was a dormant loophole in the system which came to the spotlight when the cyber criminals exploited it. Whenever users try to access their account from an unregistered or new device, Snapchat asks for 2 FA method to confirm the identity of the user. 

Though this system is designed for the benefit of the end customer, it can become a tool which can be taken advantage of. The crooks behind Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam try to access the accounts of random users and when the interface asks them for the code, they send intimidating emails or texts to the users pretending to be from Snapchat’s official team.

Unsuspecting and naive users that reveal the code will not only lose their accounts, but may be exposed to more serious threats.

Theories about Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam

The Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam took the users by a storm. As the number of people who were targeted were more than thousands, a lot of users got the same kind of messages and alerts in a remarkably small period of time. The intensity of the attacks was so severe that many people thought this error code might be a technical glitch caused by the servers.

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    We can assure you that there isn’t anything wrong with the servers. This app is working fine in the United States and in the rest of the world. As a rule of thumb, never reveal personal information to vague emails or via text messages from unknown origins. If you ever have serious doubts or need precise answers, always visit the official websites. 

    What is the Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam?

    Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam is the occurrence wherein anyone that reveals the actual code received by them to the scammers via email or text will suffer enormous damage in one way or the other. The perpetrators pretend to be from the Snapchat’s team and will ask for the 2 FA code.

    We do not know the way the crooks have employed to reach so many users at once, but do note down the sender details as it might turn out to be useful. People who ignore the requests for the code have nothing to worry about. Anyone that believed in this phishing attempt and delivered the code to the crooks are up for a roller coaster ride.

    If you have made the mistake of clicking on the phishing links, then try to change your password as soon as possible. In case it is too late, then report to your local law enforcement authorities and the only other thing to do would be to hope for the best. Sadly, we will never know whether this kind of attack will unfold in the future or not.

    To be safe, always verify the sender details and make sure that you input the passwords only on official websites and apps. Never reveal sensitive information and if you smell something fishy, then stop interacting immediately. Remember, the only thing they are after is data and you should always follow safe browsing practices to ensure your privacy. 

    End goal of Cyber Criminals

    Scammers are after money. In this digital era, data is the new oil and crooks are after it all the time. Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam is designed to collect all the pictures stored in the victim’s account. Crooks are looking for sensitive photos using which they can blackmail the users and demand money from them.

    If you have no sensitive images, then you might be comparatively safe, but do not take this issue lightly. Preferred mode of transaction for the criminals is cryptocurrency, but thankfully it is traceable and the odds of recovering it is based on how quickly the victims react.

    So, do not panic even if you are threatened by them. Instead, approach your local cyber security unit and let the professionals guide you. 

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    Importance of 2 FA method

    The Internet has come a long way since its inception. Nowadays, the internet is almost a necessity for most of us and from banking to shopping, everything can be done by using it. However, safety is the only concern. According to many studies at least 20 million dollars per day is lost to scams.

    So, to secure the ways of interaction, a solution was required and 2 FA method is the perfect fit. 2 FA mechanism by far eliminates malicious login attempts and it also alerts users in real time. Due to the effectiveness this method brought to the table, even social media platforms started using them and the numbers reveal that they do bring the number of successful break-ins down.

    As the data is crystal clear on this matter, make sure that you enable this mechanism on every single app that supports it. After all, there isn’t anything too safe in this era, right?

    Social media platforms on Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam

    Once again social media platforms have helped people communicate and learn about the new hustle in a quick manner. Initially, there were a lot of theories floating around, but once the clarity was gained, the information did become readily available. Plus, a lot of authoritative blogs also gave the awareness a boost by publishing dedicated posts about the Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam.

    On Twitter, this incident gained a lot of traction and people also played a pretty good part in spreading the message. As far as we know, apart from a few cases, no serious damage has surfaced to the web yet. Nonetheless, if you are contacted by scammers then never send them money.

    Talk with your local law enforcement agencies first and let them decide the steps to take. If the damage is already done, then take proper action to recover the funds from the culprits. Use the contact form below to talk to our recovery experts and let them show you the actionable plan.

    Note that collecting evidence from your end is always a good thing and it can affect the direction of the investigation to a very large extent. 

    Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam End Note

    Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam is an incident that shows how clever the skilled scammers are. They know the ways of exploiting the loopholes very well and intentionally, they are keeping the ransom amount low so that they do not attract any serious attention.

    On the flip side, people that fall for this trap are also achieved for the most part and they blindly trust the contents of the email without doing proper research. Follow safe browsing practices and when in doubt, always withdraw yourself from the situation. Also, reporting these kinds of messages to the official Snapchat website is never a bad idea. 

    Did you suffer any damage from the Snapchat 2fa Text Message Scam? Share your thoughts with our community by commenting below.

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