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Ownboss Supply is a platform that is active for less than a year at the time of writing this post. They are trending because of the massive giveaways conducted by them and the public is questioning their authenticity for obvious reasons. To help you make an informed decision, we spent a lot of time researching them.

The owners are unknown and there are a lot of things about them that are unpleasant, to say the least. Plus, they do bring a few unique offers to the table. At the end of the day, to truly understand their business model, one needs to read their terms and conditions fully.

Remember, whenever you are being attracted because of enticing offers, it does pay to be cautious. After all, no platform would truly spend a lot on marketing without having some catch, right?

To know everything about this platform including the user feedback and gimmicks used by them, continue reading.

Ownboss Supply Scam Review

Ownboss Supply is an online marketplace that mainly sells clothes. Their product line is quite weird and they do sell a lot of things. The high amount of web traffic they receive proves that the people behind this company clearly know what they are doing.

The collections offered are great, but the price is on the higher side of the scale and clearly, they are trying to compete with big brands. One of the main things that earned this platform a lot of recognition is the aggressive giveaways conducted by them.

Rules regarding participation might seem straightforward at first, but that is not the case. There are a lot of terms and conditions present and few of the things enforced by them are borderline anti-competitive. So, you need to be careful before proceeding with them in any way.

Products Offered

Most of the sales via this platform come from Men’s and Women’s clothing. They do sell other things such as accessories, headwear, and detailing products. As this firm is new, we cannot comment on the quality of goods.

However, as the price is high, it is reasonable and rational to assume that they might deliver high-quality end products. Tees, Hoodies, and tops are some of the most sold items.

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    Just like we said before, their collections are great and if you are not constrained by budget and are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, then chances are you might like most of the things you see on their interface. 

    Contact Information

    Building a brand directly translates into maintaining a transparent relationship and offering professional customer support. Any firm that focuses on user experience specifically is likely to last longer than others in the space. 

    Unfortunately, Ownboss Supply does not share any information about the owners or employees. Even the name of the creators is not mentioned. They do have social media presence, but due to the lack of transparency, they have not gained any massive user base yet.

    The address mentioned by them appears to be genuine. In case you need to get in touch with their support team, then feel free to refer to the section below.

    • Email – chris@ownbosssupplyco.com
    • Address – Own Boss Supply LLC, 28265 Beck Road, Unit C15, Wixom, Michigan 48393

    Ownboss Supply Scam Giveaways

    Whenever huge giveaways are unfolding, people are usually skeptical. Scammers have exploited giveaways to gain quick followership and dump on their own client base. As the past is not flowery, we cannot blame anyone that takes a conservative approach toward new firms. After all, losing money to online scams always stings, right?

    If you have lost money to any fraudulent platform or entity online, then feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form. We will research your case and assist you in any way possible for free.

    Ownboss Supply runs promotions involving six figures. Few people have benefited from it. However, we cannot verify most of the things they say and for that reason alone, we advise people to be careful with them.

    Moreover, their anonymous nature is also a concern and their domain era also does not earn them any good reputation. Even their trust score is way too low. We are not saying that they are bluffing about everything, but it is better to take a conservative approach with them.

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    Strange Rules

    There are a lot of things one needs to be aware of before entering the giveaways. From the eligibility criteria to the way the whole thing climaxes, everything is outlined by them. Sadly, the rules are too rigid and it gives them total control over the entire situation.

    Of course, the drawing mechanism is fair. Nonetheless, something about it does not feel right and the entire thing exhibits a smirk at a certain level.

    If you are shopping on their platform solely to get a chance at winning the prize, then go through the entire terms and conditions page carefully. Keep in mind that their official rules are a bit technical and some people might find it overwhelming. 

    Returns, Refunds, and Shipping Policies

    Ownboss Supply does not allow refunds at all. According to them, due to the way the drawing is structured, they won’t be able to allow any refunds. They do accept exchanges and the grace period offered is 60 days. All the standard rules apply and the shipping costs have to be taken care of by the customers.

    At any point, if you need assistance or if you want to cancel the order or request a different size, then get in touch with the support team. On average the orders are said to be processed anywhere between 7 to 14 days. The time taken by them is too much and it might be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

    On the bright side, they do support a lot of payment methods including PayPal. If you want to take a cautious approach to this firm, then use the e-wallet payment method as it enhances the security factor by a large degree. 

    Ownboss Supply User Feedback

    Feedback regarding this platform is scarce and it is next to impossible to verify the testimonials. Though they are one year old, the lack of user input is a strange thing and it only drives people away from them.

    On social media platforms, you can find a lot of mentions about them, but once again, there is no information that helps us confirm stuff. So, the logical thing to do is sit back and allow time to reveal their real nature.

    Personally, we would not be comfortable sharing our details with them for any reason. Few prizes may be attractive, but it is not worth risking our personal information, right?

    Ownboss Supply Review Conclusion

    Ownboss Supply is a new and suspicious-looking platform. They showcase a ton of questionable things and it is hard for anyone to trust them blindly.

    Trust score is below 3% and the absence of social proof are some of the main things that affect their brand image. As the data is not so optimistic about them, be careful and proceed only if you are confident about it. 

    Do you like the Ownboss Supply platform? Describe your experience in the thread below. 

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    1 thought on “Ownboss Supply Scam Review – Giveaways Portal”

    1. Jennie Lea Scott

      I have purchased and have received all of my products from Own Boss Supply. The products are of good quality and my spouse and I both wear and truly enjoy and love the clothes and products that we have purchased and the products that they do offer!!
      Not really seeing the correlation of you guys are painting as a scam because a legit company runs their drawings. Just like any legit drawing anyone is eligible who participates per the rules. It’s legit and fair for all. No different than a lottery however you ARE receiving very nice products that can be worn and used daily!!

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