Peter Popoff Scam – Reality Exposed

Peter Popoff, a notable American televangelist who makes a living by making false promises, is the false prophet.

Popoff was a prominent preacher in the 1980s until US media revealed the truth about his miracles. In 1987, he filed bankruptcy as a consequence.

In the 1980s, when he spoke at ministry conferences, he provided realistic representations of his audience members’ homes and ailments.

However, it was not his “God-given talent” that allowed him to receive these insights from God. His wife polled the crowd before the performance and relayed him the results via radio transmitter while he was performing.

In some of his performances, wheelchair-bound audience members would be taken onto the platform before immediately standing upright. Unbeknownst to television viewers, some who could already walk were in wheelchairs!

Peter Popoff Scam

Peter Popoff Scam Continues

In 2005, Popoff relaunched his “ministry” by purchasing airtime on American television to market his “Miracle Spring Water” as a “contact point” for divine healing. In 2007, he repeated his old stage tactics, and he was once again exposed on television.

Popoff, on the other hand, continues to solicit funds from individuals through letters to God in exchange for his “wonder manna cakes,” “golden miraculous angel coins,” and “secret healing touch envelope.” He now prefers to be referred to as the Prophet Peter Popoff.

Despite claiming in one letter that you have been “attacked by wave after wave of Satan’s attacks,” he is able to predict your future success, happiness, and wealth thanks to his “divine vision” from God. In the letter that follows, he addresses the recipient as “Dear Member of the 112 Team of God’s Potential Millionaires.”

Obviously, he does not request funds for himself. The more you contribute, the more loving God will be towards you. In addition, he discusses offering to “prove God,” whatever that may entail.

Consider what God just told me: “God just informed me that if you obey God with a $38 faith-based double portion verifying God giving, we may claim a thousand-fold return.” The passage Isaiah 1:19 is referenced.

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    It is too simple to state. This nonsense is often written by fraudulent psychics who prey on people’s weaknesses by selling them false hope and worthless trinkets in exchange for money. As a result, Peter Popoff must be labeled a “psychic fake.”

    Using the faiths of others to fill one’s own wallets is the lowest kind of wickedness!

    Latest Social Mentions

    Peter Popoff has earned a lot of attention from social media websites as well. As his secrets were exposed years ago, people are well aware of the situation. If you want to get a glimpse about the way the public talks about him, check out a couple of comments gathered below. (Source – Quora)

    One person’s scam is another person’s religion.

    Religion in the US is given special protective status. In general I see this as a good thing since I am in favor of freedom of thought. However, the special status also acts as a shield for scummy scammers to get away with false advertising and other deceptive tactics which would otherwise be unlawful.

    The Popoffs of the world will continue to successfully ply their trade as long as the general population believes deities answer prayers and miracles are possible.

    Peter Popoff is a proven charlatan. Popoff made millions out of that venture, but he filed for bankruptcy shortly after he was exposed. Spare a thought for the false hope that he created in these poor gullible people.

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