Phillipson Hardwick Advisory Review

Phillipson Hardwick Advisory is an organization that aims to make the lives of UK citizens most manageable by allowing them to get the full benefits of tax allowances and refunds. They have been around for a long time and earned a decent reputation.

Of course, social proof isn’t present, but that does not mean you should avoid them entirely. Their business model is efficient and pocket friendly too. Steps one needs to follow to utilize their service are also easy and user-friendly.

There are occasional hiccups, but nothing about them in our books can be considered an absolute deal breaker. You can take advantage of the tax cuts and rebates alone, but the process might be overwhelming for a few. To know more about the services they offer, read the following paragraphs.

Phillipson Hardwick Advisory Review

Phillipson Hardwick Advisory Explained

Phillipson Hardwick Advisory, as mentioned in the paragraph above, is a consultancy-type service that helps people get tax allowance that ultimately helps them save more. The amount of money one can save depends upon many factors and directly correlates with the sectors they are engaged with.

This organization has gathered skilled personnel to move things faster than the average individual. In other words, their main goal is to help you save the maximum amount possible every year.

Also, note that they get paid only if they successfully get the refund. There are exceptions to the fee structure, so it is always better to talk to customer support before moving.

Contact Details

Here are the contact details of this firm. Additionally, you can contact them via a contact form on their website.

  • Address – Phillipson Hardwick Advisory, Ground Floor, Magnetic House, Waterfront Quay, Salford M50 3XW, UK.
  • Phone – 0161 518 5511
  • Email –

Phillipson Hardwick Advisory Services

This firm is involved with different types of services around the tax niche. Below, we have highlighted the essential aspects. 

Work Mileage Refund

HMRC will issue a tax refund known as mileage allowance relief when you deduct business travel expenses from your profits.

Essentially, you may lower the amount of taxable revenue. You may deduct all business-related expenditures from your compensation, with only the difference subject to taxation. If you paid for business travel expenditures with your own money, you have also overpaid in taxes.

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    Any travel expenses spent while performing the tasks of your employment are considered business miles. It does not cover your regular commute to and from work. A healthcare practitioner may be required to make house calls as part of their business, or an electrician may be necessary to go to numerous building sites in his vehicle.

    If you use your vehicle for business, you may claim a mileage allowance tax-free if it exceeds 45p per mile.

    According to HMRC’s instructions on fuel expenditures, you may generally claim business miles at a rate of 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles of travel each year and 25p per mile afterward. You may deduct the difference from your taxable income if your company reimburses you only at 35p per mile.

    Reimbursement for mileage Relief may be determined by dividing your company miles by the permitted rates. This will offer you the amount of tax reduction, not the amount of your refund. Depending on your tax rate, you will often get a return of 20 to 40 percent of the total amount.

    Marriage Tax Allowance Refund

    In April 2015, the British government introduced Marriage Allowance, a brand-new income tax benefit for married couples and civil partners.

    Under the terms of the Marriage Allowance, the lower-earning spouse or partner in a civil partnership may provide their higher-earning partner up to £1,150 of their unused Personal Allowance. This might save the higher earner up to £250 per year in income taxes.

    You must earn more than the annual personal allowance for the tax year you want to file a claim, while the other must make less.

    HMRC computes your monthly income tax payment based on your earnings over the Personal Allowance. Your Allowance allows you to deduct a portion of your taxable yearly income.

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    HMRC reports that the average Personal Allowance is £12,500. The Personal Allowance is the amount of annual income that is exempt from federal income tax. Any income over the Personal Allowance is subject to income tax.

    Construction Tax Rebate

    Whether paid under PAYE or CIS, you may be surprised by how many expenditures you may recoup as a builder. There are, however, differences in what you may claim depending on whether you work for CIS or PAYE. You may be eligible for a refund if you purchase an item because of your job that you would not have bought otherwise.

    Uniform Tax Refund

    HMRC may provide a tax credit if your uniform features your company’s logo or is protective equipment.

    The total amount you are eligible to get will depend on your efforts. Most British workers who file claims for the current year and the four years before will get a standard £60 refund.

    In contrast, HMRC has awarded a few trades and professions higher allowances. We discover that the average cost of a standard tax refund application is £220.

    Phillipson Hardwick Advisory Fees

    The fee charged by this institution is around 48% (including VAT). Note that you can only pay the fee if the refund is received. Of course, there are certain exceptions to the rule.

    For starters, if the refund received is less than 10 GBP, they will receive the entire amount, and you won’t have to pay anything from your pocket. For precise information, speak with the support team.

    Phillipson Hardwick Advisory Reviews

    There aren’t many reviews about this firm online. Given their niche and the low sample of testimonials, we cannot jump to any conclusions.

    On TrustPilot, they are ranked 3.5 based on 833 reviews. Customers have reported delayed payments, overwhelming email communication, and failure to receive promised refunds. Some have also claimed that the company has not been transparent in its dealings and appears to have made unauthorized claims on their behalf.

    We suggest you proceed with them carefully and hire a lawyer if you are uncertain about the documents. If you have experience with them, comment below and help others make informed decisions.

    Complaints We Received

    On June 3, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I’m still waiting for my check, even though I have confirmed my identity.

    On June 20, 2023, we received another complaint:

    I received a cheque from HMRC for a refund of £124.42 via Phillipson Hardwick. However, I haven’t received any communication from them regarding this cheque. Despite my attempts to get in touch with the firm since April 24, 2023, I haven’t received a response. Is this firm a scam?

    On August 20, 2023, we received yet another complaint:

    Phillipson Hardwick? Despite the positive in-house reviews, my experience has been anything but satisfactory. I’ve been awaiting my tax return for five months, even after HMRC confirmed in writing that the refund was dispatched to them on 1 March. I’ve been contacted by Phillipson Hardwick eight times, each promising to send an email containing a code to initiate the payment. Curiously, they always call but never actually send the code. The link and cheque remain elusive.

    I think it’s questionable whether many clients actually see their refunds. I’ve unfortunately become ensnared in their inefficiency, and I now realize that the glowing reviews here might not be as genuine as they appear. If you value your time and money, consider entrusting your financial matters to a more competent company. Phillipson Hardwick has shown itself to be unresponsive and sluggish. It feels less like customer service and more like a scam.

    On August 22, 2023, the following complaint arrived:

    I received an email from HMRC informing me I was eligible for a tax refund. A company named Phillipson Hardwick was handling it. I received this letter from the tax office on June 1, 2023, and have been getting the runaround from Phillipson Hardwick ever since.

    And the following day, another complaint:

    The organization was called Bitcoin. I lost £200 to £250 in my Bitwallet when the company went under.

    On December 4, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    When we first spoke, I was informed that I would receive a percentage of the funds collected from HMRC. To date, you have received two cheques totaling £526.85 (£199.79 and £327.06). However, I have not received any payment from your side. Additionally, I have been informed that your company might be involved in fraudulent activities. I would appreciate it if you could dispel these allegations by disbursing the amounts owed to me.

    Bottom Line

    There are many ways to reduce taxes and make the best out of the current framework. However, it will be daunting to file claims independently unless you know exactly what you are doing. 

    In conclusion, it does not appear that Phillipson Hardwick is a scam. The organization offers a consultancy-type service to help UK citizens get tax allowances and refunds, and they have been around for a long time and have a decent reputation.

    The organization employs skilled personnel to help people save the maximum amount possible every year, and they only get paid if they successfully get a refund.

    However, there are some negative reviews in the comment section below.

    Several individuals have reported issues with Phillipson Hardwick Advisory, including receiving notifications that they are owed a PPI payment or a tax refund from HMRC, even though they have not made such claims.

    Some have also had trouble getting their refunds due to technical issues with the form.

    One person alleges that the company committed fraud by sending an application to HMRC on behalf of their mother without her knowledge or consent.

    One user received a call from someone claiming to be from the company, asking them to click on documents, but the user declined. Some users have reported their complaints to Action Fraud and the police.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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    17 thoughts on “Phillipson Hardwick Advisory Review”


      Like all these other people, this shower owes me money as well. How can they keep getting away with this blatant theft of other peoples funds and why do HMRC keep sending money to them in spite of all that is going on?

      1. Dear Mr. Moir,

        Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns regarding Phillipson Hardwick Advisory. We understand the distress and frustration that comes with the uncertainty of pending refunds and the difficulties you’ve experienced in this process.

        Our team is dedicated to providing clarity and support in these situations. As part of our commitment to assist those affected by such issues, we’re here to guide you through the necessary steps to address your concerns.

        Firstly, it’s important to gather all the communication and documentation related to your case, including any correspondence with HMRC and Phillipson Hardwick Advisory. This will be essential in building a clear picture of your situation.

        We advise the following actions:
        1. Direct Contact: Attempt to make direct contact with Phillipson Hardwick Advisory once more, detailing your claim and requesting an immediate update on the status of your funds.

        2. HMRC Notification: Inform HMRC of your situation, as they should be aware of any recurring issues with third-party agencies they work with. They may also provide guidance on reclaiming your funds directly.

        3. Report to Authorities: If you suspect fraudulent activity, report it to Action Fraud and consider speaking to the police, especially if you have reason to believe that Phillipson Hardwick Advisory is not operating lawfully.

        4. Legal Advice: Seek independent legal advice to explore your options for recourse. A solicitor specializing in financial disputes may provide valuable assistance.

        5. Public Awareness: Consider sharing your experience on public forums and review sites. While this does not solve the immediate issue, it helps to alert others and gather collective support which may bring broader attention to the problem.

        We’d like to assure you that we take such matters seriously and are actively looking into the complaints against Phillipson Hardwick Advisory. Your situation, along with those of other individuals who have reached out, is being compiled to better understand the extent of the issue.

        Please keep us updated on any progress or new information regarding your case. If there are specific details you’re comfortable sharing, it could greatly aid in our investigation and further efforts to assist you.

        Best regards,

        The Team

    2. They received my refund took half in may 2023 it’s July now still no cheque on hold for 50 mins to them to ask for another no answer

    3. On Tuesday this week i got a letter from HMRC dated 27/02/2023 , saying they will send a cheque to Phillipson Hardwick within 14 days of the date on the letter , the refund is for £199.19 , i phoned Phillipson Hardwick i asked if there is a fee of £95 .61 , meaning i will actually get £103.58 . i have had a text & email from them , i will report this to action fraud , i tried to call HMRC but got no answer . This definatly wreeks of a scam .

      1. Natasha swinburne

        This has happened to me I don’t care leaving my name January they gt my cheque ignoring me bit I’ve contacted rip off Britain as I’m sick of fraudsters whilst they’re getting thr money in commission

      2. Back in Sept of this yr, I was told by HMRC that I was owed some money for taxes paid on PPI & it has gone to this company
        Emailed them as hadn’t heard anything in just over a mnth, had to supply usual security details, only to find that they had sent out these links by email & text for me to click on & complete to get my money, but I ain’t had any!
        They also no longer send it cheques as they bounce!! So do it by bank transfer as it’s quicker & safter
        Rung them on the 13/10 as email asking for same security details again, spoke to someone after being cutoff twice!!! Only for lady to say she was sending the links whilst I was on the phone & I’d get them later that day, never did
        So, rung 17/10 as getting fed up & want my money after finding out that I’d get £163 & something p. Told the person I weren’t happy with giving it my bank details to a company I know nothing about & didn’t choose. Was told I’d get a callback 3-5 working days

        1. Hello Sarah,

          We’re truly sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been facing with Phillipson Hardwick Advisory. It indeed seems frustrating and concerning. The experiences you’ve shared highlight the need for clear communication and reliable customer service, especially when it comes to financial matters like tax refunds.

          It’s unfortunate that you’ve had to go through multiple hurdles to get the information and clarity you deserve. We appreciate you sharing your experience here; it helps others make more informed decisions and can be instrumental in urging the organizations in question to improve their services.

          Regarding the concern of providing bank details, it’s always advisable to ensure that any information shared is done so securely, and with organizations that you trust. If you’re feeling uncertain, it might be helpful to seek advice from financial experts or legal advisors to guide your next steps.

          Remember, it’s within your rights to receive the money owed to you in a secure and timely manner, and to get transparent communication throughout the process.

          If there’s any way we can assist you further, please let us know. We’re here to support and guide you through this.

    4. Email from PH . They have my refund, just complete the form to get it. Except , I can’t coz year of DOB won’t allow last digit. I tried all years , they’re all the same. Emailed PH, response was , ” we will inform our technical dept. ” Nothing since.

    5. I was told I was owed a PPI payment on a claim that I submitted a few years ago. Next thing I know they have sent me a letter saying are acting as my assigned tax agents. I did not agree to this.
      They wont reply to my emails.

    6. This company may look legitimate on the surface but are conducting fraud. They sent an application to recover tax to HMRC for my mother but she had never heard of them. When we received a copy of the document the signature looked nothing like hers and had obviously been added by them illegally. Currently reporting to HMRC, Police etc…

    7. Was told by action fraud my complaint will be sent to police to investigate. As this company appears ,scamming is widespread with tax refunds. You’d think that HMRC would question the validity of these payouts. Mine is over £1600. from refunds I’ve never had , a company I’ve never heard of and they have all my details . Nightmare.

    8. Further to my post above. Hmrc advised me to contact action fraud , and have done so. . Refund is supposed to be from tax I paid on ppi award. I’ve never had any ppi refunds , so how could have paid tax on them ?? . I will update when I know more.

    9. Got 3 p800 from HMRC. My cheque will be sent to this PH advisory. I’ve never heard of them let alone asked them to act for me. HMRC keeps cutting me off every 10 seconds.

      1. I am in the same situation. Got a message to say HMRC owes me money. And they have got it. Never asked for there help. Never been in contact with them. And have found out that any owed tax will automatically go to them.

        1. Was told by action fraud my complaint will be sent to police to investigate. As this company appears ,scamming is widespread with tax refunds. You’d think that HMRC would question the validity of these payouts. Mine is over £1600. from refunds I’ve never had , a company I’ve never heard of and they have all my details . Nightmare.

    10. Ken John Cooper

      Just had a call from an Australian sounding guy who wanted me to click on various documents whilst on the phone. I declined and tried to determine if they were genuine. The limited amount of info suggested they were OK to recover PPI Tax Payments but I did not follow up the call or reply.

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