Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

There is a lot of uncertainty around a new website i.e,. It claims to help people get unclaimed property and it redirects to the treasurer website. However, there is a catch involved. The legitimate portal does not charge anything from the user, but the phony phishing page does and it causes nothing, but harm to the public.

A lot of people have been burnt by phishing scams and you need to be aware of the ground reality before proceeding with it. The traits displayed by the phony websites are pretty easy to see through.

Nonetheless, the whole thing is deadly unless you have a trained set of eyes. To know what is all about, continue reading. Review Introduction is a website that helps Missourians get unclaimed property. At the time of writing this post, the office holds more than 1 billion dollars in unclaimed properties and on average, every claim will get $300 return.

Roughly one in ten Missourians have unclaimed property and it may be worth your time to look into it. Just make sure to visit the official website and follow the instructions present. Also, stray away from third party websites that claim to do the same task as this entity.

How does it work?

To submit a claim, the process is straightforward. Users just have to enter their basic information and they are required to give their social security number(the last four digits). Once the information is entered into the system, you will get access to all the information regarding the claim.

Tracking mechanisms is also present and the interface is self-explanatory. While giving out sensitive information is a concern for many people, it is said to be relatively safe.

Of course, we never encourage our readers to do it unless they are comfortable with it and have done proper background research. Contact the support team and proceed with them only if you find the answers reassuring. Always remember, taking extra precaution is never a bad thing. Scam Traits

Few people claim to have been redirected to other platforms while using search engines to find Check the URL before putting in the information and keep an eye on the details. Remember, the treasurer website never asks for money for any reason.

On the other side of the equation, only phishing pages demand a fee and it will push people towards revealing all of their sensitive information. If you are ever rushed towards making a decision, then always walk away.

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    Keep in mind that scammers are skilled at creating chaos and urgency. So, whenever you spot the signs mentioned above, be calm and never reveal any information. 

    User Reviews

    Showmemoney domain has been active for decades. Anyone can easily look up the registrant information and it is a reassuring sign. They have not received many user inputs or social mentions.

    However, given their reputation, domain authority and website age, it is worth giving them the benefit of the doubt. As all metrics cannot be treated equally, we as end users should be aware of the ground reality and act based on facts. 

    Is Trustworthy? does appear to be a trustworthy site and not a scam. It has got decades of history and no search engine or other associated platforms have blacklisted them. However, there is a fair amount of controversy involved. Several serious allegations have been made against them.

    Our best advice is to visit the website, browse around the categories, gather the contact details and talk with someone from the team before utilizing their services. Proceed further only if you find them reliable or talk to an expert in the field. 


    The noise and confusion around is indeed huge. As we cannot verify every claim, the best thing to do is to test things out yourself, do research and then reach a conclusion. 

    Do you have something to add to our Review? If yes, comment below and enlighten our community. 

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