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Recently, a visitor wrote a comment on our Recover Bitcoin from Online Scams page:

I was contacted by a trusted person on WhatsApp. They then referred me to their broker who trades on The first issue arose when Kraken (the platform I used to make the initial investment) abruptly cut off contact with me, citing “security” reasons and refusing to provide any further details.

After my supposed trade was completed, I was informed that I needed to make a payment of just under £1k (my initial investment was $560) to release the unbelievable sum of $41k. Upon further investigation, I discovered that platinumfx’s registration originated from a suspicious location and that the website is only about six months old. I believe it is highly unlikely that I will be able to recover my money. Nevertheless, I am writing this to warn others and to gather any feedback.

In short, Charles received a message from someone he trusted on WhatsApp, who then directed him to a broker on the website However, Charles encountered several red flags during this process.

  • Firstly, his initial investment platform, Kraken, abruptly cut off contact with him and refused to provide any information for security reasons.
  • After his alleged trade was completed, Charles was informed that he needed to make an additional payment of just under £1k to receive a significant payout of $41k.
  • Upon further investigation, Charles discovered that the registration of platinumfx originated from a suspicious location, and the website itself was relatively new, being only six months old.

We do not know what the “trusted person” would say about this. In such situations, it is recommended to reach out to the person who referred you to the broker via a different communication channel.

Verify whether they made the referral and inquire about their experience with the broker. If you cannot reach the person or they deny any involvement, it may indicate that their account was compromised or that they were impersonated.

So is PlatinumFX-Trade a SCAM? Review

The domain was registered on December 20, 2022 (less than six months ago at the time of writing this), for one year through NameCheap, Inc. It’s also hosted by NameCheap.

Already we have 3 different red flags:

  1. The fact that the website is new raises suspicions.
  2. It is registered and hosted with a low-cost service provider.
  3. The domain was only registered for one year.

The website does not seem to receive significant traffic and is not indexed on Google, currently.

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    Who is Behind Platinumfx-Trade?

    Their copyright line reads “© 2022 All Rights Reserved,” even though we’re already in 2023.

    Based on the website, Platinumfx-Trade is the company’s name behind the website. It is allegedly registered under registration number 14164971 and operates from the address:

    8 Geneva Vernier,
    Patio Plaza, Route de Meyrin,
    1219 Geneva,

    According to Google Maps, however, the address “8 Geneva Vernier, Patio Plaza, Route de Meyrin, 1219 Geneva, Switzerland” corresponds to FlexOffice Genève Patio Plaza, which is an office space rental agency.

    Also, it’s not specified who is the regulator with which they have a registration number.

    Another address provided is an address located at:

    237-251 Main St,
    West Orange, NJ 07052,

    The company can be contacted via email at

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    On the Privacy Policy page, an additional email address is provided:

    About Platinumfx-Trade

    According to their About page, the website is owned and operated by Strategic Performance Group LTD. Looks like they forgot to insert their company name…

    The website offers a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities, and forex. It emphasizes exclusive access to arbitrage contracts, below-market-value positions, mutual fund options, task-free retirement plans, and high ROI assets staking options.

    Platinumfx-Trade promotes its trading platform as being fast, safe, and reliable, suitable for both novice and professional traders. It highlights that it has received multiple international awards for providing superior online trading services globally.

    The website mentions that the company has received multiple international awards for its online trading services, but no further information is provided, such as who gave them an award.

    The company claims to offer high leverage across all available instruments and platforms, allowing traders to maximize their profits. It also emphasizes access to global financial markets for trading indices, FX, and commodities.

    Platinumfx-Trade emphasizes privacy and states that no personal information is required to begin trading on its platform. It promotes low trading fees and competitive trading conditions. The website mentions the benefits of leverage, allowing traders to open positions larger than their deposited amount.

    Keep and mind, however, that leverage amplifies both potential gains and losses, significantly increasing the risk of substantial financial losses.

    The trading engine is designed to be scalable and execute orders in real-time. The website also supports third-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading through its APIs.

    The company states a client-oriented approach and aims to be among the best online trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. Their vision is to create a dynamic and innovative platform that equips users with the necessary tools for trading activities.

    Platinumfx-Trade Investment Plans

    The website offers an investment plan and promotes live payouts, allowing users to explore proof of payment with BTC addresses and transaction IDs. It emphasizes the ability to respond quickly to market trends and profit from rising and falling prices.

    The website offers an investment plan with different packages:

    • The Silver plan costs $3,500 and provides 5 trades per day.
    • The Gold plan costs $10,000 and offers 15 trades per day.
    • The Diamond plan costs $22,000 and includes 35 trades per day.
    • The Platinum plan, priced at $100,000, provides unlimited daily trades.

    Each plan has a validity period of 7 days and utilizes the EFx Trading Robot on the Meta Trader 5 platform.


    The website emphasizes its commitment to security, employing reliable and effective security technologies. It mentions the use of a multi-stage holding strategy with the majority of funds kept in cold storage for additional safety. Two-factor authentication and additional security features, such as a secure connection (HTTPS), are provided to ensure multiple layers of protection.

    PlatinumFX-Trade Reviews

    We could find no reviews of

    The domain is not even mentioned on any website on the Google index.

    This makes our review the first PlatinumFX-Trade review.

    Is PlatinumFX-Trade a SCAM?

    We have already encountered several red flags that we believe are enough to ward us off of this platform. Let’s take a look at a few more

    Firstly, a registration number is provided without an official company address and registrar information. This is like having no registration number at all, so you’re dealing with an unregistered, unregulated entity at an unknown location.

    Two addresses are provided, but none of them seems to be authentic.

    Furthermore, the user complaint we opened this review with suggests that the company is a potential investment scam. Here are some elements that suggest it may be a scam:

    1. Unsolicited contact: Charles was contacted by someone he trusted on WhatsApp, which indicates that the scammer likely gained access to the trusted person’s account or used a fake account to establish credibility.
    2. Unreliable broker: The trusted person directed Charles to a specific broker on the website However, the website’s registration from a suspicious location and its relatively new age raise doubts about its legitimacy.
    3. Unexpected payment request: After Charles’s alleged trade was completed, he was asked to make an additional payment to receive a large payout. This sudden demand for payment is a common tactic scammers use to extract more money from victims.

    Strategic Performance Group LTD

    Recall that the people who created replaced all instances of “Strategic Performance Group LTD” with their name “Platinumfx-Trade,” except for the About page, where they seem to have forgotten to do so.

    Who is Strategic Performance Group LTD?

    Strategic Performance Group LTD is a private limited company registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom under registration number 14164971.

    This is indeed the same number claimed by Platinumfx-Trade to be their registration number.

    Here is the company information:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Registered Office Address: 91 Battersea Park Road, London, England, SW8 4DU
    • Company Status: Active
    • Incorporation Date: 10 June 2022
    • First Accounts Due: 30 June 2023 (Accounts not yet filed)
    • Confirmation Statement: First statement due on 9 June 2023 (Confirmation statement not yet filed)

    Nature of Business:

    • Business and domestic software development
      Information technology consultancy activities
      Advertising agencies
      Market research and public opinion polling

    Officers and Persons with Significant Control:

    • Director: Viktória Miscsák
    • Correspondence Address: 91 Battersea Park Road, London, England, SW8 4DU
    • Role: Active Director
    • Date of Birth: April 1991
    • Appointed on: 10 June 2022
    • Nationality: Hungarian
    • Country of Residence: Hungary
    • Occupation: Director
    • Nature of Control: Ownership of shares – 75% or more, Ownership of voting rights – 75% or more, Right to appoint and remove directors

    We still do not know, however, if Viktória Miscsák and Strategic Performance Group LTD are legitimate and their information is used by scammers, or if they are the scammers who are running various online investment scams.

    Fake Switzerland Company

    Other scam websites have used the fake address “8 Geneva Vernier, Patio Plaza, Route de Meyrin, 1219 Geneva, Switzerland.”

    For example,, a website that is currently defunct, was exposed as a scam, and there are investor warnings about them by the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers), according to which they are not authorized to solicit investors in Québec.

    There are multiple critical reviews and warnings about GlobalOneMarkets, which could be seen as potential red flags. These reviews describe experiences of scams, difficulties in withdrawing funds, persistent phone calls, and unauthorized activities. was another scam that used the same address and is no longer online; presumably, there were, are, and will be many such sites.

    Additional Clones

    Text on the can be found on other websites, such as, which appears to have been a PlatinumFX-Trade clone but is currently not working properly.

    Other websites include:

    • (Coinivate Review)
    • (looks very similar to


    In conclusion, our review reveals a series of significant red flags that suggest PlatinumFX-Trade is, indeed, likely to be a scam.

    • The organization operates from suspicious locations, demands additional payments post-trade, and is associated with shady entities.
    • The website’s newness and the fact that it’s registered and hosted through a low-cost service provider for just one year compound these concerns.
    • Notably, its registration number is linked with Strategic Performance Group LTD, a UK-based company with no visible ties to online trading, which suggests a potential misuse of this company’s credentials.
    • Furthermore, PlatinumFX-Trade shares similarities with several other platforms, including and, both exposed as scams. Its content has been found replicated on multiple other websites, some of which appear to be its clones.

    We advise potential investors to approach PlatinumFX-Trade with extreme caution. Given the evidence collected, it seems very likely that this platform is a SCAM!

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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