Property Brothers Scam – Ignore the Narratives

Property Brothers is a name that is familiar to all the HGTV fans. The show reveals the house hacking tactics and provides useful tips to the people that are interested in making a mark in the Real Estate sector.

One might argue that everything shown in the series is a bit over exaggerated, but given the fact that it is just another form of entertainment, that little flaw can easily be overlooked. Using history as a guide, real estate by far has created more millionaires than any other thing.

So, it is beneficial for your finances if you start educating yourself about this space and the sooner you start, the better it is going to be. While venturing into new things might be exciting, never do anything blindly. Talk with licensed professionals and never look for shortcuts.

Recently, a lot of scammers are using the Property Brothers name to their advantage and are taking money from gullible investors and other naive people. To know the ways used by the scammers and the usual background story they employ, keep on reading this detailed post. 

Property Brothers Scam


If you are a fan of reality shows, then chances are you might already know what Property Brothers is all about. For those of you that are not familiar with this show, it is basically a fun filled, exciting show that highlights the power of the real estate sector.

House hacking is the name which is apt to describe the show. You may or may not be a real estate investor, but you cannot deny the fact that the show is both educating and entertaining. Drew and Scott are the main pillars of the show and they are the ones that go house hunting.

A fair amount of drama is present in the show and any rational person can easily tell you that few things are scripted. Nonetheless, it is something most adults would love and if your passion involves making money by flipping houses, then you need to watch this series. 

How is Property Brothers Scam gaining Traction?

Property Brothers was spreading like wildfire on social media platforms. As the Property Brothers show was a hit, many people thought that the offer letter was the real deal and started throwing money at it. Seeing the kind of reaction it was getting, many crooks used the same script over and over again.

Thankfully, the matter got the attention of the Show’s iconic duo and they took every step it takes to put an end to it. Even the people were quick to report the incident. As various scammers and cyber criminals were involved, we could not trace any of their domains or associated things. The only common method all of the crooks used to reach the end users is social media ads.

Facebook, Twitter and other giants in the space have made it very hard for fraudulent platforms to run ads. Unfortunately, the system used by those entities are also not flawless and for unknown reasons, this trap was promoted heavily through it.

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    Now, this type of fraud is exposed and if anyone attempts to use the same method and format in the future, chances are they will be caught immediately. The moral of the story is that you should never believe anything you see on the web blindly. More importantly, never sign up with any platform unless you have personally cross checked their details and verified their origins. 

    Tactics used by Crooks

    Scammers are always good when it comes to switching methods because they are always chasing money and incentives. Online world has made it easy for skilled con-artists to effortlessly reach their ideal audience. Property Brothers Scam mainly employed the traditional easy money claims. According to various users, the form distributed by the crooks asked for too much personal information.

    Some versions of the scam apparently even asked for an outright fee. The form looked convincing and it certainly shows that the criminals had done their research very well. Passive income from real estate deals is without doubt achievable, but if the returns promised are too good, then do not sign up before reading the legal documents and cross check everything without fail.

    Also, keep in mind that the role of luck in any business is minuscule for the most part and anyone that disagrees with the statement made above is highly likely to have conflict of interest.

    Lastly, if you ever detect a sense of urgency being created, then withdraw yourself from the situation. Legitimate platforms will never push you towards making a decision on the spot and they will definitely have your best interest in mind. 

    What should you do about the Property Brothers Scam?

    If you ever receive any forms asking for a payment and some other sensitive information, then report the threat to the concerned authorities immediately. The Property Brothers scam at the time of making this post has bit the dust. Most people in the real estate niche are aware about the situation.

    In the near future, if you witness the same scam surfacing, then simply ignore the links and the forms altogether. Also, do not forget to voice your opinion. Remember, if people report the incident in the early stages, it is easy for the government bodies to put an end to the hustle. 

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    Information regarding the scam recovery process is available online, but it is overwhelming for many people. If you have lost money to any fraudulent online vendors to scams like Property Brothers, then for quick results, reach out to our team via the contact form below.

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    The Property Brothers Scam was short-lived. Unfortunately, the crooks managed to flee the scene just in time. Thankfully till now, no serious damage has been reported. To avoid getting into trouble, we advise all our readers to do in-depth research about things before making payments.

    For any reason, if you feel uncomfortable or hit a dead end, then contact professionals in the underlying niche before taking any firm stance. After all, there is no need to hesitate when it comes to asking for help, right?

    Have you received any invite or link similar to Property Brothers Scam? If yes, then share your experience by gracing us with a comment. 

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