JoJo Store Review – Scam or Trustworthy?

JoJo Store( is a very weird website. They sell a diverse range of products that is highly unusual. Their pricing strategy is also very aggressive and we still do not understand the ways they have used to cut costs.

The official website does have a good rating and the domain rankings are more than impressive. On the flip side, the user feedback is not easy to find. Given the kind of traffic they get from the United States alone, it is concerning to see no user ratings or social mentions.

There are few contact details shown on their platform. Sadly, for the most part, the information is not precise enough to trace the details of the actual founders. Plus, the website registrant information is also hidden.

Finding good deals online is relatively easy, but if you see way too good to be true offers, then it does not make any sense to act impulsively. As far as this platform goes, the signs they display give mixed impressions.

To understand their business and other aspects in order to make a wise move, continue reading this unbiased report. If you still have any queries, then leave a comment below and we will do our best to assist you. 

JoJo Store Scam Review

JoJo Store Creators

JoJo Store is an online portal that gets a lot of traffic. Online space is highly competitive, but the thing which customers value the most is transparency and funnily enough, this side of the equation is always inadequate. Most sketchy websites use social media platforms and other advertising networks to their advantage.

Scammy platforms drive traffic, collect user’s data and flee the scene which is why you need to be careful while navigating the online shopping realm. The creators of this platform are almost impossible to trace out using the data made available on their platform.

Whois search reveals that their domain is active from 2008 which is quite commendable. However, the registrant details are hidden using a paid service and that acts like a red flag. We are not jumping to any conclusion here, but we have to tell you that lack of transparency is never a good thing and it is better to tread cautiously with them.

Remember, if you use their platform, then chances are you will be putting in a lot of your sensitive information, right? So, make sure that the other party is trustworthy before pulling the final trigger. 

Product List

JoJo Store sells a wide range of products. From gaming accessories to furniture and electronics, the list of items available is indeed huge.

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    Products from many popular brands are also present on this platform. To get an idea about the things that are available, take a look at the table below. 

    • Walker Edison
    • Noble House
    • Apple
    • Samsung
    • Whirlpool
    • NBA
    • GE
    • Viking
    • CorLiving
    • Simpli Home

    Note that there are at least another 20 or more product lines and brands that are accessible via this portal. To see the complete list, you have to visit their official website. 

    Contact Details

    Contact details and support team are the two things you need to research about before buying anything online. Remember, few fraudulent vendors might entice you with offers at first, but if they do not have a good backend team, then most likely, the entire operation will fall apart soon.

    This platform features all of the contact information. However, due to the lack of user feedback, we do not know how well they treat the end consumers. Nonetheless, for your own safety, never share too much information and always be alert. If you want to reach out to them, then refer to the section below for the details.

    • Address – 4703 Ricky Ln Paulina, LA 70763, USA
    • Email –
    • Phone – 254730044
    • Working Hours – Monday to Thursday: 8.30am – 16:45pm

    Website Details

    As JoJo Store is a popular website, finding data about them was not a daunting task. Using the Alexa tool, we found out that this platform mainly targets people from the United States. A quick search on Ahref shows that their domain has an authority score of around 90 and the backlink profile they have established is also considerable.

    No software, reputable search engines or social media platforms have blacklisted them. Nonetheless, the only thing that prevents us from giving them a wholehearted recommendation is the transparency aspect. Plus, their prices are also borderline irrational.

    SSL layer is present and the data shared with the servers are encrypted, but the end question is, do you really trust them or not? If you believe in this firm and are willing to take the risk, then you may find some bargain deals and extremely discounted products. 

    JoJo Store User Reviews

    JoJo Store has got few mentions in the social media realm. There are few comments on third party forums. However, none of them are large enough to derive any kind of conclusion. Moreover, we could not even verify the legitimacy of the sources or any other details.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    In other words, social proof about them is not publicly available. The fact that this domain is almost 13 years old and still has not received recognition in the online space is worrying to say the least.

    At the moment, as there are no major concerns, we believe it is fair to give this platform the benefit of the doubt. If you are sitting on the fence about them, then the best thing to do is to let time reveal their true nature and until data about them surfaces on the web, look elsewhere. 

    Payment Methods

    This platform does not talk a lot about the payment methods they support. The FAQ section does not even reveal anything about the funding options. They cater to international consumers, but as they are based in the United States, it is safe to assume that they accept payments in the USD form.

    We do not know whether e-wallets are supported, but it would have been nice to have that specific mode. Minimum order requirement is also unknown. Plus, the additional fees are not specified as well.

    The grey area present is simply unjustifiable and one wrong move can send you to a rabbit hold of charges. As the risks are too many, talk with the support team before making the payment. Also, do not forget to read the terms and conditions carefully before buying. 

    Shipping and Exchange Policies

    International shipping is offered by this vendor. If you reside in the US, Canada or Australia, then the orders will usually reach the destination within 5 to 10 days. Note that there might be additional duty fees applicable and all of the charges are not refundable. Also, due to restrictions set by the government, not all items can be shipped.

    Moreover, a few items might cost you a premium if you want them to be shipped due to weight based metrics. 30 day returns policy is provided by JoJo Store which is generous. There are few conditions enforced by them. Thankfully, none of them are too out of line.

    Simply put, apart from the ambiguity in the fees, everything about their policies are decent. Lastly, the refund process is vague and the time required for them to clear off the imbalances is also on the higher side.

    To get accurate estimates and close look at their process, talk with the support team. New vendors always require a lot of time to handle disputes or resolve issues. If you are someone who has very thin patience, then stick with the big firms such as Amazon. 

    JoJo Store Review Conclusion

    The JoJo Store is an interesting portal in some ways and notorious from other angles. There are few merits that they bring to the table. Nonetheless, do not let the benefits blind you because the risks are also more.

    No social proof also paints them in a bad way and needless to mention, the transparency aspects also speaks volumes about their nature. Few policies are clear, but the important ones are vague. After carefully evaluating this platform, we believe strongly that people should be on high alert while dealing with them.

    Also, it is better to avoid them until more user generated data about them gains traction. In case you are facing issues with them or have funds stuck on their interface, then reach out to us via the contact form below. We will help you explore all of the legal options available to you for free. 

    What do you think about the Voice your opinion by leaving a comment below. 

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