Qfsxledger.com Is Qfs X Ledger a SCAM?

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On July 1, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a person from Ohio, USA, who reported being scammed for $336:

A man who goes by the name Alex Vasa, also known as the “West Coast Wizard,” seemed generally helpful at first. He recommended a website for storing cryptocurrency, https://qfsxledger.com. After I deposited my cryptocurrency into this site and began exploring its features, I discovered that I couldn’t withdraw my funds. When I contacted Alex Vasa for assistance, he became defensive, threatened to block me, and essentially held my money hostage by playing games with me.

So what exactly is qfsxledger.com, and is it a SCAM?

Qfsxledger.com Review

Qfsxledger.com was registered through Whogohost Limited on June 7, 2023, for one year.

According to SimilarWeb, the website received 352 visits in August 2023.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 2 backlinks from scam-detector.com and xploredomains.com.

On Google, only the homepage is indexed with the title “Qfsxledger- Home” and the description:

At Qfsxledger, we specialize in providing top-notch secure asset management solutions. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we enable individuals and …

Qfsxledger markets itself as a leading asset security company dedicated to safeguarding digital assets. The company emphasizes its commitment to the protection of assets through advanced encryption and authentication methods. They claim to have expertise in the industry, boasting a team of professionals skilled in asset security.

Qfsxledger also offers 24/7 customer service and promotes itself as a scalable solution, claiming to accommodate both individual and enterprise-level needs.

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    The company says it serves a large user base with over 900,000 total visitors and 2.6 million total members. This doesn’t add up; as we have seen, their traffic volume is much lower.

    They also provide market updates on various cryptocurrencies.

    Now for the red flags.

    Red Flags

    First, the introduction on the homepage hints at a “global event and a blackout coming soon,” which could be seen as alarmist language aimed at coercing people into using their service out of fear. This doesn’t necessarily instill confidence but rather suggests a potential scare tactic.

    Second, despite claiming to be a leading company in asset security, there’s no information on any regulatory oversight or licenses that they might have. Companies dealing with financial assets generally need to have some kind of regulatory approval or oversight to operate legally.

    Third, the text is riddled with inconsistencies in formatting and grammar, such as the random use of lowercase and uppercase, which may raise concerns about the professionalism and legitimacy of the business.

    Lastly, while they provide an email address (Support@qfsxledger.com) for contact, there is no further information about the company’s location, its executives, or its history, making it difficult to verify its legitimacy. Also, images of the Google Play and App Store download buttons and links to social media are broken and are not functional links.

    Overall, while Qfsxledger promises asset security and ease of use, several red flags could make potential users skeptical about the service’s authenticity and credibility.

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    Qfs X Ledger Reviews

    There aren’t many reviews about Qfsxledger.com, which is not surprising due to how young this website is (about 3 months at the time of writing).

    In fact, we only found one review on mintonblock.com.

    The article from MintonBlock seeks to evaluate the legitimacy of Qfsxledger.com, posing the question: “Is Qfsxledger.com legit?” Qfsxledger.com is described as an offshore scam broker, and the article urges clients to be wary of trading with them. It is reported that Qfsxledger.com might operate in numerous countries without requisite regulation, like FSMA, FCA, CySec, ASIC, etc. A variety of negative reviews and complaints about Qfsxledger.com have been registered. The article suggests that funds may not be safe if they are being traded with this broker.

    Additionally, the platform supposedly claims to offer ways to earn passive income. However, MintonBlock’s investigation finds that the broker’s claims are suspect and may be fraudulent. The website of Qfsxledger.com does not reveal any real information about its staff. Instead, it allegedly displays stock images falsely portraying them as staff members. There’s also mention of Qfsxledger.com trying to appear legitimate by obtaining a FinCEN certificate for MSB registration, which offshore scammers can obtain using misleading information.

    A section enumerates various possible fraudulent activities of Qfsxledger.com, such as making false claims, having dubious rules and regulations, and a history of changing its name and URL without notifying traders.

    The article concludes that Qfsxledger.com is likely a scam and advises investors to avoid it.

    Red Flags

    1. Qfsxledger.com is described as an offshore scam broker.
    2. The broker operates in numerous countries without the requisite regulation.
    3. Numerous negative reviews and complaints about Qfsxledger.com.
    4. They claim to offer passive income opportunities, which might be a front for scamming.
    5. Absence of real staff information on their website; using stock photos as staff pictures.
    6. Obtained a FinCEN certificate for MSB registration, which is sometimes procured using false information by scammers.
    7. The broker has shown a pattern of changing its name and URL without informing its users.
    8. The platform’s risk warnings may not be adequately disclosed or could be hidden.
    9. Persistent calls to traders, urging them to invest more.
    10. Withdrawal policies are described as being designed to defraud investors.
    11. The platform’s location might be in countries with lax regulations, making them a potential haven for scam activities.

    It’s always important for investors to be skeptical and cautious when deciding where to place their funds, especially in the world of digital assets and online platforms. Always research and ensure that any platform or broker is regulated and trustworthy before making an investment.

    Complaints We Received

    On November 29, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I deposited $650 into CFS Ledger and cannot withdraw funds.

    On February 21, 2024, one of our partners received the following complaint regarding another website, qfsledger.site:

    I transferred my XRS/MLX investments from my Trust Wallet to qfsledger.site. After receiving the funds, they have not responded to me in the chat, and my several emails have also been ignored. They refuse to transfer my investments back to my Trust Wallet. They are engaging in fraudulent activities.

    If you have more information about this website, please report it at this qfsledger.site review and forum.

    Officialqfsledger.com Review

    On December 17, 2023, an anonymous visitor left a comment below this review asking about officialqfsledger.com. He writes:

    Is officialqfsledger.com a scam? I’ve already invested $150, but now I’ve been told that I need to invest a total of $1000 before I start receiving any returns. I expressed my reluctance, and in response, I was assured that it was not a scam. They even offered an additional $200 to add to my investment.

    To find out whether or not it is a scam, we will not review officialqfsledger.com.

    Officialqfsledger.com was registered on November 7, 2023, for one year through Atak Domain Bilgi Teknolojileri A.S., a Turkish registrar. The hosting provider is Hetzner Online.

    On Google, only the homepage and the Privacy Policy are indexed.

    Officialqfsledger.com Review - Screenshot of officialqfsledger.com

    The website in question, QfsnetLedger, presents itself as a digital banking system offering a variety of financial services globally. The site details various aspects such as services provided, FAQs, contact information, privacy policy, and terms & conditions.

    QfsnetLedger claims to provide services like money transfer, multi-currency support, currency exchange, staking, and payment requests. They emphasize easy and secure money transfers, support for multiple currencies for convenient banking, and low exchange fees for currency swaps. They also offer long-term investment options with attractive interest rates.

    The company positions itself as a decentralized digital banking system, designed in partnership with Nesara/Gesara, aiming to transform the banking world with digital assets backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, and Oil. They claim to be independent of government policies and focus on returning financial power to people, protecting them from poor governmental decisions and legislations.

    Contact Information:

    • Phone: +18494 (an incomplete number is provided)
    • Email: support@officialqfsledger.com
    • Location: 500 Marion Drive, Tampa, Florida, USA
    • Links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are placeholders.

    They mention being subject to the laws of the Netherlands, which could be indicative of their legal jurisdiction. However, specific details about their regulatory compliance or company registration are not provided.

    Red Flags and Concerns

    1. Vague and Unverifiable Claims: The claims of partnership with Nesara/Gesara and being backed by tangible assets like gold and oil are grandiose but lack verifiable evidence or backing from known financial entities.
    2. Incomplete Contact Information: The provided phone number is incomplete, which is unusual for a legitimate business. This raises questions about the authenticity of their contact information.
    3. Absence of Detailed Regulatory Information: For a company claiming to operate in the banking and financial services sector, there is a notable absence of detailed regulatory information, company registration numbers, or links to regulatory bodies. This lack of transparency is concerning.
    4. Unusual Promises: The promise of no competition and significant changes in the banking sector is highly unusual and unrealistic, considering the complexity and regulation of the global financial industry.
    5. Lack of Professional Presentation: Certain aspects of the website, such as inconsistent details and potentially misleading information (e.g., the link to Qstellarbanks and Livo Bank in the terms and conditions), do not align with the professional standards typically seen in the banking sector.
    6. Security and Privacy Policy Concerns: While they mention data protection and privacy, the lack of detailed information about compliance with international data security standards is a concern, especially for a digital banking platform.
    7. Request for Personal Information: The collection of personal information without clear details on data protection measures is a potential privacy risk.
    8. Ambiguity in Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions mention different websites and companies, which could indicate a lack of clarity or potential misrepresentation.

    There are no reviews or even mentions of officialqfsledger.com, except for a scamadviser.com analysis page which suggests a high risk of scam.

    Officialqfsledger.com Review Conclusion

    Based on the comprehensive analysis of officialqfsledger.com, several red flags and concerns raise serious doubts about its legitimacy. The site, presenting itself as a digital banking system with a variety of global financial services, is marred by vague and unverifiable claims about its partnership with Nesara/Gesara and being backed by tangible assets such as gold and oil. These claims lack concrete evidence or endorsement from recognized financial entities.

    A major concern is the incomplete contact information provided, notably an incomplete phone number, which is atypical for a legitimate business operation. Additionally, the absence of detailed regulatory information, essential for a company operating in the banking and financial sector, suggests a lack of transparency and raises questions about their regulatory compliance and registration status.

    The website’s promises of no competition and significant changes in the banking sector are overly ambitious and unrealistic, given the complexity and regulations governing the global financial industry. This, coupled with a lack of professional presentation and potentially misleading information, further diminishes its credibility.

    Moreover, the privacy and security policies of the website do not detail compliance with international data security standards, a critical aspect for any digital banking platform. The ambiguous terms and conditions, which reference different websites and companies, add to the confusion and potential misrepresentation.

    Adding to the skepticism, scamadviser.com’s analysis page suggests a high risk of the site being a scam, supported by the absence of any reviews or mentions of the site elsewhere.

    The Bottom Line Regarding Officialqfsledger.com

    In conclusion, considering the myriad of red flags, from vague claims to lack of professional presentation and questionable legal and regulatory standing, it is highly advisable to exercise extreme caution. The risk of officialqfsledger.com being a scam seems substantial. For those considering investment or engagement with their services, it is recommended to seek out more established, transparent, and regulated alternatives.

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    Qfsxledger Review Conclusion

    Our comprehensive review of Qfsxledger.com reveals several troubling red flags that make it difficult to recommend this platform as a legitimate or safe option for asset management. From its lack of clear regulatory oversight and dubious claims of offering passive income opportunities, to the reported absence of real staff information and inconsistent online presence, Qfsxledger.com exhibits traits commonly associated with offshore scam brokers.

    While the platform markets itself as a secure asset management solution with expertise in the industry, there is a startling dissonance between these claims and the reported user experiences, including complaints about the inability to withdraw funds. The platform’s self-reported user base is also incongruent with its actual traffic, further casting doubt on its credibility.

    Even more concerning are the allegations of manipulative tactics, such as persistent calls to traders urging them to invest more and withdrawal policies designed to defraud investors. Additionally, the platform’s murky presence in countries with lax regulatory frameworks implies that investors have limited to no legal recourse in case of fraud.

    The Bottom Line Regarding Qfsxledger

    Given all these factors, as well as corroborating findings from other sources like MintonBlock, it is our recommendation to approach Qfsxledger.com with extreme caution. If you’ve already invested with them, it might be wise to cease any further transactions immediately. As always, the safest course of action is to only invest with platforms that are regulated by reputable financial authorities and have a consistent history of transparency and reliability.

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    2 thoughts on “Qfsxledger.com Is Qfs X Ledger a SCAM?”

    1. officialqfsledger.com/app/dashboard

      Is this a scam ? I’ve already put 150 in now he saying that you need 1000 in it before you start getting any returns. I’ve said no, he says it’s not a scam. I’ll even give you 200 to put in. Cheers for your help.

      1. Thank you for bringing your concerns about officialqfsledger.com to our attention. We appreciate your report and understand the importance of addressing such queries with thorough investigation.

        Based on our updated review of officialqfsledger.com, we regret to inform you that the website does exhibit multiple red flags that are commonly associated with online scams. These include unverifiable claims about partnerships and asset backing, incomplete and inconsistent contact information, lack of transparency regarding regulatory compliance, and overly ambitious promises that don’t align with industry norms.

        Your specific experience, where you were asked to invest more money to start receiving returns and even offered additional funds to increase your investment, is particularly concerning. This kind of practice is often a hallmark of fraudulent schemes, where initial smaller investments are followed by requests for larger sums, often accompanied by promises of higher returns.

        Given these factors, we believe that there is a significant risk that officialqfsledger.com could be a scam. We strongly advise exercising utmost caution and recommend against further investment or engagement with this platform. If you have already invested money, it might be prudent to contact financial fraud authorities in your region for advice on any possible recourse.

        We hope this information is helpful to you, and we are here to assist with any further inquiries or concerns you might have.

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