Mcoincap: Liquid Mining or Scam?

In the digital age, where online transactions and interactions are a part of our daily lives, ensuring the legitimacy of the websites we visit is crucial. One website that has caught the attention of many with its uncertain trustworthiness is Mcoincap (

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Mcoincap is about, discuss some red flags that have been raised about the website, and offer guidance on how to protect yourself when navigating potentially dubious online platforms.

Mcoincap Review

Mcoincap Overview

Mcoincap presents itself as a website with services or products on offer, yet it cloaks itself in an unsettling shroud of ambiguity. The conspicuous absence of explicit and comprehensive details regarding its offerings is a glaring concern. Visitors to the site are confronted with an information void, leaving them puzzled about the very essence of the services or products available, their intrinsic value, and the operational mechanisms at play.

The opacity surrounding these critical aspects raises immediate suspicions and fosters an environment of uncertainty, undermining the trustworthiness of Mcoincap as a digital platform. In such a context, exercising utmost caution is not merely prudent but essential for safeguarding one’s online interests and security.


Mcoincap purports to offer an enticing opportunity to users by promoting a concept known as “liquid mining” while boldly asserting a “no loss guarantee.” The claims made by the website outline a process for potential participants:

Miner’s Fee: Users are prompted to pay an Ethereum (ETH) fee, characterized as the “miner’s fee.” This initial fee is a fundamental requirement for participation in the alleged liquid mining venture. The exact amount of this fee, as well as its purpose and associated benefits, remains unspecified in the available information.

Claiming a Wallet Address: Following the payment of the miner’s fee, users are instructed to claim a cryptocurrency wallet address. This step is crucial to the participation process. However, details about the specific cryptocurrencies supported or the criteria for choosing a wallet address are notably absent.

Automatic Mining Permission: Once a user successfully claims a cryptocurrency wallet address and pays the miner’s fee, Mcoincap asserts that mining permission will be automatically granted. The mechanics of this mining operation, such as the type of mining involved or the expected returns, are not elucidated in the provided information.

Daily Cryptocurrency Generation: The website hints at a process where cryptocurrency is generated daily. However, the mechanism by which this occurs, the type of cryptocurrency generated, and the factors influencing the daily yield remain undisclosed.

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    Conversion to USDT and Withdrawals: Mcoincap suggests that users can convert the cryptocurrency generated on a daily basis into USDT (Tether, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar) and initiate withdrawals. Importantly, the website specifies that these withdrawals will be automatically sent to the wallet address associated with the node, implying that other withdrawal methods or addresses are not supported.

    Mcoincap Customer Reviews

    These reviews reflect the firsthand experiences and concerns of users who have interacted with the platform. Here’s a more detailed exploration of the negative customer reviews surrounding Mcoincap:

    1. Poor Service: Numerous users have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by Mcoincap. This category of negative reviews typically includes complaints about unresponsive customer support, delayed responses to inquiries, or difficulty in accessing essential information.
    2. Scam Allegations: Some of the most alarming reviews relate to scam allegations. Users have reported that they believe Mcoincap engaged in deceptive practices or fraudulent activities. These allegations often involve the loss of funds, misleading promises, or a lack of transparency regarding how the platform operates.
    3. Lack of Payouts: Users have claimed that Mcoincap failed to deliver on its promises, particularly in terms of payouts. They allege that after participating in the platform’s activities, they encountered difficulties in withdrawing funds or receiving the cryptocurrency generated through the so-called “liquid mining.”
    4. Lack of Positive Feedback: The striking absence of positive feedback is a telling sign of potential trustworthiness issues. In the absence of satisfied customers or endorsements, prospective users are left with a void of reassurance that reputable websites typically provide.
    5. Prevalence of Negative Reviews: The sheer prevalence of negative reviews compared to positive ones is a significant concern. When a website accumulates a disproportionate number of negative experiences, it underscores the platform’s lack of credibility and raises red flags about its legitimacy.

    Red Flags

    Ambiguity About Offerings: Mcoincap lacks clear and comprehensive information about its services or products. The ambiguity surrounding what the website actually offers is a significant red flag. Trustworthy websites typically provide detailed and transparent descriptions of their offerings.

    No Loss Guarantee: The promise of a “no loss guarantee” is often associated with high-risk investments or potential scams. In the world of finance, guarantees of high returns without risk are typically unrealistic and should be viewed with skepticism.

    Hidden Ownership: The fact that the owner’s information is hidden on the WHOIS database raises suspicions. Legitimate websites typically provide transparent ownership details, which can be essential for user trust and recourse in case of issues.

    Negative Customer Reviews: Multiple negative customer reviews found on third-party websites highlight issues with the platform’s credibility and user experiences. Negative feedback is a strong red flag that indicates potential problems.

    Limited Contact Information: Mcoincap lacks visible contact information, such as an email address or phone number. The absence of clear contact details makes it difficult for users to seek assistance or clarification.

    Cryptocurrency Involvement: Cryptocurrency-related platforms are often targeted by scammers due to the relative anonymity and complexity of the cryptocurrency space. Users should exercise caution when dealing with such platforms.

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    Unclear Operational Details: The website does not provide clear details about how its operations work, such as the process behind “liquid mining,” the cryptocurrency generated, or the factors affecting daily yields.

    Complaints We Received

    Recently, we found the following complaint:

    Please refer to the site below for the platform I was using: I was directed to use this site by someone I now consider to be a “romance crypto scammer.” I have made a total deposit of $20,000 USD. The platform appears to have increased my assets by approximately $10,000 USD, based on the advice of this individual. However, when I tried to withdraw my funds, customer service informed me that I would need to pay about $5,000 USD for a tax invoice before I could proceed. I have not paid this amount yet, as I suspect this is a scam platform. Nonetheless, I still have access to my account and can communicate with customer service and the alleged scammer.


    In light of the significant concerns raised about Mcoincap, it is crucial to exercise the utmost caution and refrain from any involvement with this website. Safeguarding both your online security and your financial well-being should always take precedence.

    When you come across websites exhibiting questionable attributes or presenting unclear offerings, the wisest course of action is to adopt a highly cautious stance. Instead of risking your resources and personal information on such platforms, it is advisable to explore alternative sources that have established reputations for trustworthiness and transparency.

    Should you encounter any behavior or activities that strike you as suspicious or potentially fraudulent, it is imperative to take action. Reporting such instances to the appropriate authorities or online security organizations can play a crucial role in safeguarding not only yourself but also others who might otherwise fall victim to similar threats.

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    1 thought on “Mcoincap: Liquid Mining or Scam?”

    1. complete scam, i made an account with mcoincap and had no issues until couldn’t tried to make a second withdraw and was told I couldn’t since I didn’t have $5000 in my account. So, I contact customer support and told them i was unaware of this was a rule and asked where in the terms and conditions where this was said. I was told they will look into it and get back to me. 12 hours later I contact them again for an update, and they had no information for me and when I repeat my question customer support goes down, all I get is a blank white screen. Well, I keep trying for a week to get a hold of someone with no luck. A week after that (today) I try to login and my account doesn’t exist. I can’t even make a new one all I get is error. Now I’ve lost several hundred dollars.

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