Scam Warning and Alerts Review – SCAM or Legit 2021 is a platform that claims to help people run vehicle reports at competitive prices. The second hand automobile markets are booming and many people are always on the verge of buying and selling for various reasons.

It is crucial to know everything about the vehicle before purchasing it and that is where vehicle reports come in. In the sector, many of the dominant services charge a premium for the complete reports which might be out of range for some people.

Reportsexpert offers competitive pricing. However, as this firm is new and has way too less trust ratings people are afraid to indulge with them. Dealing with anonymous entities is always a problem, right?

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    To know exactly what this platform has to offer and the merits and demerits they bring to the table, read the following paragraphs. Review

    What is is a platform that helps people get vehicle history reports at affordable prices. Their platform is basic and almost everything with them is self-explanatory. Contact details are present. Perhaps, the best part about them is the sample reports which gives us a very clear idea about what to expect from them.

    Information about the employees or the creators are unknown. On the bright side, the range of services they offer is enticing and the costs as we mentioned before is reasonable.

    Despite the merits, they have earned a bad reputation because of the transparency factor and other technical issues. While things might look normal with them at first glance, we cannot deny the fact that they do display concerning traits. 

    Want to be kept updated regarding similar scams?

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    Features and Pricing

    Thanks to the digital world we live in, most things can be found for free online. Many people have argued that the reports provided by this platform are inadequate and according to them, it is not worth paying for.

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    At the end of the day, whether to buy reports from this platform or not comes down to your personal preference. Here’s a list of things they cover.

    • 1 Vehicle Report
    • Vehicle Specification
    • DMV Title History
    • Safety Recall Status
    • Online Listing History
    • Junk & Salvage Information
    • Accident Information

    There are 6 types of plans currently offered by them. Pricing ranges from $28.95 all the way up to $258.95. On the most expensive plan, users can search information of upto 50 vehicle reports. If you are in the business of reselling cars, then this service might be something worth looking into. Sample Report

    This platform has published a sample report on their website to give users a precise idea about what to expect. Generally, every report is about 32 pages and it contains all the information along with graphs. At one glance, every information will be served to you in a categorised manner which should help you make quicker decisions.

    While the format itself is nothing extraordinary, their way of presenting is indeed nice and undeniably, they have done the job well. Visit their official platform to take a look at the sample report. We are pretty sure that you will like what you see there. 

    Contact Information

    As this firm is new, we spent quite a bit of time gathering their contact information. Unfortunately, we could not trace the identity of any of the wonders. Moreover, even their address was untraceable at the moment. If you need help with anything on their platform, then you can reach the staff via telephone and email.

    Given the fact that this firm is new and has little user feedback, we do not have a clue about their support team. Nonetheless, we encourage our readers to be cautious with them. If you are being pushed into making a quick decision, then it is probably safe to just walk away from them. 

    • Email –,
    • Phone – +1-703-436-2272

    User Feedback does not get a lot of web traffic. Moreover, even their backlink profile is weak, so we thought it might be hard to find information about the user feedback. Surprisingly, on Reddit and Trustpilot, quite a few reviews are present.

    In the section below, we have pulled a few conversations about them. Read them carefully and judge the consumer sentiment for itself. Due to the way they are structured, the public is hesitant to trust them with their credit card details.

    Of course the feedback is not big enough yet, but the available ones are scary.

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    He proceeds to tell he he only trusts because he’s been screwed over by cars with a clean carfax and/or autocheck before. I’m thinking okay weird but people have their preferences. But I was working all day and couldn’t cop my VIN to run a report but every time I replied he would resend the link to RE, but with a space before the .com so I couldn’t just click a link. This happened probably 6 times from 11am-8pm

    I ended up going to the site and it all looks legit. I tried to search for any reported phishing history on the site and found nothing sus. I’m a bit sketched out on the fact he must have this specific report sent to him before he will even come look at the beauty and finalize the sale.

    Anyone heard of before or know if it’s legit? Anyone know of any potential history of online phishing or scam through this site? I offered to buy a carfax or other verified history report for him and knock off a couple hundred $ if it means that much to him but he is adamant.

    Right? In 2 days I got hit with 6 scam attempts, one successful (thankfully only 31 dollars which I got refunded by paypal). It’s become my go to technique to just find ways to send the most heinous images I can to these people once they think I’m on the hook.

    Is a Scam?

    The situation with this firm is confusing. On one side, the management side is not doing much to build their online presence and reputation. At the other end of the spectrum, the feedback about them is instilling fear.

    For the time being, maintain your distance from them. In case you have lost money to them or with them, then feel free to contact us. We will analyse your situation and help you with the recovery process for free. Our experts have tons of experience and our end goal is to put an end to online scams. 

    Verdict looks like a decent platform. However, due to the various things attached with their brand name and awful feedback, it is not something we can encourage you to indulge with. So, be careful and stick with reputable firms only. 

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    Well, I just got a request from a Craigslist contact that specified this particular site.Sure seems like the guy above. This contact smells, but that may just be a coincidence. Requesting that specific site and making it a dealbreaker as the above example, just seems too much of a coincidence for me.

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