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SMScaster Scam Review – Digital Marketing

SMScaster is a digital marketing tool that helps people send bulk text messages. Though the software by itself is legitimate, many scammers have allegedly abused it. The way this business works is not as transparent as others in the sector. Plus, we do not think they have a rigorous screening process.

Moving on to user feedback, there isn’t much to mention because the available ones are all negative and the sample size is not adequate to derive a conclusion. Nonetheless, we advise all our readers to be careful and never interact with unknown and suspicious links.

After all, in the digital world, your privacy means everything and anyone that tries to violate it does not have your best interest in mind. If you are looking for more information on this platform, then glance at the following content. 

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    SMScaster Scam Review

    What is an SMScaster?

    SMScaster is a bulk SMS sender. It operates just like a bulk email marketing tool, but instead of ending up on the mail server, it lands on the inbox of the recipients. The pricing of this tool is reasonable and apparently many marketers use it.

    One of the main reasons why many people are searching the term “SMScaster Scam” is because a lot of shady marketers have employed this tool thereby tarnishing the brand name. You can visit their official platform if you want to know more about them.

    We strongly advise you to do your research about this space before proceeding with them. As a rule of thumb, stick with the top brands even if it costs a bit of a premium. Remember, quality and reliability should be your top priority over money especially in changing times like the ones unfolding right now. 

    Contact Details

    While reviewing any service, it is crucial to look at the customer support because it tells us a lot about them. Businesses that aim to provide the best support often tend to excel in terms of longevity. After all, the customer is king in every sector, right?

    SMScaster is said to be operating from Hong Kong. Address is not present, but other contact information is published by them. If you have any specific query about the prices or other related things, then you have to get in touch with them.

    There is a detailed FAQ section present as well.

    • Phone: +852 3113-5136
    • Fax : +852 3695-8519
    • Email:

    SMScaster Scam Explained

    Many people on popular forums have alleged that SMScaster allows people to run spam promotions via their platform. The mechanics to stop spam from entering the inbox for the most part is ineffective which is why this issue is bigger than one might think.

    Of course reporting the incident or blocking the number might provide some degree of relief. However, it is not a cure to the disease. Plus, even the law enforcement authorities won’t act on these kinds of cases unless some big amount is involved.

    As you can tell by now, the main reason behind this platform losing the reputation is the way they screened the users. While it may be next to impossible for them to stop every scammer, they should have put in some effort to mitigate the suspicious entities from blasting bulk SMS. 

    Have you lost money to SMScaster Scam?

    Clicking on phishing links or losing money to scammers online is painful to say the least. Many countries do not have dedicated divisions to cater to these kinds of problems. If you are a victim of any kind of online hustle, then reach out to us via contact form.

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    Pricing Information

    SMScaster talks a lot about their business and the kind of features they bring to the table. Sadly, they have not mentioned much about pricing or other costs involved.

    To get started with them, you have to open an account and depending upon your audience size, the price will likely vary. We could not understand why they weren’t transparent about the pricing.

    Thankfully, at least people can get in touch with the support team to know about the cost and fees applicable. 

    User Reviews

    To find user reviews, we had to dig around the web for a long time. It was indeed a tedious task. Unfortunately, we only found a handful of narratives which means we cannot derive any meaningful conclusions from it.

    Note that the available consensus for the most part is negative. Clearly, they are popular, but the lack of social proof is something that kind of affects their image. Personally, we do not understand why it has not earned any dedicated page or section on most forums yet.

    At the end of the day, something seems to be off about them. So, do your own research and proceed cautiously with them. 

    SMScaster Scam Conclusion

    This platform continues to receive hatred from many people. The source of confusion is clear. However, the way they tackle the problem is left to the management side of the firm.

    All we can say is that one should be careful while interacting with unknown messages or texts. More importantly, never click on unfamiliar links or shady looking web pages. Follow safe browsing practise and be updated. 

    Let us know your thoughts on SMScaster by leaving a comment.

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