Sabatcom com Text Message Scam – July Update

Many people in the western region are targeted by a new phishing scam that can be termed as Sabatcom com text message scam. This anonymous website has gained immense popularity in a small period of time. The way the scammers have managed to gain traction remains unknown.

Nonetheless, the kind of things they are employing to cloak their identity and operations are beyond anyone’s imagination and that is a scary sign. Text messages that link out to Sabatcom com claim to offer users free food and gifts. Of course, to get the benefits users have to share their sensitive information and that is the hidden catch.

Trusting strangers with personal information is always a bad idea. Free stuff might appear enticing, but people have to understand that nothing ever truly comes for free and there is a price to be paid for everything in one way or form. There is even a Reddit sub-section that talks about this scam and we are glad to see users helping each other out to make better, informed decisions.

While the actual whereabouts of the creators and their identity are unknown. There are few things you need to be aware of. To know the goals of the cyber criminals and the way they capture the attention of the public, continue reading.

Sabatcom com Text Message Scam


Before the start of the Pandemic, most top brands always conduct frequent promotions to get positive PR and make a mark for themselves. Big names in each and every sector are very aggressive when it comes to promotions and billions of dollars are spent by them to reach the ideal audience.

As many well known firms are constantly using text and email marketing to reach the end consumers, scammers can easily follow the same approach, redirect people and profit off of the unsuspecting user’s data. Phishing attacks can be remotely carried out by scammers and their only goal is to gather as much personal information as they can about users.

Once they have collected the necessary details, they might sell the data or spam you forever with every new thing they are involved with. As you can easily tell by now, it is not worth it to risk your information on sketchy platforms because the risk and reward scale do not match in any way. 

Sabatcom com Text Message Explained

Sabatcom com as we mentioned before is nothing more than a phishing attempt. The claims of offering free food and enticing gifts are obviously a trap. Surprisingly, the domain they have employed appears to be clean.

We ran a deep search and found out that Sabatcom com is not blacklisted by any software or search engine. This kind of cover up shows professionalism and that is not a good thing for the users. Whois data reveals that this domain is privately registered and it has been active for over a year at the time of writing this blog post.

The kind of public response this website received is immense and the Reddit threads clearly illustrate the popularity aspect. However, on Alexa and Similarweb, data regarding them is hard to find. In other words, we do not know exactly how they are able to generate web traffic.

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    Moreover, due to the lack of data, we cannot narrow down their demographics as well. As the people behind this attack are extremely good at what they do, never click on any of the links they promote.

    If anyone makes the mistake of putting in their information, then we can assure you that only bad things can happen. So, resist the urge to check out the offers and understand that it is not the real deal. 

    Sabatcom com Data Harvesting Plot

    According to various sources on the internet, Sabatcom com will push it’s users towards sharing a lot of personal information. We do not know whether their platform has a valid SSL certificate or not.

    Nonetheless, we never encourage people to share sensitive information with anyone unless they can verify the identity of the other party involved. As far as this platform goes, they might throw in realistic narratives and believable stories. However, do not fall for their cherry picked tag lines or claims.

    Remember, they do not work with any reputable brands or firms. More importantly, the only way for them to profit is by leaking the data of the users. There are ways of combating identity theft and other related issues, but it is better not to allow the situation to get out of hand in the first place. Precaution as always will be better than the cure. 

    Public Feedback

    Social media platforms have two sides and fortunately for the public, sometimes it works in their favour as well. Since the inception of the Sabatcom com text message scam, people have been talking about it on Reddit.

    The general consensus about this matter was apt and as always, it is nice to see people working together to raise awareness. Check out the comments gathered from the Reddit posts. Finally, we can be proud about the way social media platforms work.

    I notice a commonality in all these scam SMS’s; they always redirect to a subdirectory under /0/0/0/(whatever). I wonder if this is a hallmark of whatever hacking tool they used to set these up.

    Edit: I’m actually curious what would happen if someone did click on one of these. Might be interesting to set up a VM in a sandbox and see what happens.

    Most of the mobile carriers have spam text reporting to help them stop this. I believe they all use this number… 772-6 When I get a spam text (today by the way from this same spammer ), I hold the message, a “more” will come up and give you the option to forward it. I forward it to 772-6 and T-mobile thanks me and sends me info on what happens next. I am not positive this helps, but afaik this is the “official” way to report it.

    ETA – then I block the sender and delete the message.

    Did you click on the scam text Link?

    Accidents do happen and few people might have clicked on the Sabatcom com Text messages. If you accidentally landed on their platform, then there is no need to freak out. Just make sure that you do not share any details with them.

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    Do not accept any cookies from them and for your own safety, never download anything from their platform. If you are still worried, then run a thorough virus check and to be on the safer side, enable 2 FA methods to all your banking related websites and apps.

    It is always a good idea to keep a constant watch on your app activity and financial statements. The data breaches can occur from any angle. So, monitor your account closely and if you notice anything strange or mysterious, then immediately raise a formal complaint.

    In most cases, the issues can be fully resolved but the only catch is that it should be reported quickly. Lastly, if you receive any text or email from unknown origins, then the best thing to do would be to delete it as soon as possible. Also, never use any pirated apps or software.


    Sabatcom com Text message scam was something that people were able to see through quite easily. This incident was brought to light using social media platforms and the end result was very reassuring. Nonetheless, that does not mean this type of attacks are eradicated.

    So, never let your guard down and if you ever need help in verifying the legitimacy of any offers, websites or promotional scheme, always check online before submitting your personal information or banking details. After all, isn’t being safe better than being sorry?

    Did you receive Sabatcom com Text Message or anything similar to it? Comment your answer below.

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