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Skyline Finance Savings Bank Review - Screenshot of was registered on October 23, 2023, for one year through DNS Africa LTD by an entity from South Africa. The hosting provider is Xneelo.

According to SimilarWeb, in December 2023, over 1000 people visited the website, all from Australia.

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Skyline Finance Savings Bank presents itself as a financial institution offering a range of services, including banking, loans, wealth management, and investment opportunities. The company claims to be established in 2015 and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under license No. 191/13, suggesting a focus on regulatory compliance and customer trust.

Their services are comprehensive, covering everything from personal banking to more complex financial products like Forex trading and CFDs (Contracts for Difference). They emphasize the availability of different types of accounts tailored to varying customer needs, alongside loan services including student loans and business banking. Additionally, they offer investment opportunities, wealth management services, and a variety of electronic banking options like mobile and online banking.

Contact Details and Company Information

  • Phone Number: +44 74 5934 0450 (consistently mentioned across various sections)
  • Email Addresses: Various for different departments, including,,,
  • Physical Address: 714 High Street, opposite Bank Bridge, Barking, London
  • Privacy Policy and Data Handling: They adhere to the Data Protection Act (1998), emphasizing the confidentiality and security of customer information.
  • Cookie Policy: Usage of cookies is acknowledged, and they use Google Analytics for website usage analysis.

Red Flags and Potential Indicators of a Scam

  1. Non-Functional Links: The non-working links to the App Store and Play Store raise concerns about the website’s legitimacy and upkeep. Functional and up-to-date links are typical of legitimate banking websites.
  2. Regulatory Information: While they claim to be regulated by the FCA, this should be independently verified through the FCA’s official website. False claims of regulation are a common tactic in scams.
  3. Consistency in Address and Contact Details: The website does mention consistent contact details, which is a positive sign. However, verifying these independently (e.g., through a third-party directory or regulatory body) is crucial.
  4. Services Offered: The wide range of services, including high-risk investment opportunities like Forex trading and CFDs, should be approached with caution. These products are complex and not suitable for all investors, as acknowledged on the website.

In summary, while Skyline Finance Savings Bank presents itself as a comprehensive financial service provider with detailed contact and regulatory information, it is essential to approach with caution.

Skyline Finance Savings Bank Reviews

The bank, with a website at, has been the subject of multiple warnings from various sources, indicating it may be operating without proper authorization and could be involved in fraudulent activities.

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    1. Regulatory Warnings: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK has issued a warning against Skyline Finance Savings Bank. This is a serious red flag as the FCA is a major regulatory body in the UK responsible for overseeing financial services and ensuring consumer protection. The warning states that the firm may be providing or promoting financial services or products without FCA’s permission, indicating that it is an unauthorised firm. The lack of authorization from a recognized regulator like the FCA generally means the firm is not subject to regulatory oversight, which significantly increases the risk for consumers.
    2. Potential for Scams: The FCA’s warning advises consumers to avoid dealing with Skyline Finance Savings Bank and to be wary of potential scams. This is particularly concerning because it suggests that there might be risks associated with financial transactions or investments made through the bank.
    3. Contact Information and Details: The bank lists its address as High Street, Bank Bridge, Barking, London, UK, and provides a mobile number and various email addresses for contact. However, the FCA warning notes that some firms may give incorrect contact details, including addresses and phone numbers, which might be the case here.
    4. Consumer Protection: Engaging with an unauthorized firm like Skyline Finance Savings Bank means consumers would not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service for complaints or be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if things go wrong.
    5. Online Presence and Reviews: Various online resources and websites have flagged as suspicious. These include Web Paranoid and, suggesting the need for caution and further investigation before any engagement with the bank.

    Skyline Finance Savings Bank Review Conclusion

    Our review of Skyline Finance Savings Bank presents a concerning picture. The combination of regulatory warnings, particularly from a reputable body like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the suspicious status accorded by various online scam assessment platforms, casts a significant shadow over the legitimacy and safety of engaging with this entity. The lack of regulatory authorization not only questions the operational integrity of the bank but also strips potential clients of the protective measures that are typically afforded by engaging with authorized financial institutions. Furthermore, the inconsistencies and potential inaccuracies in the contact information add to the opacity surrounding this entity, making it difficult to verify its authenticity and intentions.

    The warning by the FCA, a hallmark of vigilance in the financial sector, should be heeded with utmost seriousness. It serves as a clear indicator that Skyline Finance Savings Bank may not be complying with the legal and ethical standards required for financial entities in the UK. Engaging with such an entity carries a high risk, not only in terms of potential financial losses but also concerning data security and privacy.

    The Bottom Line Regarding

    In an era where online financial frauds are increasingly sophisticated, the anomalies and red flags highlighted in this review serve as a crucial reminder of the importance of thorough due diligence. It underscores the necessity of engaging with financial entities that are transparent, accountable, and most importantly, regulated by recognized authorities.

    This review, therefore, strongly advises potential clients to exercise caution, conduct comprehensive research, and consider safer, verified alternatives for their financial dealings. Remember, safeguarding one’s financial interests goes beyond seeking profitable opportunities; it fundamentally rests on ensuring the security and legitimacy of the platforms we choose to engage with.

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