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On January 16, 2024, we received the following complaint:

I was enticed into an arbitrage investment scheme by I invested $100,000. When I attempted to withdraw my profits, they claimed that I needed to pay taxes before cashing out. Regrettably, I paid an additional $103,000 to facilitate the withdrawal, but I have not received anything so far.

So what is, and is it a SCAM? Review was registered on July 18, 2023, for one year through Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Development Co. Ltd. The registrant is the organization Xue Pan Pan from HeBeiSheng, China, according to Whois Records.

On Google, only the homepage,, is indexed, but it has no description, and no information is available for this site, indicating the website’s robots.txt is most likely blocking Google from reading the site’s description.

Based on the information provided, “” appears to be a website offering a cryptocurrency wallet service, similar to Trust Wallet, a well-known and reputable crypto wallet app. The website promotes storing, trading, and earning interest on various cryptocurrencies and NFTs without requiring a Trust account. The source code provided indicates a typical webpage structure with links to various CSS and JavaScript files, which is standard for modern websites.

Red Flags

However, several critical red flags and concerning points emerge upon closer examination:

  1. Domain Name and Similarity to Trust Wallet: The domain “” closely resembles “Trust Wallet,” a legitimate and popular crypto wallet service. This similarity could be a deliberate attempt to mislead or confuse users into thinking they are dealing with the official Trust Wallet site.
  2. Lack of Transparency and Information: The website’s source code includes meta tags that instruct search engines not to index or follow the links (“noindex, nofollow”). This is unusual for a legitimate business, as it prevents the site from appearing in search engine results, reducing visibility and transparency.
  3. Customer Service Chat Link: The chat service link provided ( seems to be an external site, which raises concerns about its legitimacy and the security of any information shared through this chat service.
  4. App Store and Google Play Links: The links to the Trust Wallet app on the App Store and Google Play Store appear legitimate, but they might be used to lend credibility to the “” site. It’s important to differentiate between the official Trust Wallet app and this website.
  5. Licensing and Regulatory Information: The content provided does not include any specific licensing or regulatory information for “,” which is a significant red flag. Legitimate financial services, especially those handling cryptocurrencies, are typically regulated and required to display their licensing information prominently.
  6. Contact Information: There is a notable absence of clear contact information such as physical addresses, emails, or phone numbers for “,” which is a common characteristic of fraudulent sites.
  7. Overall Presentation and Content: The lack of detailed information about the company, its services, and its team, combined with the absence of user testimonials or reviews, raises concerns about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the site.

In conclusion, while “” purports to offer services similar to Trust Wallet, the lack of transparency, potential for confusion with a legitimate service, and absence of regulatory information are serious red flags. These factors suggest that the site could be a scam designed to mislead and potentially defraud users.

Trustrding Reviews

Based on the available information, it appears that there are serious concerns regarding the legitimacy and safety of using the website “” Here is a summary of the key points relevant to our review:

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    1. Trust Wallet Impersonation: “” seems to mimic the legitimate “Trust Wallet” service. Trust Wallet is a well-known and reputable multi-chain, self-custody cryptocurrency wallet. However, the similarity in the domain name and services offered suggests that “” might be attempting to exploit the reputation of the genuine Trust Wallet for deceptive purposes.
    2. Negative User Reviews and Experiences: Numerous user reviews and comments indicate a range of issues with “,” including unauthorized transactions, loss of funds, inability to transfer or withdraw funds, and lack of effective customer support. Users report significant financial losses and difficulty in getting any responsive assistance from the website’s support team.
    3. Security and Phishing Concerns: The website is flagged for high-risk activity related to phishing and spamming. Users have reported suspicious activities, such as unauthorized swapping of coins and transactions that fail but still incur fees. There are also instances where users are asked for sensitive information like private keys, which is a common tactic in phishing scams.
    4. Lack of Transparency and Misleading Information: The website lacks clear and transparent information about its operations. There is no evidence of regulatory compliance or licensing, which are critical for financial service providers, especially in the cryptocurrency domain.
    5. Scam Warnings and Low Trust Scores: Independent scam assessment platforms like Scam Detector and ScamDoc have given “” a very low trust score, indicating it as high-risk and potentially involved in phishing activities. The domain’s recent creation and the hidden identity of its owner further contribute to these suspicions.
    6. Limited or No HTTPS Connection: The absence of a secure HTTPS connection on “” raises concerns about the safety and security of data transmission on the site, which is crucial for financial transactions.
    7. Reports on External Forums and Discussions: Discussions on external forums like NDNation highlight cases where users have been deceived by the website, with money being frozen or lost due to fraudulent activities.

    Conclusion is a website that claims to offer cryptocurrency wallet services similar to the well-known Trust Wallet. However, our in-depth analysis and investigation into this site have revealed several alarming issues that cast doubt on its legitimacy and suggest it might be a scam.’s strategy appears to be one of impersonation. Its domain name and service offerings closely mimic those of the legitimate Trust Wallet, potentially misleading users into believing they are interacting with the reputable service. This kind of mimicry is a common tactic used by fraudulent sites to exploit the trust and reputation of established brands.

    A major concern with is its lack of transparency. The website’s instructions to search engines to avoid indexing its pages are highly unusual for a legitimate business, as it hides the site from public view and scrutiny. This lack of visibility is compounded by the absence of comprehensive information about the company and its services, which is a red flag for any user looking to engage with a financial service provider.

    User reviews and experiences with paint a troubling picture. There are numerous reports of unauthorized transactions, difficulties in transferring or withdrawing funds, non-responsive customer support, and significant financial losses. Such experiences are indicative of a platform that is not only failing to provide its purported services but may also be actively engaging in deceptive practices.

    The website has been flagged for high-risk activities related to phishing and spamming. Users have reported suspicious activities that are characteristic of online scams, such as unauthorized coin swapping and inexplicable fees charged for failed transactions. These security concerns are serious and suggest that the website could be part of a larger phishing operation designed to extract sensitive information and funds from unsuspecting users.

    Furthermore, has received very low trust scores from independent scam assessment platforms, reinforcing the suspicion that it’s involved in fraudulent activities. The recent creation of the domain and the hidden identity of its owner add to these concerns.

    The absence of regulatory compliance or licensing information, which is critical for financial service providers, especially in the cryptocurrency sector, is another significant issue. The lack of clear contact details further erodes the credibility of

    Bottom Line

    Based on our review, we strongly advise users to exercise caution and avoid engaging with

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    The combination of impersonation, lack of transparency, negative user experiences, security concerns, and absence of regulatory information strongly suggests that this website is a scam.

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