Stealth EX Review – Truly Anonymous Exchange

Stealth EX is yet another anonymous exchange that claims to enable people to buy or convert their cryptocurrencies without having to complete any kind or form of KYC. While some people like their platform, due to their domain era, many users are worried about the legitimacy and since they are in the crypto field, we really cannot blame their conservative approach.

If you visit their platform, the user interface is friendly and their design is exceptional, to say the least. There are some flaws and missing parts when it comes to their transparency, but as we could not find any verified allegations against them, for the time being, it is better to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Also, do not forget that in terms of transparency, this platform is not the best one out there. The fees charged by them and the spreads present while buying certain coins via this platform are high and it might be a deal breaker for quite a few people. In the blockchain world, a lot of activities are occurring on a daily basis.

While the potential is immense, an individual needs to pay special attention to details in order to stay safe. Before proceeding with this exchange, go through our unbiased review and then take a decision.

Stealth EX Review

Stealth EX calls itself a custody-free crypto exchange. The core concept they highly boast about is the anonymity factor. This platform is certainly not the first of its kind, but the good thing about them is the kind of popularity and user feedback they have earned in a very short period of time.

Their website has got excellent trust ratings from major monitors and one glance at their user feedback is enough for a lot of people to place their trust in them. The data regarding their owners are unknown. They do interact with the public through email. Given the scale they are operating at, it is indeed strange to see them not offer telephone support or Live Chat functionality.

On the other end of the spectrum, the tools available on their website to calculate the conversion and the swap rates are top-notch. Lastly, when it comes to user experience it is hard to find any flaws on their website. Though this platform might be new, their presentation skills tell us a lot about them, and gauging by their skillset, they sure seem like professionals. 

How to Use Stealth EX Exchange?

If you are an average user of social media platforms, then you won’t find any problems while navigating this platform. Everything about the process is self-explanatory and the lack of KYC is the main tagline that can be found through their interface. First and foremost, users have to register themselves by providing their email address.

Once the ID is verified, users can identify the rough estimations by using the swap calculator and buy calculator provided on the homepage. Note that due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrencies, the rates quoted and the rates at which the transactions are executed might be different.

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    The calculator is an extremely useful tool for both beginners and experienced investors. Fees and other costs depend upon the coins you select and the kind of liquidity they have plays a major role as well. The receiver’s wallet address has to be pasted in the last step and once the transaction is done, they are irreversible.

    So, double-check the wallet address always to be on the safer side, and for added safety turn 2 FA whenever you can. If you are planning to buy cryptocurrencies, then know that there are much better alternatives available and the spreads on this platform are on the higher side.

    Visa is the only fiat option they support and for most users, it won’t be a problem. All the transactions are said to be completed within 5 minutes to half an hour. In case, the transactions are not updated, then clients have to get in touch with the support team immediately. 

    Spreads and Fees

    Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a lot of volatility and thanks to the institutional invasion, the craze is only going higher. With so much chaos and confusion, the spreads and fees associated with the coins in general is certainly high compared to traditional instruments. This platform does not reveal the average spreads or fees outright.

    Spreads generally are a lot higher than most reputable exchanges such as Binance, Bitmex, etc. If you frequently swap the cryptocurrencies you are holding, then it might be better to go with reputable alternatives as they provide the highest level of security. On the other hand, if you want an anonymous way to swap or buy cryptocurrencies in small amounts, then this platform might be worth a try.

    Our advice is to test them with a small amount and see the way the transaction goes. If you are satisfied, then scale up, but remember one thing, as they are not regulated or overseen by any authority any kind of issues might take a long time to get resolved. Moreover, their support team is also not the quickest one to cater to the needs of the clients. 

    Supported Coins

    Every single day, one or the other new ICO is hitting the market. This platform claims to support over 300 coins. Simply put, the available option is easily more than enough for the average user.

    However, if you like to maintain a diverse and rounded portfolio, then this exchange is not the one to choose. Below, we have listed the top coins they support. Though all of the main ones are present, due to a lack of clarity on the fee structure, we cannot recommend them wholeheartedly. 

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Monero
    • Zcash
    • Bitcoin SV
    • Horizen

    Support Team

    Providing quality support is a main priority for many top brokers and exchanges as it is a proven way to earn credibility in the sector. Moreover, an exceptional support team always creates a lot of word-of-mouth marketing and that is a huge plus side to have especially for new companies. The only mode of communication used by Stealth EX is email.

    Based on user feedback, they are said to get in touch with the users quickly. Nonetheless, as this mode is easily something that can quickly turn into a nightmare, we are not their biggest fan in that regard. Perhaps the most annoying thing about them is that they do not mention their working hours.

    In other words, the average response time is unknown and for any reason, if their email servers are hit, then the clients have no other way of contacting them. They do have a telegram group, but that is not something that provides quick one on one assistance, right? It would be nice from the customer’s perspective, if they offer telephone assistance, but for the time being email is all they have got.

    • Address – Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960
    • Email –

    Stealth EX User Feedback

    Stealth EX has apparently phenomenal user feedback on the web. To verify the claims made by many review websites, we decided to dig up some data. Honestly, we were quite shocked to see their almost perfect ratings on Trustpilot, and without a doubt, their PR team has done a good job.

    We have to admit that a few reviews and comments smell a bit fishy, but again as there is a lack of data, we have to be careful while dealing with them. There are a few exchanges that have manipulated the user feedback aspect in the past for their advantage and thankfully all of them were exposed later.

    We are not implying that this platform is also doing the same questionable activities, but it is unusual to see so many positive comments in such a short span of time. Here are the Reddit and Trustpilot links using which you can directly get a glimpse. Ask yourself, isn’t it just way too perfect?

    Affiliate Program

    This platform offers an easy way for online marketers to make money with them. However, their terms and conditions are pretty vague and the exact commissions are hidden from the public. Affiliate marketing is a booming sector and many people make a living off of it. The problem with this sector in relation to the exchanges is that it creates room for conflict of interest.

    Almost all of the top brokers, exchanges, and firms offer referral programs and they are open about it. If you are someone that has access to web traffic, then you can get in touch with their marketing team to find more details.

    We do not know whether they provide any marketing or promotional tools. Either way, make sure that you comply with all of their policies and do not follow any unethical ways of driving traffic as it allows them and other entities to outright ban you. 

    Is Stealth EX a Scam?

    Maybe or maybe not, but we cannot say anything for sure just yet. On one hand, their platform looks neat, and clearly, a lot of attention is given to the user experience aspect. The calculator and blog content is top notch and they do not feature any telltale signs of a typical scam. On the flip side, they do not share any news about their employees or founders.

    Also, the data regarding their legal status and licenses are kept hidden. On Reddit users have posted negative statements about their activities. Due to the amount of confusion that exists, we suggest you look elsewhere if you are planning to swap or buy cryptocurrencies. The only way anyone might prefer to stay with them as of now is if they really want to buy cryptocurrencies anonymously.

    Note that regardless of the things exchanges say, the anonymity factor nowadays is slowly fading and thanks to the latest forensic tools, it won’t take long for authorities to trace the real buyers. If you have not received money or coins from them though you entered all the details correctly, then do get in touch with us using the contact form. We will go over the details you have provided us and plot the best way of recovering the funds. 


    Stealth EX exchange has a few merits, but it also has a ton of demerits. Anonymity is something that everyone likes to a certain extent, but the security of the funds is still the top priority. So, to ensure the exchange of funds or swaps safely, use regulated exchanges and never forget to double-check the wallet address every single time.

    As far as this platform goes, give them some more time to prove themselves and it will tell us everything we need to know about them. At the end of the day, our goal is to encourage our audience to be very defensive and conservative in their approach and that’s exactly what we are doing in this case as well.

    Have you used the Stealth EX exchange? Were you happy with their service? Share your views below.

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