Review – Is it Legit? is an investment platform that promises returns ranging from 80% to over 200% on a monthly basis. They are apparently involved in the cloud mining niche, but guess what?

Almost everything about them is shady and the kind of red flags present are plenty. First and foremost, the creators are unknown. Incorporation certificate isn’t present.

Contact details put up by them acts like a red flag as well. Moving on to the profit calculator, it is very obvious that they are bluffing.

Given the current landscape, it is impossible to even reach double digit returns unless you are very strategically placed. To know all of the gimmicks employed by this entity, continue reading. Review

Is this firm Licensed?

Number of scams in the online investment world are pretty significant. So, to safeguard our interest, we should always stick with regulated organisations. claims to offer investment packages which means, by default they have to be under the radar of a regulatory body. However, if you run a simple background check, they are not overseen by any authority.

In simple words, they are unregulated and for the most part, they can and will run away with your money sooner or later. Now ask yourself, do you still want to proceed with them? Aren’t their flaws way too obvious?

How does Work?

This is the question which is probably in everyone’s mind. According to their narrative, they are supposedly using efficient mining equipment that ensures them high returns.

While the narrative peddled by them sounds okay that is not the case. Regardless of which type of equipment or algorithm they use, it is impossible to make around 80% returns on a monthly basis.

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    Cloud mining was profitable in the last few years, but a lot of things have changed over the last couple of years. Due to raising costs and competition, it is almost impossible for retail investors to make considerable returns. If anyone says otherwise, then do yourself a favor and walk away from the conversation. 

    Profit Projections

    Calculating costs involved in mining is hard. Returns are not always guaranteed and the price of the underlying coin will keep fluctuating.

    Hedging is also not preferable as it gobbles up a lot of financial resources. claims to generate returns that range around 200% on a monthly basis. Big claims are often enticing, but think about the reality for a moment.

    Isn’t the kind of offer made by this firm just like a typical get rich quick scheme. Similarities between a ponzi scheme and this firm are too thin and their future is certainly bleak.

    Given every fact about them, you should never dare to invest with them because the chances of getting your funds back is too close to zero.

    Referral Program

    Just like most bogus crypto investment platforms, this one also has a very attractive affiliate structure. For every successful deposit, marketers make around 10% which is on the higher side especially for the trading niche.

    Naturally, the conflict of interest arises and usually affiliates go to great lengths to convince people. If you come across any sort of positive reviews about this firm that also contains referral links, then simply run in the opposite direction.

    Remember, the only way these crooks make money is by misleading the public and they are usually good at setting up the traps.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner User Reviews

    This firm has received a significant rating on Trustpilot. However, that does not necessarily mean much because most of the comments appear to be overly optimistic and kind of promotional.

    Just in case you are wondering, know that there is no possible way to verify most claims present about them. We strongly believe that the truth will surface on top, but it does take time and until then we wouldn’t advise our readers to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    As there is no way to eliminate fake user reviews or testimonials, we need to verify things first hand before taking a stance. As far as this one goes, do not let a handful of comments made by random users misguide you. Scam or Legit? is a scam. They operate in the dark side of the regulatory framework and there is no such thing as safety of funds if you proceed with them.

    Gimmicks employed by them to trick people are also plenty which clearly means they do not follow moral compass. After analyzing them from multiple angles, it is evident that they will cause nothing but financial ruin to the users.

    So, as the end result is easy to gauge, you should stay away from them at any cost. 


    Cryptocurrency related investment opportunities are numerous. While it is possible to make significant results, you need to figure out an edge before investing the capital or else things will go downhill pretty fast.

    Lastly, never look for shortcuts because most of them are nothing more than blatant cash grab schemes. 

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