Review – Dubai Scam is a Dubai-based crypto mining platform that generates up to 30% monthly returns. According to their narrative, no risk is associated with their investment packages.

In case you are wondering, know that they are unregulated, and the real owners of this firm are unknown. Most of their claims are fake, and their only goal is to loot investors in the name of crypto mining.

We did a thorough study of this platform and found boatloads of flaws. The things they are engaged in range from borderline illegal to outright cruel.

If you want to know their real nature and understand how their operational model works, stick with us until the end. Also, if you have any experience with them, leave a comment below and voice your opinion via our website. Review

Is Trustworthy?

Not at all. First and foremost, this firm is unregulated and offers the public high-risk investment opportunities. Secondly, the contact details they put up do not involve a phone number which means they are trying to stay below the radar.

Lastly, how they sell investment packages is unethical, and we have nothing but bad things to say about them. Lack of regulation and shady traits means you must stay away from them, or financial ruin is almost guaranteed.

If the opportunity they represented was risk-free, why aren’t they billionaires yet? Once you start thinking logically, you can easily spot all the lies in their explanation. 

How does it work? makes money by employing several mining algorithms that are highly efficient. They talk about the electricity price in Dubai, and according to the data on their site, the electricity cost is said to be low.

We did a few quick calculations, and guess what? Crooks running this circus have bluffed about the operational model. It is impossible to sustain double-digit returns in the mining space.

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    Also, the energy cost is not that cheap in Dubai, and it is next to impossible to gain an edge over the other giants in the sector.

    Simply put, they follow a Ponzi-type business model but are projecting themselves as a legit investment firm. 

    Profit Calculator

    This platform is said to generate returns ranging from 25% to around 30% every month with no risk involved. We do agree that their claims sound amazing. Nonetheless, it will never unfold in reality.

    As the mining sector is too competitive, it is impossible to achieve double-digit returns even annually unless you have access to electricity at bargain prices.

    Also, the amount required to hedge oneself against the price swings of cryptocurrencies is enormous. Simply put, do not rely on their calculator because it is just a gimmick to lure people in.

    Fake Claims claims to be associated with many big firms in the crypto space. However, the reality suggests otherwise. There is no connection between them and the legit crypto exchanges.

    As expected, they have not put up any verifiable documents to say otherwise, and their motives are too obvious to ignore. Think about it for a moment; why would they lie about themselves unless they had something to hide?

    Isn’t the fact that they are pretending too easy to spot? 

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    Is Scam or Legit?

    We can confidently say that this firm is nothing more than a hustle. They talk about crypto mining, but the kind of vague explanation put up by them tells us everything we need to know.

    Apart from selling, people get rich quick offers; the creators do not specialize in anything that can be categorized as a skill. If anyone proceeds with them, they will lose their money sooner or later.

    As the plot is predictable, we suggest our readers avoid interacting with them in any way. After all, isn’t putting our best interest the right thing to do? Review Conclusion

    Before summarizing our review, here’s a report one of our partners received regarding the site:

    This is the website and after making my first buy on “Bitmain Antminer T17″($1000), I was able to withdraw $40 after 4 days. So it seemed trustable and I bought two “Bitmain Antminer E9″($10000 each) and when I tried to withdraw $1115, the process kept on “waiting” for 5 days now, when the declared time was 24h. I already sent several email to, but got no reply. is a Ponzi scheme that relies on new investors’ money to keep themselves afloat. Soon, their momentum will be lost, and they will crumble to pieces.

    Sadly, only the investors will be at risk at the end of the day.

    If you have lost your funds to Scam, reach out to us. We will help you recover your money. 

    Update (March 28, 2023): We received a report from a person who invested $200 with Cryptomine Ltd and successfully withdrew $10 but has not received a withdrawal of $93. They cannot access the website or their account and have emailed Cryptomine Ltd without receiving a response.

    Update (May 23, 2023) – Here’s another complaint we received about Cryptomine LTD:

    I wanted to inform you that I have unfortunately been a victim of a scam perpetrated by

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    4 thoughts on “ Review – Dubai Scam”

    1. I invested a $1000 package in and got scammed by this platform in less than a month. I did not get the 30% return and I could not withdraw my money. This morning, 14 March 2023, I got kicked out and they blocked my access to my account. This also happened to at least 30 people I know.

    2. Hello Sirs
      Me and 30 of my freinds invest in a company named for one month everything wasok but after that non of us can withdraw our money and then do not even resopnse us. I am here to confirm your report that this company is really a cyber scam and warn everyone not to invest in this company.
      Best refards

    3. Dear sirs
      I and my freinds have lost our money in this company. It is 3 days since we put an order to withdraw bitcoin but it has not yet been in our wallet. Would you please help us?
      Best regards

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