Sup3r5 Black Ps5 – Real Deal or Scam?

Thanks to social media marketing and paid advertising Sup3r5 Black Ps5 became viral in the western hemisphere. Many people tried to put in pre-orders, but only the lucky few got the confirmation letter. The sleek looking retro black ps5 was something which the entire gaming sector adored. However, things took an ugly turn and a lot of controversies popped up.

Team members of the manufacturing firm received a lot of heated comments and legit threats which made them back out of the project. As a result, now they have to refund all the money and some people are already labelling them as a fraud due to the delayed transactions.

It is too early to label them and in this specific scenario only the time can tell whether the critics were right or not. Go through the following paragraphs to understand more about the operational model of Sup3r5 and by the time you finish reading the post, you will have utmost clarity of the situation.

Sup3r5 Black Ps5 Review

Sup3r5 Company

We all know the level of excitement around the new Sony Ps5 product. Gamers all around the globe are waiting anxiously to get their hands on the item. The demand is so huge and every time new stocks hit the retailers, it will be emptied within a matter of a couple of hours. Sony is offering a limited amount of choices to the customers when it comes to the colors and to fulfill the need for customization, many new firms are stepping in.

While the majority of firms that claim to offer customization turn out to be scams, Sup3r5 is certainly not one of them. The team behind Sup3r5 is well known in the community and they have a decent size following on Twitter. Unfortunately, this firm suffered huge losses due to the threats from various people for making Ps5 Black.

As the situation got heated and received negative feedback from the society, the company had to stop all it’s operations and proceeded to refund all the orders. The details regarding the refunds are available or accessible for people who ordered in the first place.

So, we cannot comment anything on the matter yet. On the bright side, we didn’t find any negative customer reviews on them. Moreover, as far as we could tell, their policies were impeccable too.

Cost of Retro black Ps5

The Ps5 is coming out in two forms, one is the digital version and the other is the normal disc version. Gamers have to buy additional consoles separately as the package ships with only one console. Rates for the product varies vastly depending upon your location. In the United States, depending upon the variant you want the costs will be anywhere between $399 to $599.

For additional accessories such as the headphone and other things, the details can be found at the official website. Coming to the specifics, Sup3r5 Black Ps5 was priced at $649 which was above Sony’s pricing. Given the things this firm brought to the table, the cost was reasonable. Note that as of now, the platform doesn’t sell any variants of the products.

There are few rumours floating on the internet saying that this firm might come back with Invite Only business model, but nothing is confirmed yet. Also, keep in mind that all the products sold by Sup3r5 are not covered under warranty. In other words, if you received a faulty or damaged product, then there is no way to return the item and you will be stuck with it. The lack of warranty is definitely a deal breaker for many.

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    Is Sup3r5 a Scam?

    It doesn’t look like it yet. As we mentioned before, we cannot comment anything about their authenticity yet. Apart from a few posts on Reddit and wild speculation about the way this firm is structured, there isn’t much to talk about. For starters, nothing alarming about them is present on the internet.

    They have maintained positive relations with the customers and have given public statements about their next steps. Furthermore, they are offering complete refunds too. So, we can’t find fault in their business model by any means.

    Sadly, due to the setbacks the firm faced, a lot of people might be upset about missing the cool looking Retro Black Ps5’s. On the flip side, there wasn’t much the team members could do and just like any other rational human being, they are giving utmost priority to safety by backing out.

    Sup3r5 Issues and Confusions

    On various social media platforms, people are labelling this firm as a scam due to the way they backed out of their commitment. Many gamers are under the impression that all of the drama with the company was staged and their real intentions was always to hustle the customers.

    In today’s world, conspiracy theories and speculation just cannot be controlled and as a result, this firm has got some humiliating comments online. If you believe you have been scammed by them or if you haven’t received the funds yet, then contact them via their website.

    Usually, you are supposed to get a reply from them within 24 hours. For some reason, if they ignore your emails or if you have lost money to them, then reach out to our team to know the best and quick options for recovering the funds by filling the contact form on our website.


    Sup3r5 is a firm which faced a lot of difficulties in their early days and ultimately gave up on their goals. At the time of writing this review, they have even closed their official Twitter account and are slowly erasing their footprints online.

    Nonetheless, they have promised to return all the money taken in the name of preorders and they are still keeping in touch with their clients. There might be some delay with the transactions, but at the end of the day it’s something people can live with.

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    Have you received the refunds from Sup3r5? Share your views below.

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