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SupremeFxCrypto( is a new shady platform that offers binary options, forex, cryptocurrencies and a lot of other popular assets through a single platform. There are few investment plans available on their platform as well. They claim to be regulated by the CFTC and IFSC of Belize, but those statements are nothing more than a fabricated lie.

The data on their operational model is scarce and the explanation provided by them proves that they have no links with the actual financial sector. Just in case if you are wondering, the owners are unknown. Moreover, the names of the self-proclaimed expert traders this firm employs is also a mystery. The policies and the terms regarding the payments is unclear and the awards they display appear to be fake as well.

From the beginning, anyone with reasonable experience in the markets can easily see the flaws and the experienced ones will click away from them in a heartbeat. The chances of traders making money with them is almost zero and go through the following data to know the reasons behind it.

Online investing is growing at a tremendous pace and with the whole pandemic situation, things are only gaining more momentum. Sadly, the crooks are also aware of the trend and are creating false narratives around the sector to loot the unsuspecting beginners. 

SupremeFxCrypto Review

Regulatory Status and Certificates

To open a brokerage in the United States, the firm has to go through rigorous screening and it has to clear a lot of paperwork. More importantly, they have to set up segregated bank accounts to hold client’s funds and ensure proper compensation/insurance schemes as well. CFTC is a reputable authority and it never allows any firm to slip through their radar that easily.

Though there are many platforms coming into existence in the US, almost all of them will be hunted down by the law enforcement agencies within a short period of time. SupremeFxCrypto claims to be regulated by CFTC, CySec and IFSC of Belize. A typical investor would easily give them their credit card details in order to fund their account based upon their regulatory status alone.

However, it takes a lot of errors to fool us because we have seen every possible trick in the book over the years. For your information know that all of their statements are false and they are just featuring fancy names to earn the trust of the public.

Their real nature is very scary and there is no such thing as security or fair treatment once these scammers get access to your funds. So, do not entertain them in any way and if you ever are approached by them, then report the incident to your local cyber crime unit immediately. 

People Behind SupremeFxCrypto

If you are starting out your trading journey, then here’s a tip that will help you easily filter the reputable brokers. Always look for the transparency element and never engage with any entity that promises you easy returns and unbelievable low commissions. The kind of broker suitable for you also depends upon your trading approach as well. For example, if you are predominantly a scalper, then ECN or STP broker would be the best fit for you.

On the other hand, for positional traders keeping the swaps and commission low would be the number one priority and as such, market makers would be the suitable model for them. This platform claims to offer a wide array of instruments that range from CFDs to binary options. Binary options is an industry that is tainted and it is illegal in most places. Only registered and regulated firms are allowed to offer high risk derivatives in the US and clearly this firm is operating outside the boundaries of the law.

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    The information about the fund managers of this firm is unknown and there isn’t a clue about the founders as well. Based upon every single fact we uncovered about them, it is safer for everyone to keep a distance from these crooks. With so many illegal activities and criminal offenses carried out by them, clearly their only intention is to loot money from the public and flee the scene without leaving much traces about themselves. 

    Contact Details

    There are a multitude of ways of reaching their support team, but there is a hidden catch in the equation as well. If you go through their platform, you will find details about their location, phone number along with access to Live Chat support. At first glance, the available options seem enough and people will feel connected with the support staff, but that is not the thing the reality is dictating.

    If you try to contact them via live chat or phone, you will never get a response from them which means email is the only real option available. Scammers prefer email communication as it helps them stay low and avoid any kind of detection in the early phase and this one is using the exact same trick. The lack of genuine support team means they are on a very short budget and they might not be around for long.

    • Address – 130 cremona dr. 1911 santa barbara , ca 93116
    • Phone – +19178093820
    • Email –

    Assets Offered and Investment Plans

    According to their own data, they supposedly offer all the major cryptocurrency coins and pairs along with binary options. They have intentionally skipped on providing key details such as the spreads, cost of entry and swaps. Moreover, their investment schemes are vague and highly unprofessional as well. First of all, we have no clue about the number of trading instruments available.

    In other words, it prevents traders from keeping a balanced portfolio and especially in the world of volatile cryptos it is a deal breaker. The spreads are unknown, but we strongly believe that it will be higher than the standard established platforms such as Coinbase, Bitmex, etc,. Moving on to the binary options aspect, we are not informed about the expiry time period available.

    Binary options are highly speculative and the odds are huge and the probabilities will always be against you. While it is possible to make money using the instruments mentioned by them, it won’t be an easy thing and the risk present will be way too much for the newbies to face. So, keep realistic profit expectations and without knowing the entirety situation of the platform, do not invest with them.

    Can you really make money with SupremeFxCrypto?

    There is no way anyone can make or reach breakeven point with their investments using this platform. Even if you are a decent trader, initiating a position without knowing the leverage, spreads and swaps will be a huge risk and you won’t be able to witness any growth in the long run. They offer a web based trading platform and that means the functionalities will be extremely limited and it won’t do the trick for most professionals.

    Some of their clients might argue that the asset management services will make up for the flaws, but that side of the operational model is also confusing. For starters, the performance history and the drawdown percentage of their fund managers are not shown. The names of the people handling the funds is not revealed.

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    Also, the audited reports are not provided to the public. Given their criminal nature, do you really believe you will get any returns if you invest with them? The answer is obviously no, right? Making big returns is the dream of every trader, but unless that end goal is justified by proven strategies, do not get fixated on the end numbers. 


    On their website, we did find 3 customer testimonials. However, we can guarantee you that they are all fake and just like many bogus platforms, they have shown it only to appear successful. The mages used by them are mere stock photos that can be found even for free on the internet. Customer reviews or feedback is always an important metric to consider before making any judgement.

    We at Cyber Scam Review, always look for real users in order to get the actual information about the situation. Currently, there are no platforms wherein the users of this so called investment firm are active and as such, we couldn’t find any information.

    Do not be inclined towards trusting them just because there aren’t any reviews yet. Remember, the internet is an amazing place and nothing can be hidden for long in this realm. Lack of user feedback along with exaggerated comments from fake profiles means this platform does not provide any valuable service and that is the reason behind all the manufactured narratives. 

    Is SupremeFxCrypto a Fraudulent Platform?

    Yes, the nature and traits of SupremeFxCrypto clearly proves that this entire platform is nothing more than a scam that portrays itself like an investment portal. The way this firm earns money is not clear and their legal status without any doubts is criminal. Owners of this platform will face many years in jail if they ever get caught and for the very same reason, they are maintaining an anonymous nature.

    They do not have support staff and the only team they do run consists of the aggressive sales and marketing people. If any person puts in their personal information, then they are exposing themselves to a lot of risk and it might even lead to identity theft. Always use 2FA verification for all your banking apps and software just to be on the safer side. If you have already made the investment on this platform and are unable to hear back from them, then do not panic.

    All you have to do to recover your money is get in touch with us for a free consultation via the contact form below. We will give you personalised advice and show you the exact steps you need to execute in order to initiate the recovery process. The consumer protection laws have been around for many decades now. Sadly, as most people are not familiar with the banking laws and accounting rules, they are not educated about any of the processes involved. 

    SupremeFxCrypto Review Verdict

    SupremeFxCrypto appears to be yet another fake investment portal floating on the internet. All of their accomplishments are unverifiable and the awards they have allegedly won does not count for anything. Their background story is fabricated and their legality highlights their real motives unlike anything else.

    Moreover, their support team is unresponsive and the policies on deposits and withdrawals aren’t present too. We suggest all of our readers to be extremely careful when it comes to cryptocurrency trading and risk only the kind of money that you can afford to lose. Lastly, do not even consider any unregulated platform regardless of the features they display and stick with the top ones to ensure the best trading experience.

    SupremeFxCrypto is a scam and the facts are crystal clear. Do not invest with them regardless of the things they might feature to capture your attention.

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