T-Mobile $100 Scam Message – Phishing

T-Mobile just like every other carrier experiences issues from time to time. This time around on social media, many people are talking about a new message supposedly sent by T-Mobile that promises the users $100. However, in reality the T-Mobile $100 Scam message is nothing more than a phishing trap set up by cyber criminals.

Officially, there is no clarification provided. Nonetheless, the traits of the websites linked out are too obvious and most people can easily see through the veil without anyone’s help.

In this post, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about this scam, the ways of recovering money(if you have lost it) and the traits they usually exhibit. More importantly, we are going to provide you some safety tips which will help you detect potential scams in the future. 

T-Mobile $100 Scam Message

What is the T-Mobile $100 Scam?

T-Mobile $100 Scam messages are the chain of text messages that promises receivers a cash prize of $100. Obviously, it is not sent by the actual company, instead the whole thing is just a hoax. The real intention of the scammers is to extract information from people which later can be used by them for a lot of sinister purposes.

We could not find much information about how they collected the number in the first place. Though we cannot trace the source of the leak, it is highly advisable to stay away from these kinds of messages. Whenever you spot something that is way too good to be true, simply contact the customer support.

Official sources always work for your benefit and they will let you know whether an event or promotion is genuine or not. Also, do report the scam messages to your local cyber security unit. While police might not take immediate action, it will help them build a solid database.

How to avoid Phishing scams?

Data is an important tool and it is worth billions. People nowadays have to be very careful about the kind of things they share online. While buying anti-virus programs might help you, it is not a fool proof tool. The easiest way of avoiding the phishing scam is to just check or trace the identity of the sender.

When genuine businesses run promotions, they maintain a strict code of ethics and they will be transparent. Scammers on the other hand love to be anonymous and their main intention is to trick you into revealing personal information.

If anyone asks for things like your social security number or PIN codes, then it is most likely to be a scam. Also, do not click on any links that look suspicious and in case you spot grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, run in the opposite direction. Lastly, never act impulsively regardless of what narrative anyone throws at you. 

T-Mobile $100 Scam Public Reaction

T-Mobile $100 Scam messages quickly became a hot topic in the community. People were talking about it all over the internet. From social media platforms to third party forums, you can find a thread about it with just a few clicks.

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    Below, we have pulled up a few comments made by users. Isn’t it nice to see people being so aware and helping others make the right choice? (Source – T-Mobile)

    Is the $100 T-mobile reward a scam? 

    It’s a scam it don’t even have the t mobile website for it and my brother got one too and he don’t even have t mobile lmao

    Have you lost money?

    If you have lost money to this phishing scam or to any type of online hustles, get in touch with us. We will gather data about your case and handle the legalities involved for free.

    Our team will assist you with the recovery process and we won’t rest until you see results. All of our services and offerings come with no strings attached. 


    T-Mobile $100 Scam Message thankfully met with an early death. As this phishing trap was obvious, people easily could understand their real motives.

    Till now, there is nothing serious reported about them. Nonetheless, do not take these types of issues lightly. Lastly, help us spread the word by sharing this post with your friends and family. 

    If you have received T-Mobile $100 Scam Message, please delete it and do not forget to report the incident.

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