TexacoRecoveryFirm Review: Scam or Safe?

Welcome to our Texaco Recovery Firm review regarding the website at TexacoRecoveryFirm.com.

On December 13, 2023, we received the following recommendation via our Facebook page:

Many people have been deceived by fraudulent Bitcoin investment schemes. It’s crucial to educate people about how these investment scams operate. Typically, defrauded investors are either contacted through email or social media with alluring investment opportunities by scammers, or they are persuaded by friends, family members, or online romantic partners who share stories of their online financial successes and encourage them to try it too. Indeed, anyone can fall victim to a scam, but here’s the good news: it’s possible to recover lost money and assets. Texaco Recovery Firm specializes in retrieving whatever you’ve lost, regardless of the amount or how long ago it occurred. They can assist you in recovering your losses. For more information, visit Texaco Recovery Firm at texacorecoveryfirm.com.

The user, chezia.gubbs, in their audacity, did not consider the consequences of spamming a page that specializes in exposing scams.

So is TexacoRecoveryFirm.com just a Spammer, or also a Scammer?

Texaco Recovery Firm Review - Screenshot of texacorecoveryfirm.com

TexacoRecoveryFirm.com Review

TexacoRecoveryFirm.com was registered on October 17, 2022, updated on October 22, 2023, and is set to expire on October 17, 2024. Withheld for Privacy protects it, while OVH SAS hosts it.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 4 backlinks from 3 referring domains, including trustedrevie.ws and pages.dev.

According to their website, Texaco Recovery Firm is an organization specializing in international investigative services, particularly focused on recovering assets and cash lost to fraudulent schemes and fake investments, including Binary Options and other similar scams. The firm presents itself as a beacon of hope for individuals and businesses that have been victimized by financial fraud, offering a range of services to assist in the recovery of lost funds.

Texaco Recovery Firm claims to have a team composed of experts with backgrounds in various investment and investigative fields. Their services include asset claiming, investment planning, intelligence gathering, and legal consultation. They emphasize their understanding of the complexities of financial scams and their commitment to helping clients recover their funds.

The website lists multiple contact details:

  • Address: Avenida António Santos Leite, Maia, Porto, Portugal.
    Phone Numbers: +351962273150 (a Portugal number), +16316904245 (a New York, USA number).
  • Email Addresses: Support@texacorecoveryfirm.com, info@texacorecoveryfirm.com.
  • Social Media Accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube. (However, links to social media accounts are placeholders, and there are no actual social media accounts linked from them.)

The website also provides a service pricing table with different packages, indicating different levels of service provisions.

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    Critical Assessment and Potential Red Flags

    While the website presents the firm as a legitimate and professional entity, there are several red flags that may raise concerns:

    1. Overpromising Results: The firm seems to promise the recovery of funds in a broad range of scenarios without specifying the likelihood of success or the complexities involved in such processes. This could be seen as overpromising, which is often a tactic used by fraudulent entities.
    2. Lack of Specific Regulatory Information: There’s a lack of detailed information about regulatory compliance or oversight. Legitimate asset recovery firms typically provide information about their regulatory status or professional affiliations to establish credibility.
    3. Generic and Repetitive Content: Much of the website content appears generic and repetitive, with multiple instances of the same information. This can be indicative of a lack of depth in the services provided or an attempt to fill the website with content without offering substantial information.
    4. Highly Promotional Tone: The tone of the website is highly promotional, focusing on convincing potential clients of their capability to recover assets. This can sometimes be a tactic to attract clients without providing substantial evidence of successful recovery cases.
    5. Absence of Client Testimonials or Case Studies: There is a notable absence of detailed client testimonials or case studies. Legitimate firms typically use such information to demonstrate their track record and effectiveness.
    6. Pricing Structure: The website lists a pricing structure for various packages, which is unusual for asset recovery services. Typically, such services would have a more customized pricing approach based on the specific case details.
    7. Use of Lorem Ipsum Text: The presence of ‘Lorem Ipsum’ placeholder text in various sections suggests that the website is either incomplete or not attentively managed. This is unprofessional and raises questions about the authenticity of the content.

    TexacoRecoveryFirm.com Reviews

    There are some mentions of Texaco Recovery Firm on the Google index, but most of them are from spam comments like the one they bestowed on us.

    Please submit your own reviews regarding Texaco Recovery Firm by commenting below or on cryptocurrency forums.

    The only TexacoRecoveryFirm review is an automated one by ScamAdviser, which highlights several concerns and offers a critical perspective on the website’s legitimacy:

    1. Low Trust Rating: The website has a very low trust score of 1 out of 100, which strongly indicates it could be a scam. This low rating suggests users should exercise extreme caution when dealing with the site.
    2. Negative Highlights Identified:
      – A high number of suspicious websites are hosted on the same server, potentially indicating a pattern of fraudulent activities.
      – The website’s registrar has a high percentage of spammers and fraud sites, suggesting a lack of stringent verification processes.
      – Texacorecoveryfirm.com offers money recovery services, which is a sector often associated with risks and scams.
      – The website is relatively young, which is typical for scam websites that are often taken down after a few months due to rising complaints.
      – The hosting company for the site has a bad reputation, which could impact the reliability and security of the website.

    In summary, ScamAdviser’s review raises significant concerns about the legitimacy of texacorecoveryfirm.com, mainly due to its low trust score, association with a high number of suspicious websites, and the nature of its services in a high-risk sector.


    In our review of TexacoRecoveryFirm.com, we find ourselves confronting a complex scenario. The site’s presentation as a solution for those defrauded by investment scams is appealing, yet the details reveal potential red flags.

    TexacoRecoveryFirm.com’s Online Presence:

    • Registered in October 2022 and set to expire in 2024, the site’s relatively short lifespan is concerning. Websites with brief durations are common among scam operations.
    • The presence of only a few backlinks and a low SEMrush Authority Score does not convincingly establish its online credibility or visibility.

    Website Content and Offerings:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • The firm claims expertise in recovering assets lost to fraudulent investments, a service in high demand given the rise in online scams.
    • Despite outlining services like asset claiming and legal consultation, the site lacks substantial client testimonials or case studies, which are critical for establishing trust and credibility in the asset recovery domain.

    Concerning Indicators:

    • A highly promotional tone without sufficient backing of success stories or client feedback.
    • The absence of specific regulatory compliance information is crucial for firms handling financial recovery.
    • The use of placeholder content (Lorem Ipsum) indicates a lack of attention to detail or an unfinished website.

    ScamAdviser’s Analysis:

    • A low trust score of 1/100 on ScamAdviser is a significant red flag, hinting at the site being potentially unsafe.
    • The association of the site’s server with numerous suspicious websites and a registrar known for a high percentage of spam and fraud sites further amplifies concerns.

    Bottom Line

    While the concept of a firm specializing in the recovery of assets from scams is commendable, TexacoRecoveryFirm.com exhibits numerous characteristics typical of fraudulent sites.

    The lack of regulatory transparency, the website’s youth, coupled with negative findings from ScamAdviser, and the absence of genuine user reviews or substantial online presence, all point towards a high risk of the site being a scam.

    As always, we recommend thorough due diligence and advise potential clients to proceed with extreme caution, ideally seeking services from more established, transparent, and verifiably trustworthy sources.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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