The Bitcoin Arbitrage Review – Investment Trap!

The Bitcoin Arbitrage is a deadly cryptocurrency trading platform that is looting the public using a ton of fake narratives. They are nothing more than a ponzi scheme and regardless of the things they mention on their website, their whole business model is illegal. According to the data featured on their platform, they are located in the United States, but in reality that is not the case.

The most outrageous thing about this firm is the kind of results they promise. At the time of publishing this post, this platform claims to make it’s users 10% returns every 8 hour once. We are not saying that arbitrage opportunities do not exist in the market, but it certainly isn’t present all the day and even when the conditions are favorable, it is impossible to sustain high returns on a frequent basis.

Needless to say, their paperwork is weak and misleading and their whole scheme will come to an end pretty soon. To learn about the ways this ponzi scheme employs to keep themselves afloat, stick with us till the end.

The Bitcoin Arbitrage Review

How does the The Bitcoin Arbitrage Software Work?

According to the narratives of the founders, this platform makes money using the arbitrage principle. In plain English, they supposedly buy in one exchange wherein the price is cheap and sell on the ones that feature a temporary favorable gap in the rates of the underlying asset. Simple put, they are following the buy low and sell high approach while keeping the risk at the absolute minimum.

On paper, their explanation will look amazing, but you need to understand that things are never that easy in reality. There are a lot of people that made high returns using the arbitrage approach in the early days of cryptocurrencies. However, now the game is closing quickly and the opportunities in the mainstream coins are very low. You might be able to find a worthwhile setup every now and then, but if you are following sound risk management approach, then it is simply impossible to make double digit returns in a day.

On their platform, they do feature a list of exchanges they supposedly are working with. Note that there is no way to verify their claims and we are not naive enough to trust their statements blindly. Our best guess is that they have put up the list featuring the names of the big firms only to enhance their profile and so far it looks like the approach is working well for them.

Also, keep in mind that we couldn’t find any verifiable trading history on their website. In short, as there is a clear lack of evidence and data, it isn’t wise on anyone’s part to invest with them.

Transparency and History

Before depositing with any brokerage or investment platform, every client should do proper homework about the parties they are going to be employing to reach their goals. The internet is full of a ton of alternatives and sometimes we know that things get complicated and overwhelming. As a general rule, do not interact with unlicensed firms and in the field of finance if the party involved isn’t regulated, then think twice before proceeding with them.

Cryptocurrencies in general is criticised by a lot of people due to the number of flaws present in the way they are marketed to the public. Many participants do not have enough understanding to make sound decisions and the crooks are utilizing the gap in the demographics to their advantage. This platform shows certain details about their founders and top employees.

However, just like every notorious fraud platform out there, the information featured by them is fake and is done only to build up a reputation for themselves. So, keep your mind focused and for your own good, avoid anyone online or offline that has conflict of interest. 

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    Flaws with the Arbitrage Principle

    Every strategy has its own set of pros and cons. Arbitrage principle is something which every trader will be aware of, but there are a few fatal problems with that approach as well. For starters, people have to be aware of the fact that it is not worth the efforts unless you are exploiting the price difference at a scale. For arbitrage to be successful, individuals do need access to fast execution mechanisms and they have to be active in multiple exchanges.

    From a retail trader’s perspective arbitrage of grid trading strategy does not justify the risk exposure. We are not saying that it is impossible to make money, but the risk present in the process is huge and unless you are an expert trader, it will be hard to see any equity growth. In the early 1980’s this strategy made millions for the early adopters, but now those days are gone and the present technology has blocked the exploits fairly well.

    Sadly, even now there are a lot of platforms that are using outdated narratives to entice the people like this platform does, but regardless of the fancy terms they throw around, never let the crooks affect your judgement. After all, snake oil salesmen are around for decades and we cannot eradicate them from our society.

    Unrealistic Returns

    As soon as you land on to their platform, the profit claims made by them are certainly going to capture your attention. They say that their platform will enable anyone that deposits with them to earn 10% every 8 hours once. According to their calculation, their users make 30% on a daily basis which means they are going to double their money not once, but more than twice a week.

    Obviously, the claims are wrong and there isn’t any system on planet Earth that can automate the trading process like that and yield consistent results. Unrealistic returns are peddled by them only to make the clients excited about their platform and once the people are hooked, they will burn a hole in their pockets. The markets does not provide free lunch to anyone, if someone claims otherwise, then he or she certainly is a con-artist or outright stupid. 

    The Bitcoin Arbitrage Contact Information

    If you are looking for their contact details, we have listed them below for you. Support team of fake platforms like this one will be nice with you as long as you keep on depositing with them. Eventually, when you ask for a withdrawal, their attitude will change and some adamant ones might block or ignore your requests.

    As we couldn’t find any customer reviews, we cannot comment on the way the staff handles the queries, but at the end of the day it is clear that they don’t have your best interest in their mind.

    • Address – 130 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
    • Email –

    Fake Narratives and Tactics

    If we discuss the false narratives that are found scattered across this platform, then chances are you will be bored to death. So, we are going to skip the process and discuss the most nasty ones. From the way they have perpetuated their platform around the crypto sector to their way of explaining their trading strategy, everything they preach is a fabricated lie.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Their algorithms do not use any kind of secret system and the data feed they provide is also not the most competitive one out there. Moreover, they use typical high pressure marketing tactics such as fake live statics counters that supposedly shows the recent deposits and withdrawals. Scam platforms always try their best to flaunt wealth because they want to make themselves appealing. However, if you take a look at the things they showcase, it will clearly be a trap. 

    Recover Money from The Bitcoin Arbitrage

    Losing money to fake investment platforms hurt unlike any other thing. People who have lost funds usually will not be aware of the methods they can use to get the stolen money back. If you have been a victim of any shady broker or fake shopping websites, then get in touch with our team using the contact form below. Even if you have made the payment using cryptocurrencies, do not worry about the traceability.

    Our experts have access to custom forensic tools which will trace the money bounced from one account to another. We will analyse the chain of transactions and let you know the information about the culprits at the earliest and for free. For regular credit card payments, a simple chargeback request will be sufficient. However, for wire transfer or debit cards, the complexity will be high and it does take a solid amount of time to identify the real party at fault.

    No User Feedback

    Any firm that really changes people’s lives will receive tons of user feedback and appreciation from the customer base. The domain era of this platform is not significant, but the kind of traffic they receive is enormous and as such they should have received a lot of customer reviews. Oddly enough, we couldn’t find any information about the customers that have had success with this platform and the facts clearly dictate the situation.

    On the flip side, on many review sites and social media platforms, people have expressed their frustration about this scam and have shared some scary stories about them. Searching for feedback before depositing the required capital is always a good move and as far as this firm is considered, do not dare to invest with them. They might make some payments in the beginning to create hype, but eventually the situation is going to get worse with them and sooner or later, they will be forced to shut down. 

    The Bitcoin Arbitrage Verdict

    The Bitcoin Arbitrage is clearly a ponzi program that is being operated by skilled scammers. They have twisted the well known trading strategies into a way that benefits them and helps them get more people hooked on to their platform. Their support team is non-responsive and considering all the traits and aspects of this business, we can guarantee you that no retail investor or trader will make money with them.

    This platform in reality is like a vacuum that will suck all of the newbies cash and eventually disappear with the funds. So, never fall for their consistent cash flow claims and spread the word by sharing this post to keep your loved ones safe. Also, report this platform to the Federal Trade Commission, Financial Conduct Authority and to your local dedicated cyber security unit to put an end to this hustle quickly.

    Remember, if the number of reports against a platform is more, it will force the financial watchdogs to take quick action against the fraudulent firms. 

    If you have any questions about The Bitcoin Arbitrage, use the comment section to express it and we will respond as soon as possible.

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