Rob Booker Review – Is Reliable?

The number of self-proclaimed teachers and mentors in and around the world of online trading is numerous. If you are active in the markets for a considerable period of time, then you might have come across Rob Booker and his wide range of trading-associated services and products. His platform is minimalistic and it does contain all the necessary disclaimers.

However, the people who purchased from him are suffering great losses and the user feedback clearly shows the flaws of this firm in great detail. Rob Booker does have a massive social following and he is active on all the major social media platforms. While some people claim to have benefited from his courses and products, the consensus conducted by third parties suggests otherwise.

We are highly dependent on the internet and many scammers exploit this way of life to create a fake reputation and lifestyle. The way internet marketers work hand in hand with bogus platforms is concerning, to say the least, and that is why you should be careful while buying any online courses. Trading forex and stock is a risky venture and if you are a beginner, then do not take advice from anyone apart from licensed financial advisers.

Remember, the risk present in the market can go above and beyond the capital, you have deposited in some cases, and putting a cap on the max loss should always be your number one priority. One might think that copy trading services might put an end to their trading needs, but there are dangers present in that model as well. Continue reading this post to know more about the moving parts of this firm.

Rob Booker Review

Surprisingly, we could not find a solid answer to this question even after spending a lot of time on the internet. Information about his personal life and career is hidden from the public and the lack of data is not a welcoming sign from the customer’s perspective. On Reddit, we did find some information and feedback from his clients, but there wasn’t enough information that could help us trace his past life.

People that are transparent are usually well received by the public as it directly correlates with the trust element and all the industry leaders know that. Our goal is not to spread hate around this man’s whole identity instead we are just gathering facts about him so that everyone can make an informed decision. Lack of data, especially in the make money via trading niche is a huge disadvantage and any rational person would immediately fix the flaw.

Though this platform has been around for a long period of time, information about the parties is not revealed and as such, it wouldn’t be a wise thing to invest in any of their products. After all, you cannot trust a random stranger you came across over the internet, right?

Contact Details and Support

According to their website, their support team responds to the queries within 1 to 2 working days. Below are the contact details of this platform. Note that while we were hunting for user feedback about this platform, many people have expressed their frustration about the support team which means they are not professional in their approach. Do yourself a favor and don’t expect the best treatment from their side.

  • Address – Daily Profits Publishing, 1800 Hughes Landing Blvd. Ste. 200, The Woodlands, TX 77380, United States.
  • Phone – (888) 203-6792, +1 (321) 888-3962
  • Email –

Social Following and Popularity

One good thing about this platform is its popularity aspect. As we mentioned in the beginning, Rob Booker is active on most popular social media platforms and he uploads content on a regular basis. On Youtube alone, he has over 80,000 subscribers, and the kind of videos he uploads does provide value for some people.

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    His analysis is all technical based primarily and in rare cases, he does talk about the sentimental and fundamental aspects of the underlying trading instrument. Beginners might like the kind of material he offers, but for a more serious bunch of traders, the information made available by him won’t be enticing enough. Simple concepts such as support and resistance are not something that is hard to grasp.

    Newbies might be looking for the next big thing or the holy grail in the sector, but anyone that really understands the market will know that risk management is the secret sauce to success. We are not downplaying the importance of technical indicators, but at the end of the day it alone won’t bring consistent results. As far as the branding element goes, the way this guy has set up and run his business is phenomenal and it shows the kind of skills he has.

    After taking a close look, Rob Booker appears to be more of an online marketer than a trader. He has put up his trading records and the performance of his bots on the website, but it is not enough to instill confidence among the public. Moreover, he is affiliated with a bunch of brokers in the sector and that introduces his clients to the conflict of interest aspect as well.

    We know that fancy trading tools and bots might capture the attention of most retail traders. However, you should never risk your funds without backtesting them first and regardless of the kind of results it showcases, never deposit more than what you can afford to lose. The best way to gain consistency is to remain active in the markets for the long term and that does include being conservative when it comes to taking risks.

    Rob Booker Trading Products

    There are tons of robots being peddled by him on this platform. During our testing period, we found the complete packages that cost around $300 and give access to 6 trading robots. Surprisingly, the owner has provided myfxbook records that are supposed to act like a verifiable document but as the details are not made clear, the accuracy of the bots is questionable. The trading records featured on the platform consist of trades made personally and the positions initiated by the algorithms.

    On the bright side, the bots are said to be upgraded on a monthly basis and new ones are released frequently to keep the clients updated with the trends. If you are planning to use the bots, then make sure to purchase a VPS service to ensure the proper execution of orders. The source code of the trading robots is made public by the creator which means everyone can know the way the algorithm is going to choose the trades beforehand and tweak it according to their needs.

    All of his robots basically follow the divergence strategy combined with overbought or oversold analysis. In other words, the bots are nothing more than sophisticated RSI indicators that can automate the entire trading process. Momentum-based strategies are always risky and one needs to be very careful while implementing them. So, have a sound risk management plan and never underestimate the market’s potential to hurt you.

    Also, do not forget to stick with regulated brokerages that offer negative balance protection in order to ensure a proper risk cap. At any point in time, if you start noticing a big volatility surge, then avoid entering the market especially when you are employing robots because the changes in the market structure are going to be immense. 

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Rob Booker Copy Trade Service

    From early 2010 till today, the retail side’s obsession with copy trading services is something that is irrational. Many beginners that cannot spend more time in front of the charts are looking for ways to delegate the decision-making process and it is fueling the need for reliable copy trading services. Nowadays, most brokers offer some form of account management services to meet the needs of the user base.

    However, there is always a shortage of good traders on most platforms and this firm is utilizing the gap in the sector to market their services. Rob Booker is affiliated with Gallant Fx and that means there is a degree of conflict of interest. For every client referred by this website, the owners get a hefty commission, and that might potentially push them toward encouraging people to take more riskier trades. Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, there are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong in the process that might skew the end result of the clients.

    Delays in execution, trading glitches, and platform errors are some of the most common culprits that nullify the benefits of the copy trading service. The idea of making a consistent paycheck month on month might sound good in theory. However, there will always be some level of risk associated with the process and you need to be aware of it. Remember, the end goal is not to win every time but to have enough edge to create a stream of revenue from the markets. 

    Complaints and Reviews

    If you are trying to find more information on Rob Booker, it won’t be a daunting task and it is all thanks to the kind of traffic they get. From Forexpeacearmy to any other well-established forums, the client feedback available is ample. While we were going through the comments, the number of complaints we found clearly outnumbered the positive reviews, and clearly the majority of the buyers are not happy with the performance of the product they purchased.

    People have lost money in the copy trade service and many people didn’t get the kind of results they were hoping for with the trading bots. One could argue that there might have been some kind of error from the customer side, but given the amount of criticism it has earned, that does not appear to be the case. Even on Reddit, the user discussions are not exactly encouraging and a lot of experienced traders are not happy with the explanation put up by them.

    Clearly, the situation is heated, but still, they are managing to grow in terms of user base and the whole scenario is surprising, to say the least. Note that many people have said that the support team of this platform does not respond to complaints well and a lot of clients have never heard back from them for months together. Any platform that does not offer a good support team is most likely to have hidden agendas and this one is not an exception to that rule.

    So, be extremely careful and if you feel like you are being rushed towards making a purchase, then do not complete the transaction impulsively. Take a look at a couple of comments we have gathered from Forexpeacearmy. Ask yourself, do you really want to risk thousands of dollars with this entity?

    He doesn’t back anything he sells. I am a lifetime member who was supposed to never have to pay for anything again. TOTAL LIE. He ignores any emails with complaints. Stay away from this guy.

    The offerings are amazing! Promises of outrageous gains on stock trades! Constant videos, training programs, explicit trades, websites etc! It’s a well thought out scam. After you pay for the program – often over $1K, you will get very little advice and mostly unprofitable trades. Don’t give him a nickel – RUN!!!

    No Evidence

    Whenever someone invests in something new and disruptive in the sector, it is going to create a buzz on the internet for a long period of time. For example, all the people who were early investors of things like Apple, Microsoft, or Bitcoin share their opinion on mainstream platforms, and their journey is appreciated by the public for the right reasons. Rob Booker and his courses have been around for nearly half a decade now.

    However, we cannot find any evidence of the successful students yet. His early trading days are not well documented and most of his accomplishments are almost impossible to verify. In other words, the empire he has built around the educational aspect is very flimsy and as such it does not provide much value to the end customer.

    Moreover, his trading records are also not audited by third parties except myfxbook and that means the proof part isn’t as clean as it could have been. As there are numerous scams floating in the realm of online investing, our best advice for you is to always conduct solid research before investing in anything. If for any reason you cannot find sufficient data, then the lack of evidence speaks for itself. 

    Membership Charges

    This platform is designed like a sales funnel and there is no denying the fact that they will try their best to up-sell you on every product and level. People have been pushed towards spending more than $3000 at once and without any doubt, we can say that it is not worth the cost for most traders. Moreover, the price tag is not exactly pocket friendly too.

    The lifetime membership will cost you $1,000 and it will give access to live chat rooms, trading signals, exclusive podcasts, and much more. Clients can always pay more to get one on one training with Rob Booker, but at the end of the day, unless they see results, it will be a costly process with a lot of emotional ups and downs. 

    Is Rob Booker a Trustworthy Person?

    The only thing that speaks louder than words in the financial markets is the verified results. Take a look at the top investment banks, they never advertise their services because they know that people will come to them if they perform well. If you want to purchase educational material from this platform and try out some of its methodologies, then there is nothing wrong with that.

    However, keep in mind that nothing about them screams reliability and you should not risk the funds that you cannot afford to lose. For the time being, the facts clearly dictate that people are more likely to lose their money with them, and for the very same reason, our suggestion is to avoid them.

    We know that things like copy trading, and automated trading sound good in theory. The narratives have blinded people for decades together, but in the end, the performance rarely beats the expectations and that’s the way the market works. So, be realistic about the end results and do not chase any fantasies as it is impossible to sustain huge returns. 


    Rob Booker is not a reliable and trustworthy trading platform. The educational content they provide might be good in some aspects, but there are better options available on the internet for free. Their trading bots are also not exceptional and most of the clients appear to be regretting the choices that they made.

    The support team is not helpful or adequate in their approach and the number of complaints against them tells you a lot about their real nature. Moreover, transparency is not present in their business model and they have a lot of flaws with their policies as well. Apart from their disclaimers, there is nothing noticeably professional about them.

    If you have some funds stuck with them and are unable to get them back, then do not panic. Let us know the details via the contact form and we will show you the legal options applicable to your specific case. 

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    5 thoughts on “Rob Booker Review – Is Reliable?”

    1. Hal Booker is now trading as Hal Robb and now with OSMAI FX and is trading with customers money on IC Markets platform out of Australia. As a former employee the owners are are unscrupulous and dishonest. Ask him for his real id to be sent to you or better still get your money out while you still can.
      This is all a very clever ponzi scam that has been done before. IC markets funds are not in safe fiduciary accounts. The stop losses will not protect you as in other FX companies.
      His similar companies folded in a similar manner a few years ago, everybody lost everything, you would have to be crazy putting even a small amount of money with them.

    2. Hi
      Hal Booker is going by Hal Robb now and is charging commission on his trades through IC Markets, I believe he is still in Arizona. What is particularly unbelievably disturbing is that he has not been shut down by now….He is still selling his lifetime membership courses that are totally misleading and his results are totally FAKE
      By googling
      forex Ponzi scam
      copy and paste the above

      Brook review is UK based non profit financial watchdog that tells you in detail how he gets clients set up in accounts through different investment companies and then charges ridiculous commissions in a Grade C rated brokerage account.
      Although the account is in your own name, the company is offshore and unregulated as it is not FCA approved and money can disappear at anytime. If people are looking to invest they should do some fact checking first. Don’t get scammed like we was with this guy.

    3. I joined Rob Booker trading education years ago, but I must admit that he has a lot of trading stuff..too much if you ask me. For a newbie, this can be overwhelming because he is pitching too many trading strategies to buy. As I continued in my trading journey learning from other sources, I discovered something Rob was selling which was so simple to do yourself for free! Prime example is the Hotsheet that he pitches. You should be able to do this yourself using ThinkorSwim or even the free version of On Youtube, you will find many traders teaching you how to find hot stocks for the day…all for free. Why doesn’t Rob give this away for free? Because he’s a master salesman. I still look at his stuff, but I don’t buy anything anymore. What got me suspicious was the many trading strategies he would promote, plus he would bring in other traders and offer their strategies for a fee. I thought, with all these strategies, which one does he utilize the most? Yes, I believe that trading is a business, but I believe Rob Booker is more of a salesperson than a trader. Why not be? If I make $10k trading a day vs. having 500 subscribers send me $997 ($498k) each time I show a shiny new indicator or strategy, which one will I do?

    4. I met Rob Booker around 2004 when he was a Forex “mentor/educator”. For years, he sold a lot of Ebook courses on Forex trading systems, robots, memberships, and mentorship. It appears that he has taken the same approach to trade stock.

    5. I met Rob Booker around 2004 when he was a Forex “mentor, educator”. He sold a lot of Ebook courses on Forex systems, robots, memberships, and mentorship. It appears that he has taken the same approach to trade stock. If you are good at trading foreign currency, why would you start trading Stocks? After all, the idea is to make consistent money, isn’t it?

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