Titanicice.co Review – Is it a Legit Jewellery Store?

The pandemic does not seem to end anytime soon. Though the vaccines are available, it will take quite some time for people to get back to the normal life we used to live which means till then, online shopping is the way to go for many. Titanicice.co is a platform that sells fancy necklaces and other jewelleries.

This website is easy to navigate and their pricing is also not steep compared to the competitors. However, their policies are weird and the kind of uncertainties and red flags they display is currently unparalleled.

Customer support is also not that great and we are pretty sure that you will be shocked to hear their shipping policies. Owners are unknown and no one has a clue about their actual whereabouts. If you think all of their flaws are highlighted in this paragraph, then we regret to inform you that you are wrong.

The list of problems and other concerns with this firm is long and later in the review, we will go over all the important ones. As you can already tell by now, everything is not straightforward with this company.

To know the nasty things about this firm and the way they operate, make sure you read this unbiased article till the end. If you want to speak with our experts about the fund recovery process, then feel free to use the contact form below. 

Titanicice.co Review

What is Titanicice.co?

Titanicice.co is a platform that sells jewellery such as necklaces, chains, pendants, and much more. At first glance, the thing which is going to catch your attention is the pricing. Almost everything they offer is a bargain compared to other competitors.

As the discounts offered are way too much, we are worried about their actual revenue model. After all, no business can sustain for long without profits and that is the universal rule, right?

Also, details regarding the employees and designers are not made public. It goes without mentioning that jewelleries are expensive. The bizarre thing about this platform is that it sells the expensive items while maintaining a low profile which affects their reputation severely.

Note that their domain age also does not do them any favors or provide a competitive edge. 

Customer Support

This platform is the only one we have seen over the years which outright refuses to be transparent. There is no contact information published by them and even the return address is not shared by them.

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    If a customer has any queries or issues, then how in the world can anyone reach out to them? The fact that they have ignored to hear customer’s pleas talks a lot about their character and moral values.

    Lack of good interface along with a pathetic support team is a combination which you should never encourage. All the reputable platforms give top priority to user experience because they know that in the long run, it is worth it.

    On the flip side, only shady platforms ignore this aspect and using history as a guide, these kinds of firms have a short lifespan.

    Items, Pricing and Collection

    The items sold via this website are small. They cater to both men and women. Available collections for every category are way too narrow and their collection is extremely limited. The surprising thing is that for every product sales page, they showcase five star customer reviews.

    However, there is no way to verify any of the profiles. Probability of them bluffing about their own products is on the higher side and as such, we should always be careful while interacting with them.

    Moving on to the pricing strategy they have used, it may appear flattering at first, but that is most likely not the case. They offer huge discounts, but that should worry you. From a sustainability standpoint, it is hard to understand the way they stay afloat and that is not a good sign by any means.

    A lot of people may be enticed when they see price cuts and in a lot of cases, it is a good thing. Nonetheless, if the offers appear to be a stall then evaluate it from every angle before pulling the trigger. 

    Tracking and Shipping

    The one thing the digital world has taken away from us is patience. We always want the products to be quickly delivered and generally, people prefer tracking abilities. For Jewellery items, the concerns are justified for all the right reasons and it is wise to track it.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    This platform claims to provide a tracking facility, but it doesn’t specify the company it employs. In other words, the exact mechanisms used by them is not clear and that is a huge cause for concern. In case something happens with the shipment, we don’t know the procedure they are going to enforce as the policies are a bit vague on this matter.

    Information about shipping methods are also scarce. They do not stick on to any particular timeline and the kind of ambiguity that exists is outright insane. Also, the return address is not published which means if you were to return a faulty item, you wouldn’t succeed because the location information is not shared.

    Refunds and Exchange Policies

    Many online and e-commerce giants always ensure to offer exceptionally fast returns, exchanges and refunds. The goal of big players is to make sure customers are happy at the end of the day and they will go to any length to ensure best user experience.

    On the other hand, suspicious platforms and scams do not care about the end customers and they only worry about their profit margins and revenue. Titanicice.co has weird clauses in the refunds policy. They say that they don’t issue refunds on sale items and gift cards.

    Moreover, as the returns address is not mentioned, the exchange process is also not going to be an easy one for sure. We urge all our readers to take a look at their small print and then proceed.

    The way they have set up the terms and conditions, it is almost impossible to place our trust in them and the conflict of interest is not only evident but way too much. Even if you get their address details, they will have to take the final call and as there is no social proof, we do not know how they will handle the cases?

    For exchange requests to be honoured, the products must be either damaged or defective upon arrival. Also, for returns customers have to pay for shipping. Our educated guess is that it is going to take upto a month to get back the funds or products from them and even that is an optimistic timeline.

    Given so many obvious hurdles, we personally would never trust them with our card details and you should also avoid sharing any kind of confidential information for privacy concerns. 

    Titanicice.co Customer Reviews

    Social proof is a very strong indicator to verify the legitimacy of a business. Of course, it isn’t picture perfect and there are ways of manipulating the data. Fortunately, most scam artists are not that advanced and it usually is one of the main components we use to gauge a service.

    Note that you should never believe any affiliate reviews blindly because the conflict of interest gets in the way of truth and that is not a good sign. Also, never believe any random testimonials on third party forums without cross checking the details.

    Titanicice.co hasn’t got any user feedback yet. Even on social media platforms, they are not present and people haven’t talked about them either.

    With zero input from the customers, it is highly unlikely to be a legitimate business and as such, it is something you need to stay away from. After all, trusting them is equal to trusting a stranger on the internet and if things go wrong, then the aftermath would be devastating. 

    Is Titanicice.co a Scam?

    We do not know yet. However, the data does not look promising. After going through their entire platform, we have to say that the confidence factor is miniscule. Their products may be delivered in the perfect shape and form.

    Nonetheless, we are not ready to take that risk at least for the time being. Moreover, they do not support any e-wallets which means we are forced to enter our banking information and for the reasons covered above, we do not want to.

    On the other hand, there are tons of alternatives available and we suggest our audience to proceed with reputable platforms that have been around for a considerable amount of time. In case if you have already purchased products from them and are unable to return it or apply for a refund, contact us via the form below.

    Our staff will assess your situation, handle all the legalities and formalities involved and will help you get back your money at the earliest. All of our services are free and our main intention is to eradicate scams from the online world. 


    Titanicice.co operates in a shady way. From creators to policies, most of the things they are involved with have flaws. Things are extremely biased and customers do not have final say in almost all of the important matters. Social proof is also not there and given their nature, it is not a wise thing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    So, keep your eyes open while dealing with them and for your own safety, do not indulge with them unless more factual data about them hits the web. Remember, discounts may seem great, but whenever something is offered below the market value, there will always be a catch involved. 

    Have you faced any issues with Titanicice.co? Share your experience in the thread below. 

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