Review – Not a Reliable Vendor is a new platform that sells only one product which is high baby chairs. Their offerings are colorful, but as they have a very narrow range of choices, it is difficult for them to sustain for long. The official website features a valid SSL layer.

However, their trust score is pathetic and the kind of testimonials about them floating on the internet does not give a good impression. On the bright side, they do accept e-wallets such as PayPal and policies are shared.

Note that there are clauses in their returns and refund policies and before proceeding with them, it is always a good idea to take a look at them. Creators of this firm are unknown and information about their management side is also not public.

In short, this platform appears to be unreliable for many reasons and we will go over the most concerning factors about them one by one later in the review. If you are trying to decide whether to buy from them or not, then we suggest you read the following content before pulling the final trigger. Review

What is is a poorly designed website that sells baby high chairs. Their platform is very basic in nature and most of the tabs on the website do not work as intended. For example, their FAQ section is empty and product pages are also blank.

On the bright side, the pricing they follow is pocket friendly. Plus, they claim to offer free shipping within the United States. Note that they currently do not support international shipping. Various payment methods are available as well.

We thoroughly went through every page of their website and the things we found do not enhance their credibility in any way. Just in case, if you are wondering know that even their domain is privately registered so as far as being transparent goes, this firm is not the one you want to bet on. Red Flags

Online shopping has become a necessity for many of us now. The pandemic has affected all of our lives and it is making us more dependent upon online modes for almost everything. On the other hand, the discounts and offers offered by new platforms are also enticing and it creates a win-win situation for all of us.

Sadly, a lot of fake platforms are hitting the markets and looting the public mercilessly. So, it is always better to do research before ordering from new platforms. After all, being safe is any day better than being sorry, right? Below, we have listed the flaws of this platform.

It does not necessarily have to be the same list applicable to all the websites. Nonetheless, if they feature the following signs, then it is worth it to walk away from them. 

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    No Transparency

    We have discussed this factor literally thousands of times on our platform. All the big players and platforms that have been around for decades crave for transparency. Some of the giants in the sector also eat up big losses just for the sake of customer retention and they always focus on serving the clients in the best manner possible.

    They do showcase details of their employees and offer easy ways of gathering details about them. This firm in particular disagrees with the aspects mentioned above.

    The people running this operation prefer to maintain a low profile and they do so by using bogus details and privacy clauses. We are not implying that everyone that operates anonymously are frauds, but sadly, most of them are.

    Contact Details

    If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you already know that we always advise people to take a look at the contact details before proceeding with any portal. The main reason behind that is to ensure that the firm you want to deal with has a proper returns address and ensures proper customer support.

    On their website, they have published all of the contact details, but there is a catch. The telephone number used by them is for texts only and that means apart from email, there is no other mode of communication supported by them.

    So, ask yourself, are you really comfortable with all the potential delays that might arise? If you want instant gratification, then this platform is not the one you should indulge with. In case, if you need their contact information, refer to the following list.

    • Address – 7308 ASPEN LANE NORTH, SUITE 125, BROOKLYN PARK, MN 55428, US
    • Phone – (915) 615-8244
    • Email –


    It is important to always look at terms and conditions before purchasing anything online. Most of the legitimate organisations never use hidden clauses or create vague policies. This firm has a detailed section on refunds and exchanges.

    They have made it clear that they won’t honour the returns and exchanges unless certain conditions are met. However, the main problem with them is that they have kept too much power to themselves and regardless of which way you look at them, they have the right to take the final decision on almost every case.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Concentration of power is simply too much and from the user’s perspective, it is not a good thing. 

    Products Offered

    As we mentioned in the beginning of the blog post. This company sells only baby chairs. Apart from color choices, they do not stand out in any way. The cost of the product is reasonable and the designs are decent. Aesthetically speaking, whether you like the product or not mainly depends upon your preferences and it changes from one person to another.

    As they offer only one range of product, we do not know how stable their revenue model is and their future does not look bright based upon the current available data. Whether they will survive for long or not is something only time can tell us.

    Customer Feedback

    For any online business, creating a buzz and maintaining a positive public relation is crucial. Growth hackers have proven over and over again that the best way to make a mark especially in the current online world is by creating an ecosystem wherein the word of mouth marketing prevails.

    In simple words, social proof is the way to go and the importance of this aspect cannot be covered in one article. hasn’t earned that much reputation online. They have got one review till date on Trustpilot and a couple of mentions on Reddit.

    The available feedback also isn’t something that will build their credibility or reputation. Lack of data along with no active participation from the user base is not a good sign and whenever a firm displays this trait, it is better to move away from them.

    Think for a moment, if they genuinely helped people, then why are they having a tough time gathering testimonials? Aren’t the flaws in the business pretty obvious?

    Payment Methods

    When it comes to payment methods, this platform supports a ton of options. They accept all the major credit and debit cards along with PayPal. By now, we are sure that you already realise the dangers of dealing with this firm. If you still want to proceed with them, then it is highly advisable to use the Paypal option.

    PayPal offers an extra level of security, though it is not perfect, it will shield you in a much better way compared to other options. If you have already shared the details about your banking information with them, then monitor your account closely.

    By any chance if there are unexplainable charges, then block the card and the account related to it and apply for a new one. Keep in mind that dealing with shady platforms might have a lasting effect on your finances and sometimes, it can damage more than your credit score. Website Information

    We ran a deep search on this domain name to find every inch of data about them. Their domain is not blacklisted by any search engine or browser. SSL layer is present. However, they have got a trust score of 2 out of 100 which is bad.

    As this website does not get much traffic, we were unable to gather any details about the way their marketing campaigns are structured. A simple search on Whois revealed that this domain is registered privately and it came into existence on 26/04/2021.

    They do not have any domain authority and looking at the data so far, we don’t think people running this business are professionals. Nonetheless, take a look at the following table and you will get a pretty good picture of where this business is headed. 

    • Domain –
    • Registered On – 26/04/2021
    • Expiry – 26/04/2022
    • Owners – Unknown

    Is Scam or Legit? without doubt is a suspicious website. Like we explained above, the flaws present with their platform are undeniable and they have not even cared to comment on them. Customer support is not great, policies are twisted.

    International shipping is not present. Terms are vague and they can change things into their favor quickly without providing sufficient notice to the end customers. Moreover, the management side is unknown and the user base seems to be very silent.

    Ratings they have earned are also not worthy enough and the more you look at them, the more imperfections you are going to find. We agree that their price point is a bargain. However, just to save a few dollars, are you willing to take a huge risk?

    Isn’t it outright better to pay a premium and stick with a vendor that not only offers quality products but also good customer support? In case you lose your money to them, then instead of just raising a complaint, take firm action against them.

    Thanks to current accounting standards and tools available, tracing the funds and recovering money from shady online vendors is now easier than ever. Sign up for a consultation with our team and they will help you till you get your money back for free. All you have to do is submit the information using the contact form on our site.

    Conclusion is not a trustworthy entity. Customer feedback and anonymous nature of the management side are the main reasons as to why you should avoid them. Moreover, the policies are also not exactly customer friendly and we firmly believe that to get a refund from them will be a herculean task.

    So, be cautious and do not let fancy words or prices fool you. As always, if you encounter any unfair treatment, then inform your local law enforcement authorities. If you have any additional questions about them, feel free to comment below and we will address your concerns at the earliest. 

    If you have lost money to, then take action immediately. Use the contact form on our website and get started with the recovery process. 

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