Scam Review Review – Most Notorious Scam EVER! was an online investment platform which promised to increase the profits of their clients by allocating their funds into cryptocurrencies. According to the information put up on their platform, they are operating from the United States, but they accept people from all around the world.

Due to the large number of complaints against them, a ton of official authorities and associated services have issued warnings against this firm and the fact that they are trying their best to remove every trace of their existence is obvious. Thankfully, since their inception a lot of changes have occurred in the monetary system and nowadays it is much easier to employ fund recovery methods.

To know all about the hidden motives of this company and why you should never give them the benefit of the doubt regardless of the claims they make, keep reading our unbiased analysis till the end. Review - Most Notorious Scam EVER!

License, Regulation and Contact Details

The law in the United Kingdom and the United States is very strict when it comes to the world of finance. After all, most participants are putting up their hard earned cash and ensuring the safety of the funds is in the best interest of all the parties involved.

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Unfortunately, due to the loopholes present in the regulation, a number of offshore companies looted a lot of retail clients and that’s exactly why you should never dare to indulge with them. Remember, offshore brokerages never put aside money to insure the funds of the clients. Moreover, their terms and conditions will never be favorable to the clients in general. was operating from the US and as such they had to be under the radar of FTC in order to raise money from the public legally. Needless to say, this firm never had the necessary certificates and eventually the law enforcement agencies made them shut down their operations.

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    Oddly enough, they didn’t publish the details of the founders and creators of the platform. On top of all these mysteries, the lack of transparency is evident and that kind of unethical traits should tell you a lot about their motives.

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    • Address – 25 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018
    • Phone Number – (888) 337-5401

    How does Scam Work? called itself one of the best reputable cryptocurrency investment solutions. They used to lure in people by claiming to generate surreal profits within a short period of time. Once a client deposited the funds, the employees of the organisation would manipulate the records to show fake numbers and when they decided to cash out their investment, it was never an easy process.

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    Considering the kind of exaggerated returns and advertising campaigns, their operational model looked a lot like a ponzi scheme and just like every other scam out there, they also went bust in a few short months. Just in case if you are wondering, the names and profiles of the fund managers were never shared with their clients.

    In simple words, investing with them was like playing dart in the dark, participants never had any statistical edge whatsoever. Trading any markets carries a lot of risk and the traders need to be very careful in their approach. If anyone promises you amazing results with little to no evidence to back up their statements, then do yourself a favor by ignoring them.

      CNCIntel Banner Narratives and Claims

      The people and working for firm were really creative in their approach. On their website, they never made any outright claims which would draw the attention of the law enforcement agencies.

      They mainly used to sell their ideas by contacting the clients through phone. The retail side of the markets are unfortunately never informed about the actual mechanism behind the markets which is why they are easy to target. It might be late for the clients of this firm to get educated, but always remember the following facts when it comes to choosing any online services.

      First of all, always look for verified reports of their trading activities. Most legit solutions feature trading history on their platform to earn the trust of the public. Secondly, make sure that the firm you want to get indulged with holds all the proper licenses and if you have any doubts contact the officials at the earliest.

      Lastly, if you feel like you are being pressurized to make a deposit, then without any hesitation walk away from the platform and never look back.

      Bonus Trap and other Tactics

      Most fraudulent platforms use a number of classic traits such as bonus schemes and high pressure marketing techniques to push the clients into depositing money. Usually, they achieve their goal by creating a picture perfect narrative combined with a sense of urgency.

      Even if the firm you are dealing with is in the grey section of the law, remember to not accept any bonus on your capital as it always carries hidden terms and conditions. To prevent the public from getting cheated in the name of matching bonuses, most of the regulators around the world have banned such types of promotions.

      So, if you spot any provider offering bonus, then that is the red flag which shouldn’t be avoided.

      The Real Business Model of

      Platforms such as and countless other bogus crypto investment services have been around for nearly a decade now. Every few months, the crooks running these scams will come up with a new narrative, a convincing story and loot the public over and over again. Sadly, due to the lack of adequate data and short span of the firms, regulators aren’t able to stop these types of frauds before the damage is done.

      The one thing which is common among all the fake cryptocurrency investment firms is the way they generate cash flow. All the fraud platforms employ the ponzi model to pay the clients as long as they are active, but that is not a sustainable business by any means. Creators of this platform are using the cash gained by recruiting the new member to pay out the older participants.

      While the cash flow created might work wonders in the beginning for some select clients, creators and promoters, it will collapse sooner or later. At the end of the day, a large number of individuals will be left penniless and the crooks would have fled the scene by then. So, don’t let high pressure sales tactics and sweet words trick you. 

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      Founders and Staff Members

      If you take a look at the top 10 investment firms or any other regulated brokers, one thing becomes obvious and that is the level of transparency they maintain. Every business knows that to earn the trust of the public, they have to maintain cordial relationships and the best way to attain it is by featuring the details of all the parties involved along with proper third party auditing of the books.

      While the legitimate firms have no problem in featuring information about their team members and leaders, the scams are not able to do the same. portrays themselves as a big player in the cryptocurrency sector. They make unreasonable claims, push false narratives, but in the end they are not able to share the details of their owners.

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      Even in their website registration process, they have masked their identity which means literally there is no way for the public to find out the real owners. Whenever you come across new ventures which have huge upside potential with equal amount of risk, do not take decisions impulsively. Always keep in mind the fact that nothing comes easy and if it really did, then everyone would be a millionaire.

      We are not saying that you should never take risk, but make sure that you know your personal risk appetite and invest the amount which you are comfortable losing. 

      Exaggerated and Glorified Trading Capabilities

      The world of trading is filled with fancy indicators, trendy gurus and all the drama you can think of. Many people claim to guide the newbies, but end up scamming or looting them in one way or the other. Thanks to the technological advancement, the markets are accessible to everyone and the rush from the retail side is surprisingly huge.

      Sadly, a lot of people get started with trading without having sound knowledge or strategy. This firm claims to make double digit returns on a monthly basis. If their claims were true, then the founders or the group of fund managers would be the richest person to ever walk on the planet. Trading is a profession wherein to succeed an individual needs to know and master a lot of elements.

      The number of moving parts in the markets are many and the strategy which works today may not even be relevant tomorrow. In other words, it is a place which rewards people who are good with changes and are problem solvers. If you cannot keep up with the trends or cannot afford to sit in front of the screens for long, then this path is not worth it for you.

      Our goal is not to discourage people interested in trading or investing, but we want them to have the clear idea about the reality of the situation. If you are an aspiring trader, then we suggest you to either invest in yourself and get familiar with the technical and fundamental analysis before opening a live account. Although past performance can never guarantee future results, it is something which you can’t afford to miss.

      Website Information

      As was shut down for a long period of time, we had to dig deep to find data about them. Just like all the other viral ponzi schemes, they haven’t left many clues about their operation. Somehow, they have even managed to keep their exact traffic sources anonymous. Using few online tools such as alexa and, we got the following data about them.

      • Domain Registration date – 17/04/2019
      • Expiry – 17/04/2021
      • Worldwide Rank – Unknown
      • Target Audience – Unknown

      Apart from the fact that they registered their domain in Panama, we couldn’t find any details which means the people behind this platform are absolute professionals who are really good at the things they do.

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      Affiliates and Promoters

      If you Google “ Reviews”, you are going to find a lot of positive articles on them. Many shady blogs and channels promote these types of frauds just for the sake of making cash. Unfortunately, the retail participants don’t understand the level of conflict of interest present and they always end up on the wrong side of the equation. The promoters are paid upto 15% of the total revenue amount they bring in and that’s a huge number.

      As the online advertising cost is relatively cheap to all the other modes, the marketers run ads or create manipulated narratives which benefits them. In the end, the only one to lose money will be the innocent newbies. Given the way the infrastructure is set up, you should be very careful about the people or the platforms you trust or else it might be financially fatal. 

      Customer Feedback

      As was a pretty popular website, it did leave a large trail of customer feedback behind. If you just input the term “ scam” on any search engine, then you can find tons of stories about people who lost an enormous amount of money to them. From Reddit to Trustpilot, the number of negative comments about them seems to be never ending.

      This company is a scam. Do not do anything with them. They would make you deposit you r money in a private wallet of their agent and that is the end of the money. They would not answer you again nor refund the money. Do not even try to do business with them. They are scam

      This is a big SCAM. Do yourselves a huge favour. Stay away from this company. People will keep calling as account managers and accounts department and all that but you will never receive a penny. If you check the review, who ever gives a good review will not have any pictures on it. These guys will promise the moon, stars and the sun but you would not get even hell.

      Can I recover my money from

      This scam has been shut down for a long period of time now which means if you are a victim then you need to act now and act fast. As a standard rule, disable any cards or bank accounts you have used while dealing with them. If you have used digital wallets, then change your passwords and enable 2FA for extra security.

      Like the vast majority of the victims, if you have made payments to them via cryptocurrency, then the process involved will get a little complicated. Nonetheless, if you are not able to get your money back from those crooks, then use the contact form below to reach our experts and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Verdict in reality is a classic ponzi scheme which operates using fake claims and imaginary data. Their real agenda was to keep their scheme alive for longer by finding more victims, but they never managed to find enough participants to keep themselves afloat.

      So, they shut down their company and have left every investor empty handed. Thanks to certain mistakes they made during the process, it is still possible to track them down and before the situation changes, the clients should make their move and recover their money. 

      While it is true that it has been a long time since shut down their operation, there are still scores of people who never got their money back. Are you one of them? If yes, then get in touch with our team immediately to explore the quickest ways of getting your funds.

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